Just Move? Walk This Way!

TEAM. There are SO many different ways we can move our bodies, sometimes it’s hard to choose just one! But when you’re looking for something easy, that you can do on your own (in fact, you’ve probably been doing it your whole life), it’s time to get walking!

Walking has so many wonderful health benefits! It improves fitness, cardiac health, helps to alleviate depression and fatigue, improves your mood, reduces the risk for chronic disease, improves endurance, circulation, posture, and so much more! THE LIST GOES ON!!!

I have to say that my favorite benefit of walking is how it elevates my mood and mental state. I guess that should come as no surprise since my whole philosophy behind moving is about feeling your absolute best! 😊 But beyond feeling good, a study from Stanford University* found that walking increased creative output by an average of 60%. Researchers labeled this type of creativity “divergent thinking” which they define as a thought process used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. So that means when you walk, your mind is allowed to wander to different innovations and a-ha moments!

What will you think of on your next walk Team??? Where do you like to go for walks? Do you prefer to walk alone or with friends? Let me know!

* https://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/releases/xlm-a0036577.pdf