I Am More Than My Body

My entire life, I have been seen for my body. Whether is was a positive or negative thing. I’ve been seen as manly and masculine, because I looked a certain way. Or I’ve been seen as thick and sexy, because I looked a certain way.

Positive or negative. Whatever way you want to see it.
I’ve always been seen for this exterior thing that is my body. And I am not my body.

Strong is beautiful now, and that’s fine. And we’re grateful for that because it’s kind of changed the way that women’s bodies are accepted. But at a certain point in time, we could flip back five years from now and skinny is the new beautiful.

So, the way you view your body can’t ride on the way the outside world views bodies.

Back in the day when I was training, it was the no pain, no gain. you know, six hour practices…

Now, it’s 30 minutes to an hour of movement a day. In whatever form I want to move.

So at this point in time listening to my body, I’m going to be 90 and walking around and moving, and dancing, and doing whatever I want to do.

And that’s the point for me.

Movement is alway so I can express myself. It’s not so that I can look a certain way in a pair of jeans.

Everybody is trying to work their booties off, and eat right to look this way. Most of the time if you ask yourself the deeper question of “Why do you want to look like that?”

I ask my clients all the time,
“Do you think that you’re going to be happier if you look like that?” “Do you think that’s what’s going to make you happy?”
Because it’s not.

I am more than my body.
I am what’s inside of me.
I am compassion, I am fiery,
I am stubborn, I am all these things.
But they’re so much more than my body.

You are more than your body. There is so much more going on as human beings. That’s below this, that we just never even give credit to, or never even get in touch with.

That’s taken me my entire life to figure out.

I am Kaisa, and I am more than my body.