Hit Play Not Pause

You Are More than Your Body with Kaisa Keranen

Podcast: Hit Play Not Pause

“Here’s the truth. When you look at your life, and you think about the things that bring you joy, if you start to walk towards those, whether it is cooking, being a boss ass business woman, being a mother, being all these things. If you walk to the things that light you up your life will completely change.

“I happen to walk to the one thing that brings me the most joy, which is movement and spreading my love of movement. And for me, the thing that I love is related very closely to my body. But when you come to life and you look at all the things that bring you joy, you’re less critical about yourself because you’re in a space that you’re so full of, light and happiness.

“And I think that radiates to others. And that’s what I try to encourage. I think that it makes an absolute difference in your life to not focus on all the negative things, but just walk more towards the things that you love.”

Kaisa talks with Selene on the Hit Play Not Pause podcast. (Original air date: February 16, 2022)