Good Hips

Time to open up those hips! Grab your yoga blocks and strap and join Georgina for this gentle-hip opening practice. Perfect for yoga beginners or anyone looking to show their hips some extra love.

Grounding Practice

Clear the noise from your mind and focus on your connection to the earth with this foundational flow. Ashish will help you invite presence into the moment, your body, and your breath.

Flow to Crow

This flow plays with Crow, a balancing yoga pose that’s fun, but a little tricky. Ashish shows you playful ways to warm up the muscles and joints used in the pose, modifications for ease and safety, and different variations to experiment and challenge yourself with!

3rd Trimester Core

Shab is in her 3rd trimester and excited to lead you through this core routine! She will guide you through a series of core exercises and show you modifications. Before you start, make sure you’ve been cleared for exercise by your healthcare provider, and make sure to listen to your body!

Shoulders and Neck

Feeling tight in your neck and shoulders? Abiola will help open you up with this quick yoga flow that you can do at home, at the office, or wherever you want! All you need is a chair and a block (if you don’t have a block, a pillow or soup can will also work). Let’s […]

Moon Flow

Moon salutations are traditionally restorative and used to salute the moon, but you can use it to just drop into your body or support or serve whichever deity you choose. It’s a fairly intermediate flow, but you can practice it any time you want to feel grounded and build up your body. All you need […]

Finding Balance

Ashish takes you through a variety of positions to find balance in your body. Feel free to play along at your own pace and discover what’s available to you on the mat. You’ll need a block or shoe box (it’s not mandatory, but can help), towel, and a water bottle to hydrate.