No Weights, No Problem

No weights? No problem! All you need for this 24-minute workout is your mat and your fabulous self. In this routine, Kaisa guides you through beginner strength moves that target the core and lower body.

Straight to the Core

Let’s get straight to the core! Join Kaisa down on the mat for this brief workout featuring core circuits. In this beginner-friendly routine, you’ll build core strength and get comfortable with a few key core moves.

Body Blast

Only have a few minutes to sneak some movement in? Hop on your mat for this beginner bodyweight cardio workout! In under 20 minutes, Kaisa guides you through Tabata and core work that’ll leave you feeling re-energized.

Finger Stretch

Take a couple minutes and stretch your fingers out, Team! If you’re at your computer or on your phone all day, they’ll need it.

Wake Up Your Spine Yoga

Good morning, Team! This gentle 5-minute yoga routine with Coach Georgina will help you start your day right by stretching and mobilizing your spine.

Mobility for Calm

Need to chill out? Join Kaisa for this gentle mobility routine. Using the power of breathing and movement, you’ll promote calm and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Wrist Recovery 2

Your wrists need time to recover too! Take 5 minutes to bring some relief to your overworked joints and tendons with this flow from Coach Georgina.

Mobility for Anxiety

Time to give that body a good shake! With this movement routine, you’ll coax anxiety out of your body. Join Kaisa to breathe in calm and breathe out all that anxious energy.

Spine TLC

Work the kinks out of your back with this 10 minute flow with Coach Elena. We’ll work on strengthening the muscles that support the spine, and releasing the tension that those muscles hold.

Halftime Recovery

Find some calm with this 20-minute de-stressing yoga flow with Coach Elena! Using rhythmic movements and intentional breathing, we’ll be down-regulating our nervous systems to center ourselves, paving the way for easier rest and recovery.

Mobility for Depression

It’s time to feel better, Team! Even if you’re feeling down, give yourself credit for showing up on the mat. Kaisa’s gentle movement routine will soothe and calm the struggling mind. 

Shoulder TLC

Shower your shoulder with some TLC! Join Coach Elena for this 10 minute pain relief flow to release tension in your shoulders.