Bend and Reach

Take small steps into core training with Tricia’s short and sweet routine. This 5-minute standing workout uses just a chair and your own bodyweight for gentle core activation. Perfect for anyone new to movement!

Side Body

Work your side body with this 5-minute seated core challenge! Tricia walks you through lesser-used planes of motion while building functional strength. Grab a chair and let’s move!

Sciatica Standing Stretch

This gentle standing stretch will relieve sciatic pain in the hips and hamstrings. We use a chair for support throughout this entire pain relief video.

Stand Up

Georgina will guide you through this 5-minute standing mobility routine.

Quick Sweat

Have a little time to kill? Pull over a chair and move with Kaisa for 5 minutes of quick cardio!

Chair Stretch

Feeling tight? Loosen up with this short chair stretch before returning to your busy day.

Jog It Out

A little cardio, a little hip opening – this workout is the best of both worlds!

Hip Opener

Wake up those hips with some gentle stretches that’ll have you feeling better in no time!