Cardio with Pillow

Grab a pillow and try this energizing 5-minute cardio class with Coach Tasheon. You can do this perfect snack-sized movement break anywhere, anytime.

Gentle Strength

Enjoy 5 minutes of standing strength moves with Coach Natalie! This total-body routine will help you feel stronger while being gentle on your joints.

Mid Day Makeover

Based on an old military series of exercises, Coach Tricia leads you through this 5-minute low-impact, lower body strength workout. Let’s work, Team!

Twist and Reach

After a quick warm-up, Coach Tasheon leads you through a 5-minute standing core workout. Perfect if you’re short on time or short on space!

Power Pose

Boost your confidence, lower your stress, and feel strong in your body and mind with this 5-minute power practice with Coach Tricia!

Simple Standing Cardio

Coach Tasheon is here to bring you a 5-minute series of standing cardio moves that start simple, and add complexity as you go on. Let’s go, Team!

Agility Training

Agility training helps us improve our balance, coordination, and reflexes. Coach Tricia combines it with cardio in this fun, fast-paced 5-minute workout.

Short Core

No need to do crunches to get some core work in! Join Coach Natalie for this 5-minute standing core workout.

Beginner’s Yoga Strength

Coach Tricia combines a dynamic yoga and strength work into an awesome combo workout. Take 5 minutes to get a little movement into your busy day!

Mini Mobility

Take 5 minutes to get some standing mobility in with Coach Natalie. Your body will thank you!

Beginner’s Tabata

New to tabata? Try it out with Tricia’s introductory, Start-level class! In just 5 minutes, you’ll squeeze in some cardio and get a nice energy boost.

Hip Moves

It’s time to show your hips some love! Grab a chair, and enjoy Georgina’s gentle hip stretching and mobility routine. At just over 5 minutes, this Start-level flow isn’t one you’ll want to miss.