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JUST MOVE Membership

913 Reviews for JUST MOVE Membership

“Loved the quick but engaging WO”

— Elizabeth C.

“Love the videos. Clear, specific direction and demonstration. Easy to follow in the gym or at home.”

— Cara R.

“loved it! thank you.”

— Karen K.

“awesome workout!”

— Denise T.

“Awesome balance workout !! Loved it !”

— Kimberly C.

“Love this routine”

— Lynda S.

“Just what I needed, thank you Kaisa”

— Ndsettia A.

“Easy & excellent to use!”

— Anna S.

“Thank you..This was just the right amount of time to allow myself to wake up and start my day. Looking forward to day 2. Looking to do later this evening.”

— Matthew J.

“Amazing energy and amazing expertise to flow from one movement to another and then we were done and I was surprised to be warm and sweaty. Core workouts are a huge benefit for me. I can't wait to experience more workouts.”

— brandon p.

“Grateful for these basic but much needed exercises. Thank you.”

— Liko P.

“Great short tune up!”

— mairym v.

“Just love the care that you convey”

— Kelly M.

“hips feel really good!”

— Jennifer T.

“Great beginning! Gentle but firm clear and understandable. Very nice. Fun to get moving again!”

— Amy M.

“She's encouraging, but not super excited. It was great.”

— Colleen M.

“Love it! ❤️ I'm a trainer myself and needed something quick to get my day started. This was a great full body workout that did not take long at all but still broke a good sweat. 👍”

— Clemente C.

“Perfect for a quick start in the morning”

— Val G.

“The videos are great and informative. I know I was previously able to airplay the videos. Is this no longer an option?”

— Candice C.

“Did 40 and added to my favourites!”

— Sabina B.

“I love the variety of workout and mobility options. This is perfect for when I just wake up and my age makes itself known. I can get in a solid workout allowing me to get on with my day!”

— Brandy B.

“This is my first flow with Georgina, and I love it. I selected this flow because I live in a bigger body and I was so excited to have someone who looks a little like me as an instructor. It was a great flow and I look forward to trying out more of her classes.”

— Maria C.

“Absolutely see results with your run after doing this workout consistently. Glad to have remembered to dive back into it again in the new year.”

— Jenn S.

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