Let’s talk about health

We’ve seen it all before. The “perfect picture of health” — a thin, well-toned woman with a flawless smile and zero sweat on her brow. She’s just left the gym and is heading home to indulge herself in a meal of bean sprouts with a side of mineral water. Sure, she could be healthy, but we’ll never know. Her appearance is just that — an appearance. We have no idea what’s going on inside, and yet as a society we’re expected to hold ourselves to this standard of health that’s based on nothing but what we see.

We’ll say it now, and once more for the people in the back — health is NOT about how you look, it’s all about how you FEEL.


And it’s not just about your physical being! When you think about your overall health, it’s important to remember the other areas of your life—mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. Some days you might feel well in one or two areas, and other days you could feel strong in all of them. There might even be times when none of them are feeling particularly good and each area needs a little bit of love. What’s important is that we start thinkingof health as more than just your physical being—we have to make sure our mind, emotions, spirit and relationship to others are also feeling good. Our goal for this blog is to explore the different ways we can enrich our overall health, and we’re excited to get started!

Looking for something right now? We’ve got a great way to feed your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Meet Mobility Moments—a diverse set of flows that are a quick way to tap into a certain mood or feelingwhile opening up your joints and muscles. We hope you love it!

Until next time, Team — JUST MOVE!