5 for 5

This low-impact workout is simple but not easy! 5 moves, 50 seconds of movement followed by 10 seconds of rest, this 5-minute HIIT cardio routine will get your blood pumping.

Upper Body Prep

Your upper body does a lot through the day! Try this 5-minute standing mobility workout with Coach Rachel to help your joints, release tension, and open up your posture.

Standing Paddle

Ready for a day on the (imaginary) lake? Join Coach Tasheon for this 5-minute paddle-board themed cardio workout to get your heart rate up and work on your balance!

Band Stand

Grab a resistance band for this simple, 5-minute standing strength workout with Coach Natalie!

Everyday Strength

5 minutes is all it takes to get stronger! Grab a sturdy chair and try this standing strength class with Coach Natalie. Let’s go, Team!

Warm Up For A Walk

Set the tone for your walk with this 5 minute mobility warm up with Coach Natalie! This routine is designed to prime your body to walk on any terrain.

Easy Knees Cardio

Craving some low-impact cardio? Join Coach Natalie for this fast-paced burst of heart-healthy movements.

Cardio with Pillow

Grab a pillow and try this energizing 5-minute cardio class with Coach Tasheon. You can do this perfect snack-sized movement break anywhere, anytime.

Gentle Strength

Enjoy 5 minutes of standing strength moves with Coach Natalie! This total-body routine will help you feel stronger while being gentle on your joints.