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JUST MOVE Membership

847 Reviews for JUST MOVE Membership

“Amazing content”

β€” Rhyanna W.

“Love it. Kaisa killed me in 10 min 😊”

β€” Alexandra V.

“I love these start videos. I used to always say I wish there were beginner workout videos for those who have never begun, because too often the videos would assume some level of fitness or flexibility. It really made it difficult for me to lose weight because I would get frustrated as I couldn't do like half the work outs or would get winded too quickly. These videos have helped me start to workout and I am now starting to build a routine.”

β€” Hannah M.

“Love the energy! Great beginner workout that can be adjusted up or down. Will definitely become part of my rotation. Thank you!”

β€” Jennifer C.

“Great workout!”

β€” Barbara D.

“Great moves and love Natalie’s positive energy most!!”

β€” Marjorie B.

“OMG felt great and hips and back feel like butter…definitely doing more of this πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½”

β€” Bradley J.

“Such good stretches and breathing focus!”

β€” Taylor P.

“After being laid up for months with chronic debilitating sciatica, and a subsequent Fybromalgia diagnosis, I had been struggling with pain, fear of movement and worries that I would never feel any better. I found Kaisafit and gave it a try, starting with the START programmes, even finding those incredibly challenging in the beginning. A year of persisting with those, worrying I would never be able to progress from there, I stuck with it. Now I am on my third round of the 30 day beginners programme and I can't believe the difference! I feel stronger, more mobile, in less pain and I look forward to the workouts each and every day. I have only missed 5 days in the last 2 months and to say this has changed my life is an understatement. I love the variety of workouts, encouragement from all the instructors and in particularly find Kaisa to be amazing in her upbeat, kind, encouraging nature. I know that I can stick with it. Who knows, someday I might even progress to the intermediate workouts. It does not feel like an impossible goal! I can't thank you enough.”

β€” Gillian S.

“Amazing!! Love her leadership!! Love be called a team!! Gonna feel it!”

β€” Joy V.

“Love itβ™₯️”

β€” Kibby D.

“Loved it”

β€” Carla A.

“I would love for her to do more work out like body work with your body weight that you do strength in a little bit of cardio I love love her please put some more videos of her”

β€” Deli M.

“killer challenging workout! thank you for bringing the amazing energy coach anthony”

β€” Kara O.

“Love the combo agility and ABs!”

β€” Gini D.

“Keisa, keep it up! Please, stay encouraged. You might not be able to see everyone you are training face to face, but you and your team are making a huge impact. You are truly meeting people where they are at, at any stage in their journey. Thanks for keeping the environment encouraging and celebratory of the little things. Keep it up!”

β€” Abby C.

“Kaisa has the best energy. The workouts make a big impact in a relatively short amount of time. Efficient, fun, revitalizing!”

β€” Erica S.

“This workout brought incredible relief to my SI joint stiffness.”

β€” Kelli C.

“I am only about a week in to my membership with Just Move/KaisaFit, and I’m a huge fan. I am a 40 year old mom of two young girls, and my focus has shifted from strength and aesthetics to mobility, agility, flexibility, and strength. The accessibility and number of programs seems to hit all my requirements to maintain and improve my goals as mentioned above, and I can include my girls in working out with her kids classes. The price can not be beat either. I am actually blown away at $20/month for all of these programs.”

β€” Sarah G.


β€” Lauren M.

“I didn’t know I can work up such a sweat with minimal Weights! Soo good!”

β€” Channel D.

“Really like this simple strength workout, Ashley! Nice to return to some of the roots of strength training - feels like home. Thanks!”

β€” Leontina H.

“I LOVE THIS WHOLE PROGRAM!!! with it, I just move. No more excuses. 5 minutes or 45, I can fit it in and it motivates me to keep going. Thank you for the excellent content, wonderful coaches and understanding how difficult it can be to just move.”

β€” Margaret T.

“Loved this flow and how it slowly built!”

β€” Robin N.

“Great class and energy!!”

β€” Eva Y.

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