Week 2: Thursday

Day 5, Team! As we progress, make sure to keep focusing on your form, especially as we make the moves more difficult. We’ll be adding holds to movements, extra reps, and a finisher that’s going to test your physical AND mental strength!

Week 2: Tuesday

In Week 2, we start to advance! This workout repeats the same movements from Day 1, and with the same equipment. We’ll be making the moves more difficult, adding some reps, and challenging ourselves with a spicy finisher. Get ready to leave it all on the mat, Team!

Upper Body Dumbbells

Start with a dynamic warm-up, move through 7 exercises to strengthen your upper body, and finish with some core! Use whatever weight you’re comfortable with, Marcus is using 2 20lb. dumbbells.

At the Barre

Grab some lightweight dumbbells and let’s get moving, Team! Georgina’s barre workout combines lifts, pulses, and dumbbell work for a low impact, full-body burn. Perfect for barre beginners!

Barre Beats

Upgrade your barre practice with fun background music! Follow along with Rachel’s dance-inspired moves in this beginner-friendly barre routine. Great for building muscle endurance!

Low Barre

Join Rachel for another fun barre routine! This time, we’re staying low to the ground to work legs, glutes, and build muscle stability. Let’s put those light dumbbells to work, Team!

Training Time

Time to train, Team! Join Coach Luka for this intermediate dumbbell routine. This explosive workout uses strength sets to get that heart rate up quickly.

Week 4: Saturday

Team! You made it! This is our final workout. It will be challenging, but you are MORE than equal to it. How are you feeling in your body? How has your mindset shifted? Make sure to take time and reflect after this workout and see how far you’ve come!

Week 4: Thursday

You’re almost there, Team! As we move through these moves for the last time, let’s work on controlling our eccentric movements and making these our best reps yet.

Week 4: Tuesday

Welcome to your fourth and final week, Team! We’re stepping it up a notch with some slower eccentric movements and a very spicy finisher. Play close attention to how you’re feeling this week, and get ready to finish strong!

Week 3: Saturday

Step up your game for Day 9! We’re adding weight, adding reps, and finishing this week STRONG! Keep tuning into your body, feel how your muscles are working, and make sure that form is on point. Make sure that you’re tracking your wins every week and seeing how you’ve pushed yourself!