START Strong

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Strength isn’t about how much you can lift, it’s about how strong you feel in your own body.

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START Strong Includes

Beginner Strength Routine
2 Digital Follow Along Workouts
40-min and 20-min Variations
No equipment needed!
No Monthly Subscription! (1-time purchase)
English Subtitles
Lifetime Access
21 Reviews

START Strong

A beginner strength program to help you feel your best!

Have you been searching for a way to get moving? Look no further! This is a true beginner routine—move at your own pace and get ready to feel good and strong in your body!

Strength isn’t about how much you can lift, it’s about how strong you feel in your own body. START Strong involves a variety of physical exercises that are designed to improve your strength and endurance. And the best part? All you need is your own bodyweight!

Why START Strong?

This is a one-of-a-kind strength workout that will build a strong foundation to establish proper form and prep for more advanced movement down the road!

Here are some cool things to expect from Start Strong:

  • It’s an all-in-one workout—warm-up, cool-down, strength training, and more!
  • Get your sweat on
  • Relieve stress
  • Connect with your body
  • Have fun!

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START Strong Short (20 mins)

Just because you’re short on time doesn’t mean you can’t get your move on. This version is the perfect place to start, or can be a quick hit of strength training on a busy day!
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START Strong Long (40 mins)

Strengthen your body and feel great with this guided strength routine! This workout will have your muscles burning and heart pumping, so get ready to feel confident and empowered in your body.

21 Reviews for START Strong

“I have tried various workouts throughout the year, but never connected to any like I have Kaisa. She is incredible giving options along the way to challenge ourselves at our own pace. I finally feel like I can actually stick to a workout and look forward to seeing myself get stronger and better.”

— Kelly V.

“Although I’ve been doing fitness activities all my life I think it’s important to make sure I am aware of the basics. These exercises help me get back into good form habits. When I’m learning a compound move I usually let my form go out the window because I’m trying so hard to multi-task. Well anyways I love all the KaisaFit Just Move workouts I’ve done so far!!”

— Christi H.

“This is such a great exercise routine. What I love is that you pay a lot of attention to how our bodies feel and what to watch out for. You also talk about how to do the movement. Hinge is amazing. I have back and hip issues and I already feel relief because I’m paying attention to that hinge. I love your —GOOD WORK TEAM you are talking directly to me!! I need it. I look forward to doing the exercises every week!!!”

— Leslie L.

“I am obsessed with these workouts! I used to be a total gym rat! There 5-7 days a week, HIIT, Strength Training, Barre, Spin...etc. Due to a number of injuries over the course of a few years, I've gotten to a place where those things don't feel good. Most gentle workouts are SO boring and make me feel like I didn't do anything! THIS makes me feel like I'm working out and that I can finally start making the steps to get back to where I used to be! Thank you!!”

— Valerie A.

“I have not done any sport for years and have tried to get back into it with many programs, but nothing has worked because they were too hard to do for an out of shape body. This program is encouraging, doable and makes you want to do more each time! For the first time ever I look forward to the next workout. I love that Kaisa doesn't make this about weight loss and starving yourself. It is about finding the feel for your body again, building up the strength and knowledge to do it right and then to move onto the other programs. Thank you! I am feeling fabulous and positive for the first time in years!”

— Tanja C.

“What I like about this workout is that it is not that heavy. Even on a bad day, you can still perform this workout. Especially now in these crazy times I find it difficult to move (except for walking) and this workout is nice to start moving again.”

— Maaike Z.

“You are really encouraging and so enthusiastic. The cheerleading was what made me power through all the way to the end. The variations are very accessible, and hearing you remind us to honour where our bodies are at right now was the perfect motivation to try the harder ones, with the knowledge that it was okay not to.”

— Claire L.

“you are so encouraging and enthusiastic... i am so surprised i am able to do all of the videos even with " squeaky"knees. love my purchases so far best Devra”

— Devra P.

“Fun, and even my old round self can do it!”

— Deidre L.

“I loved this workout! Got me up and moving and a I love that there are two time options. The 20 minute was perfect for just starting out. Can’t wait to be able to do the 40 minute workout!”

— Kimberly S.

“I’ve always been athletic, but this entire year has taken a toll on me. I had some really tough times and became incredibly inactive. I gained weight and found myself getting easily winded. I tried to workout, but only got upset that I couldn’t do what I used to be able to do. I tried several different programs. Not one of them made me feel good like your start program. I’m not where I used to be, but I’m finally getting back into fitness, and more importantly, feeling good about myself. Thank you, Kaisa, for being motivating and encouraging. You’ve helped me break out of a very hard time. I’m very grateful.”

— Amanda Y.

“I’m a big fan of your workouts and I would like to mention your smile. :) While exercising, I not only watch my breath, but I also smile to you too. The exercises are clear, fun and that's how you motivate "GO TEAM!" like very much. I will definitely get a full workout program in the future.”

— Neringa G.

“Hi Kaisa !! I want to say Thank You so much for the Movility and Start Strong programs, i have Cervical Radiculopathy I just recovered from 6 months of pain; I am happy that i found you because you are the first trainer I know that says if you are in pain means your body is saying it is not good for you that day !!!That means a lot to me, I am so happy to be available to have a exercise routine that it is helping me to go back on track of a routine, but the more important to me it is because you really know what you are teachig having a Masters in Sport and Injury Prevention.”

— Mayra R.

“Kaisafit FTW!!!! I love this. I love the focused, intentional movements and I soooo appreciate the realistic approach to getting started. I feel like I finally, at age 44 (!) found the right type of guided exercise for me. I have back issues, I am tall, I have a larger build, and this exercise feels like it was made for me! I am very excited to try all the videos in the Start Bundle. Oh - and the best part is that I ENJOY IT! It is so empowering to feel your body move in ways that feel strong, stable, and kinda beautiful!”

— Carey L.

“Love it. Love it. Love it. I’m an active out of doors type of person rather than exercise class type of person. I’ve had arthritis since I was young which has been challenging but I’ve always tried to keep moving. So here I am in 2020, at the age of 66, learning how to exercise indoors! I love the way Kaisa teaches how to do each exercise safely ... and I can now do squats without hurting my dodgy knees. Kaisa’s warmth and energy is beyond motivational ... she is amazing! 👏♥️🙏”

— Judy B.

“Wonderful program!! Part of my routine now, getting flexible now. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Reynaldo C.

“I'm a 61 year old former competitive athlete. Due to COVID, I have become very sedentary. Hunched over my laptop all day has made me stiff and uncomfortable with painful joints and tight muscles. Just finished my first session of this program and love it! Feel so much better all ready. Can't wait to work through the START sessions and on to the more advanced series!”

— Cindy H.

“Love this program. I do start mobility and start sweat as well and they are amazing but this is for sure my fav. Love having both short and long sessions. Pairs well with the other videos too so that I can mix it up and have a really great week of workouts.”

— Holly G.

“Just joined today With a 50% off promotion. I am hooked. I just completed the 20 minute start strong and I feel amazing . Kaiser is so down to earth, fit and I can relate to her body shape and personality. Can’t wait to try the 40 minute video and other videos”

— Barri M.

“START Strong is amazing. I felt great after the workout and even though there's not much equipment involved I really felt my heart rate go up and I got a good sweat. Highly recommend it!”

— Alma L.

“Very motivating i am starting but I like it very much to keep at it .”

— Luc G.