Lisa?1 00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:03,180 We joined my family, a family of five in the UK, 2 00:00:03,180 --> 00:00:07,320 joined, Just Move in January with the January sale, 3 00:00:07,320 --> 00:00:10,920 and I mainly joined to give my family something to 4 00:00:10,920 --> 00:00:13,590 do to improve their mental health 5 00:00:13,590 --> 00:00:15,780 because the pandemic has been super hard 6 00:00:15,780 --> 00:00:18,600 for our family as it has for many people. 7 00:00:18,600 --> 00:00:22,110 And I know that exercise can help us all to feel better. 8 00:00:22,110 --> 00:00:24,300 My teenagers were really attracted 9 00:00:24,300 --> 00:00:26,610 to Kaisa's glam look with her nails 10 00:00:26,610 --> 00:00:31,350 and her ankle bracelets and her lovely long eyelashes. 11 00:00:31,350 --> 00:00:33,900 And I really appreciated the diversity 12 00:00:33,900 --> 00:00:36,000 of the crew who teach the classes. 13 00:00:36,000 --> 00:00:40,440 I feel like Kaisa is an ally and that you bring 14 00:00:40,440 --> 00:00:43,980 in teachers who are not only experts at what they do, 15 00:00:43,980 --> 00:00:46,020 but also reflect the diversity 16 00:00:46,020 --> 00:00:49,440 of American and global culture. 17 00:00:49,440 --> 00:00:50,610 So thank you very much. 18 00:00:50,610 --> 00:00:53,335 I have some favorite workouts that I love to do 19 00:00:53,335 --> 00:00:56,820 and I repeat those, but I also love it that you 20 00:00:56,820 --> 00:01:01,110 include new workouts all the time and thank you very much. 21 00:01:01,110 --> 00:01:02,660 It's done us the world of good. Barbara?1 00:00:00,090 --> 00:00:02,550 Hi, everyone, I just wanted to tell you 2 00:00:02,550 --> 00:00:05,910 about my experience with Just Move. 3 00:00:05,910 --> 00:00:07,650 I think it's fantastic. 4 00:00:07,650 --> 00:00:11,280 The library is so full of different videos, 5 00:00:11,280 --> 00:00:14,970 whatever you feel like doing during the day, 6 00:00:14,970 --> 00:00:16,230 from day to day. 7 00:00:16,230 --> 00:00:19,143 It's also really easy to scroll through. Mary?1 00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:02,280 When I was 22, 2 00:00:02,280 --> 00:00:04,920 I suffered a blood clot. 3 00:00:04,920 --> 00:00:06,720 This was due to inactivity 4 00:00:06,720 --> 00:00:09,930 from a surgery that I got on my feet. 5 00:00:09,930 --> 00:00:13,020 And, ever since the blood clot, 6 00:00:13,020 --> 00:00:15,900 I've been really fearful about movement 7 00:00:15,900 --> 00:00:18,600 and getting my heart rate up. 8 00:00:18,600 --> 00:00:20,730 I got really scared going to the gym. 9 00:00:20,730 --> 00:00:23,370 I always felt like something terrible was going to happen 10 00:00:23,370 --> 00:00:25,050 anytime I move my body. 11 00:00:25,050 --> 00:00:28,500 So, when I found out about Just Move, 12 00:00:28,500 --> 00:00:30,090 it blew my mind. 13 00:00:30,090 --> 00:00:34,230 I have never been able to do a long enough workout 14 00:00:34,230 --> 00:00:36,480 to feel changes in my body, 15 00:00:36,480 --> 00:00:38,250 changes in the way I feel. 16 00:00:38,250 --> 00:00:39,930 The mobility course, in particular, 17 00:00:39,930 --> 00:00:40,950 just blew my mind 18 00:00:40,950 --> 00:00:43,650 about how much more open my body felt, 19 00:00:43,650 --> 00:00:45,270 how relieved I felt. 20 00:00:45,270 --> 00:00:49,920 I feel like it's really changed the game for me, 21 00:00:49,920 --> 00:00:52,710 having had a medical scare like that, 22 00:00:52,710 --> 00:00:55,570 and being really fearful of moving. 23 00:00:55,570 --> 00:00:59,070 Thank you so much for making Just Move. 24 00:00:59,070 --> 00:01:00,870 I feel like you made it just for me. Cristina?1 00:00:00,060 --> 00:00:00,893 Hi, team. 2 00:00:00,893 --> 00:00:03,300 My name's Cristina and I'm from the Seattle area. 3 00:00:03,300 --> 00:00:04,650 I've been walking lately, 4 00:00:04,650 --> 00:00:07,200 and noticed I needed something a little bit more 5 00:00:07,200 --> 00:00:09,120 to get me going. 6 00:00:09,120 --> 00:00:11,910 So, I started The 21 Day Reset. 7 00:00:11,910 --> 00:00:14,850 Now I'm on day five and it's a journey, 8 00:00:14,850 --> 00:00:16,890 and I need to move. 9 00:00:16,890 --> 00:00:20,040 Getting older and I don't move as fast 10 00:00:20,040 --> 00:00:22,110 as I used to, but this is a good workout. 11 00:00:22,110 --> 00:00:26,550 Sure do notice that my glutes and my core is burning. 12 00:00:26,550 --> 00:00:27,383 Thanks again. Camille?1 00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:02,760 One thing that's really important for me, 2 00:00:02,760 --> 00:00:06,240 is I had a really bad back injury last year, 3 00:00:06,240 --> 00:00:08,850 and I used to be fairly active. 4 00:00:08,850 --> 00:00:13,740 I joined a gym and really overdid it and really hurt myself, 5 00:00:13,740 --> 00:00:17,400 and I needed to sort of get back to a positive relationship 6 00:00:17,400 --> 00:00:19,590 with exercise, one that was healthy 7 00:00:19,590 --> 00:00:22,710 and where exercise helped me feel better instead 8 00:00:22,710 --> 00:00:23,790 of hurting me. 9 00:00:23,790 --> 00:00:26,550 And Kaisa Fit has really helped me do that. 10 00:00:26,550 --> 00:00:28,380 I feel really strong. 11 00:00:28,380 --> 00:00:31,800 I notice small changes even after a few days. 12 00:00:31,800 --> 00:00:34,080 My squat depth is more. 13 00:00:34,080 --> 00:00:36,360 I feel comfortable holding a plank more. 14 00:00:36,360 --> 00:00:39,180 And those kinds of things after having, 15 00:00:39,180 --> 00:00:42,060 it hurt when I sneeze, not being able to walk my dog, 16 00:00:42,060 --> 00:00:44,910 are really huge for me. 17 00:00:44,910 --> 00:00:49,260 I also wanna note how Kaisa consistently pushes you to 18 00:00:49,260 --> 00:00:53,130 take care of yourself and doesn't buy into diet culture, 19 00:00:53,130 --> 00:00:56,070 encourages healthy eating, encourages eating, 20 00:00:56,070 --> 00:00:59,377 and all of her instructors are all about pushing your body, 21 00:00:59,377 --> 00:01:02,760 listening to it, and making sure that you can grow, 22 00:01:02,760 --> 00:01:04,080 and I really appreciate that. 23 00:01:04,080 --> 00:01:05,197 So thank you all. Richard?1 00:00:00,120 --> 00:00:01,410 I've been a member for a while. 2 00:00:01,410 --> 00:00:03,660 I've used the program off and on 3 00:00:03,660 --> 00:00:06,000 for about a year through the pandemic, 4 00:00:06,000 --> 00:00:09,630 but I decided to start with this before I do anything else. 5 00:00:09,630 --> 00:00:14,070 And as always, I enjoy the process. 6 00:00:14,070 --> 00:00:17,130 So thank you for putting this video 7 00:00:17,130 --> 00:00:18,480 and this program out there. Tamera?1 00:00:00,120 --> 00:00:01,860 Kaisa, I wanna thank you and your team 2 00:00:01,860 --> 00:00:03,990 for putting this Just Move Program together. 3 00:00:03,990 --> 00:00:05,460 It has been wonderful. 4 00:00:05,460 --> 00:00:08,490 I love the variety, 5 00:00:08,490 --> 00:00:12,630 and the mobility is just absolutely wonderful. 6 00:00:12,630 --> 00:00:17,630 It has helped me so much with relief from pain, 7 00:00:17,700 --> 00:00:20,220 and I just cannot get enough 8 00:00:20,220 --> 00:00:22,290 of the dance cardio with Kisha. 9 00:00:22,290 --> 00:00:23,580 I love it, love it, love it. 10 00:00:23,580 --> 00:00:26,670 So keep giving us more content always. 11 00:00:26,670 --> 00:00:28,053 Thank you so much. Evonn?1 00:00:00,150 --> 00:00:03,483 I've been using your program now for about six months. 2 00:00:04,350 --> 00:00:08,133 I just love the mobility workouts. 3 00:00:09,450 --> 00:00:12,540 Whether I have 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 4 00:00:12,540 --> 00:00:14,700 there's always something for me. 5 00:00:14,700 --> 00:00:16,920 I was run over by a car about a year ago, 6 00:00:16,920 --> 00:00:19,830 and mobility was a huge issue for me, 7 00:00:19,830 --> 00:00:22,050 and I'm so thankful that I found you 8 00:00:22,050 --> 00:00:24,600 and have been using your program. 9 00:00:24,600 --> 00:00:28,840 And it really has made a huge difference on flexibility 10 00:00:29,820 --> 00:00:34,820 and also getting to move in a more normal way for my body, 11 00:00:35,910 --> 00:00:37,710 my new normal. 12 00:00:37,710 --> 00:00:39,810 I can't wait to move through the videos 13 00:00:39,810 --> 00:00:44,810 and actually up my game a little bit in the coming year. 14 00:00:44,820 --> 00:00:47,310 I'm just so thankful for your product. 15 00:00:47,310 --> 00:00:49,890 I've never seen anything like it out there. 16 00:00:49,890 --> 00:00:51,903 Keep up the good work, bye, guys. Veronica?1 00:00:00,180 --> 00:00:02,850 Hey, just finished the athletic dumbbell workout 2 00:00:02,850 --> 00:00:05,160 from Just Move, it was awesome. 3 00:00:05,160 --> 00:00:06,480 I love this platform. 4 00:00:06,480 --> 00:00:08,730 So many different workouts. 5 00:00:08,730 --> 00:00:13,260 Just if you wanna relax, mobility, strength training, 6 00:00:13,260 --> 00:00:14,460 different levels. 7 00:00:14,460 --> 00:00:17,730 Honestly, it was the find of the year. 8 00:00:17,730 --> 00:00:19,170 Super proud to be a member. 9 00:00:19,170 --> 00:00:21,890 Make it happen guys, have a nice day. Adia?1 00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:04,680 Just finished a mobility flow with Kaisa. 2 00:00:04,680 --> 00:00:06,180 I've been adding them to my routine 3 00:00:06,180 --> 00:00:08,910 about two to three times a week, 4 00:00:08,910 --> 00:00:11,580 and I've noticed a huge difference. 5 00:00:11,580 --> 00:00:14,370 I just feel so much better, and it was really subtle. 6 00:00:14,370 --> 00:00:16,410 I just noticed in my like strength workouts, 7 00:00:16,410 --> 00:00:18,870 I do a lot of tread boot camps and things like that. 8 00:00:18,870 --> 00:00:20,220 And I just move better, 9 00:00:20,220 --> 00:00:23,670 and I feel more secure in kind of the stuff I do. 10 00:00:23,670 --> 00:00:24,780 And it's been a huge benefit 11 00:00:24,780 --> 00:00:26,310 and it kind of helps me do more 12 00:00:26,310 --> 00:00:27,480 of the other things that I like. 13 00:00:27,480 --> 00:00:31,230 Thoroughly enjoying it so far and looking forward to more. Erica?1 00:00:00,150 --> 00:00:04,590 When I discovered Kaisa on Instagram, 2 00:00:04,590 --> 00:00:07,380 her message immediately resonated with me 3 00:00:07,380 --> 00:00:11,220 and I started doing some of the mobility videos 4 00:00:11,220 --> 00:00:14,940 and I started listening to her podcast 5 00:00:14,940 --> 00:00:19,320 and it made so much sense to my brain and to my heart. 6 00:00:19,320 --> 00:00:23,640 And so what I love about discovering JUST MOVE 7 00:00:23,640 --> 00:00:27,630 is that some days, I wanna push myself and that is there. 8 00:00:27,630 --> 00:00:32,520 But I can also find ease and find joy. 9 00:00:32,520 --> 00:00:37,520 I can just dance, I can do yoga, and I can really listen 10 00:00:39,300 --> 00:00:43,080 to what my body is saying that it needs, 11 00:00:43,080 --> 00:00:45,390 and that is what makes my life better 12 00:00:45,390 --> 00:00:47,760 and that is what makes me happier. 13 00:00:47,760 --> 00:00:49,293 And I love JUST MOVE. Leah?1 00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:03,450 The Just Move Program is amazing. 2 00:00:03,450 --> 00:00:06,060 I have been doing it for a year, 3 00:00:06,060 --> 00:00:10,140 and it has helped me put movement into my daily routine. 4 00:00:10,140 --> 00:00:14,550 For years, I have felt bad that I just can't get to the gym 5 00:00:14,550 --> 00:00:18,120 and I can't do a 45-minute spin class 6 00:00:18,120 --> 00:00:21,780 because my circumstances do not allow it. 7 00:00:21,780 --> 00:00:24,000 But this, this program, 8 00:00:24,000 --> 00:00:26,340 it gives me the power, 9 00:00:26,340 --> 00:00:28,180 it gives me the agency 10 00:00:29,190 --> 00:00:34,190 to be able to work out when and where I can. 11 00:00:34,830 --> 00:00:37,260 It has allowed me to reconnect with my body 12 00:00:37,260 --> 00:00:39,270 in a meaningful way. 13 00:00:39,270 --> 00:00:42,510 I love the range of videos in the Just Move Library, 14 00:00:42,510 --> 00:00:46,260 not only the different workouts but the instructors. 15 00:00:46,260 --> 00:00:48,060 And I love that there are different lengths. 16 00:00:48,060 --> 00:00:51,870 On a busy day, I know that I can get in a 10-minute workout, 17 00:00:51,870 --> 00:00:54,030 and it carries me through the day. 18 00:00:54,030 --> 00:00:55,923 So thank you, Just Move team. Elizabeth?1 00:00:00,300 --> 00:00:04,440 I just finished a KaisaFit workout and it was fabulous. 2 00:00:04,440 --> 00:00:05,580 What do I love about it? 3 00:00:05,580 --> 00:00:08,250 It's always fun and it's easy to do. 4 00:00:08,250 --> 00:00:09,870 You can pick whatever you wanna do. 5 00:00:09,870 --> 00:00:13,650 You can pick 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 6 00:00:13,650 --> 00:00:15,780 cardio, mobility, yoga. 7 00:00:15,780 --> 00:00:17,220 It's so much fun. 8 00:00:17,220 --> 00:00:19,560 And it's always such a great workout. 9 00:00:19,560 --> 00:00:20,827 Just when you don't wanna do it, you're like, 10 00:00:20,827 --> 00:00:22,260 "I'll turn it on," 11 00:00:22,260 --> 00:00:23,880 and she gets you going. 12 00:00:23,880 --> 00:00:25,020 She gets you excited. 13 00:00:25,020 --> 00:00:27,720 You can do always so much more than you think you can. Emily Veronica Judith Yana Kelley Dana Letica Marina Bridget Patricia Elizabeth Emily Tara Sharilyn Andrea Daisy Jessi Karen Edwina Danielle Carly Ann Katie Jeanette Marnie Ena Lisa Jordan Marisa Courtney Josephine Adriane Nathalie Tangela Renee Elana?1 00:00:00,070 --> 00:00:02,940 - Nothing is about one, money, right, 2 00:00:02,940 --> 00:00:04,450 though clearly needed, 3 00:00:04,450 --> 00:00:06,500 or losing weight. 4 00:00:06,500 --> 00:00:09,220 But health and feeling good, 5 00:00:09,220 --> 00:00:11,910 and with a real focus on that, 6 00:00:11,910 --> 00:00:16,550 and building a community that is all interested in that, 7 00:00:16,550 --> 00:00:19,210 I find that so empowering. 8 00:00:19,210 --> 00:00:23,120 And I'm guessing that I will very likely 9 00:00:23,120 --> 00:00:26,500 not be returning to physical gyms 10 00:00:26,500 --> 00:00:28,570 when the world fully restores. 11 00:00:28,570 --> 00:00:30,190 I enjoy this so much. 12 00:00:30,190 --> 00:00:32,550 I look forward to it, I talk about it, 13 00:00:32,550 --> 00:00:34,830 I have friends who have participated. 14 00:00:34,830 --> 00:00:37,480 Just Move gives me everything I need, 15 00:00:37,480 --> 00:00:39,913 and I'm so grateful that it's out there. Samantha Desserai Leah Colleen Ali Ann SJ Elizabeth?1 00:00:00,130 --> 00:00:03,700 - I have done the HIIT core so far. 2 00:00:03,700 --> 00:00:07,730 I've done body weight, two body weight workouts, 3 00:00:07,730 --> 00:00:09,990 and the strap workout. 4 00:00:09,990 --> 00:00:11,890 Every one of them kicked my butt. 5 00:00:11,890 --> 00:00:13,500 The older I get, the harder I have to work, 6 00:00:13,500 --> 00:00:15,780 but it's fantastic. 7 00:00:15,780 --> 00:00:17,573 I love these workouts. 8 00:00:19,051 --> 00:00:21,810 I definitely stalk Kaisa on Instagram. 9 00:00:21,810 --> 00:00:25,393 She's amazing, so thanks so much, this is great. Kaylee Lisa Barri
“Loved the quick but engaging WO”

— Elizabeth C.

“Love the videos. Clear, specific direction and demonstration. Easy to follow in the gym or at home.”

— Cara R.

“loved it! thank you.”

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“Really good workout. Had to do an adaptation for my husband on the last move (sit throughs using two chairs) But it worked!”

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“Amazing energy and amazing expertise to flow from one movement to another and then we were done and I was surprised to be warm and sweaty. Core workouts are a huge benefit for me. I can't wait to experience more workouts.”

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“Great beginning! Gentle but firm clear and understandable. Very nice. Fun to get moving again!”

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“She's encouraging, but not super excited. It was great.”

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“Love it! ❤️ I'm a trainer myself and needed something quick to get my day started. This was a great full body workout that did not take long at all but still broke a good sweat. 👍”

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“Love the workouts, the variety and different coaches. My only issue is I don't find the webpage super user friendly. Can't wait for an app!!”

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“Perfect for a quick start in the morning”

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“The videos are great and informative. I know I was previously able to airplay the videos. Is this no longer an option?”

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“Did 40 and added to my favourites!”

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“I love the variety of workout and mobility options. This is perfect for when I just wake up and my age makes itself known. I can get in a solid workout allowing me to get on with my day!”

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“This is my first flow with Georgina, and I love it. I selected this flow because I live in a bigger body and I was so excited to have someone who looks a little like me as an instructor. It was a great flow and I look forward to trying out more of her classes.”

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“Fantastic, creative, and fun! Kaisa is a master of her craft. She knows how the body works and how it moves. Her workouts never fail to get my heart rate up and the sweat flowing but are so adaptable and accessible. People of all shapes, sizes, and ability will find something here because Kansa’s program explores various ranges of motion while taking great care to offer modification and reminders to listen to one’s body. In this way, and in others, Kiasa’s offerings are inclusive and challenging! Her programs over the last several years have helped me greatly throughout many stages of fitness on my life long health and wellness journey. Thank you Kaisa!!”

— MC B.

“I love everything about this project, the people, the vision, the accessibility and the challenge. It is truly inspiring and empowering, highly recommend!!!”

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“Worth every penny. I'm an older mom of young kids, and keeping my brain and body fit for them is a high priority for me. Just Move is a really easy way to do that daily, whether I have an hour on a Saturday or 20 minutes before work during the week. I love the variety- there are tough tabata workouts and mellow yoga/mobility flows. Kaisa's energy and enthusiasm powers me through difficult moves, and her kind approach and expertise in training people of all fitness levels is obvious. I really love this program.”

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“Awesome! Thank you Kaisa! Both you and your workouts are amazing (and unbelievably creative). Thank you!”

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“That was amazing. Why has it taken me this long to find this?! I’m a nurses so I work 12 hr shifts. I also have a 3.5 year old son. Never been active, have poor posture, practice poor body mechanics at work, live a sedentary lifestyle if left to my own devices. BUT, I’m in my 30s and have an physically active job. I have a Peloton and done Couch to 5K 2-3x. Same thing happens everytime. I get really into it and start exercising moderately, but I either injure myself or need a rest day after work and in between whatever virus my son brings home. Having just completed 1 workout, my body doesn’t hurt and I could see myself doing more and more in a stepwise fashion that increases my mobility outside of work, but won’t cause injuries. Woohoo!”

— Isabel M.


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“Great variety! challenging!”

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“I love these start videos. I used to always say I wish there were beginner workout videos for those who have never begun, because too often the videos would assume some level of fitness or flexibility. It really made it difficult for me to lose weight because I would get frustrated as I couldn't do like half the work outs or would get winded too quickly. These videos have helped me start to workout and I am now starting to build a routine.”

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“Love the energy! Great beginner workout that can be adjusted up or down. Will definitely become part of my rotation. Thank you!”

— Jennifer C.

“Great workout!”

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“OMG felt great and hips and back feel like butter…definitely doing more of this 👊🏽👍🏽”

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“After being laid up for months with chronic debilitating sciatica, and a subsequent Fybromalgia diagnosis, I had been struggling with pain, fear of movement and worries that I would never feel any better. I found Kaisafit and gave it a try, starting with the START programmes, even finding those incredibly challenging in the beginning. A year of persisting with those, worrying I would never be able to progress from there, I stuck with it. Now I am on my third round of the 30 day beginners programme and I can't believe the difference! I feel stronger, more mobile, in less pain and I look forward to the workouts each and every day. I have only missed 5 days in the last 2 months and to say this has changed my life is an understatement. I love the variety of workouts, encouragement from all the instructors and in particularly find Kaisa to be amazing in her upbeat, kind, encouraging nature. I know that I can stick with it. Who knows, someday I might even progress to the intermediate workouts. It does not feel like an impossible goal! I can't thank you enough.”

— Gillian S.

“Amazing!! Love her leadership!! Love be called a team!! Gonna feel it!”

— Joy V.

“Love it♥️”

— Kibby D.

“Loved it”

— Carla A.

“I would love for her to do more work out like body work with your body weight that you do strength in a little bit of cardio I love love her please put some more videos of her”

— Deli M.

“killer challenging workout! thank you for bringing the amazing energy coach anthony”

— Kara O.

“Love the combo agility and ABs!”

— Gini D.

“Keisa, keep it up! Please, stay encouraged. You might not be able to see everyone you are training face to face, but you and your team are making a huge impact. You are truly meeting people where they are at, at any stage in their journey. Thanks for keeping the environment encouraging and celebratory of the little things. Keep it up!”

— Abby C.

“Kaisa has the best energy. The workouts make a big impact in a relatively short amount of time. Efficient, fun, revitalizing!”

— Erica S.

“This workout brought incredible relief to my SI joint stiffness.”

— Kelli C.

“I am only about a week in to my membership with Just Move/KaisaFit, and I’m a huge fan. I am a 40 year old mom of two young girls, and my focus has shifted from strength and aesthetics to mobility, agility, flexibility, and strength. The accessibility and number of programs seems to hit all my requirements to maintain and improve my goals as mentioned above, and I can include my girls in working out with her kids classes. The price can not be beat either. I am actually blown away at $20/month for all of these programs.”

— Sarah G.


— Lauren M.

“I didn’t know I can work up such a sweat with minimal Weights! Soo good!”

— Channel D.

“Really like this simple strength workout, Ashley! Nice to return to some of the roots of strength training - feels like home. Thanks!”

— Leontina H.

“I LOVE THIS WHOLE PROGRAM!!! with it, I just move. No more excuses. 5 minutes or 45, I can fit it in and it motivates me to keep going. Thank you for the excellent content, wonderful coaches and understanding how difficult it can be to just move.”

— Margaret T.

“I liked it. really got my groove and my heart rate moving. I appreciate her being transparent and honest. How she stopped took a breath, recentered. That was a good example of what to do to recenter. Thanks”

— Michele B.

“Loved this flow and how it slowly built!”

— Robin N.

“Great class and energy!!”

— Eva Y.

“Good, but I would like an alternate to using a chair, Seems unsafe and could hurt my back”

— Alice R.

“Just amazing! Thank you”

— Shiloh W.

“Buuuuurrrnnning! I've never seen those butterfly pelvic lifts; they're insane! Thank you”

— Jenny W.

“This was a lovely flow to open up the shoulders. Thank you for the gentle guidance and sharing your practice with us.”

— Amanda H.

“Awesome workout! 😁. Love the no-nonsense moves with low impact.”

— Sheri E.

“Tons of great courses, I am a total beginner who is extremely inflexible so I have been sampling different videos. It would be great to get a little more direction on where I am in regards to flexibility and strength so that I could be recommended videos that are in line with my ability. Doing a lot of trial and error for now and most of the coaches are awesome :). (would give 4.5 stars if possible).”

— Chris V.

“Five minutes is very doable, fun, and effective without being some crazy intense dance moves. Just simple straight forward movement.”

— Wendy O.

“Best workouts ever.”

— Paula M.

“Nice quick core workout. Definitely felt the burn.”

— Eddie G.

“Great, quick burner to get refreshed af.”

— Caitlin D.

“Very informative and good foundation for beginners.”

— Kitiya S.

“I love it! There's such a great variety of classes at a variety of levels-cardio, strength, dance, yoga, mobility- and amazing coaches!”

— Gabriela R.

“Great workout, great message. Thanks Rachel!”

— katie s.

“I love the breadth of workouts that you offer, and this short seated core workout is the kind that's perfect for when I just want to do something quick and simple at my desk. Kudos!”

— Bobbi T.

“CJ is motivating and encourages everyone to engage at their ability levels.”

— Catherine L.

“Awesome ab and arm circuit routine! Way to go, Kaisa!”

— Anna F.

“Love Love LOVE !!!!”

— Angela C.

“Really intense home workouts”

— Fahaanah A.

“Great beginner workout. Would have liked to see some modifications.”

— Kimberly B.

“I loved this work out, it was super fun and interesting. I feel challenged but not depleted.”

— Medhavi P.

“Brilliant core wake up for me!!”

— Kirstie W.

“This is great! but it would be awesome if you did both sides all the way. I tried pausing the video but then when I unpaused it restarted from the beginning. Probably a me problem, but in case it’s not, just mentioning it.”

— Lori W.

“Absolutely love it!”

— nokwanda K.

“Love it!”

— Eugenia H.

“Great waking up with some hip work and gentle coaching. 😀”

— Linda H.

“Just move membership is the best I have invested for my personal movement. It has many areas I can choose from and even 10min of movement options. I would totally recommend it to the community beginner, intermediate even advance no matter how many times I have done a movement from the library it doesn’t get easier that’s what I love. Thank you!”

— Evelin R.

“Great workouts”

— Elaine A.

“Great workout!!! Challenging and fun at the same time!!! Loved every minute of it 😳”

— Markus H.

“Amazing!!! Relax 100%”

— Sara P.

“I was in a car accident five months ago, where my SI joint was damaged. Although I have recovered a lot, I am still left with chronic SI joint pain. The sports medicine doctor told me that I now just have to live with chronic back pain as if that didn’t mean anything. I have been doing my physio, mobility and stretching which all brought me mild relief… but with the SI joint relief yoga video led by Elaina, I have been able to get a good nights sleep every time I do it before bed and I am so grateful!”

— Kaela G.

“Super helpful exercises well demonstrated”

— Kelly P.

“His Morning Stretch and Core Awakening are my go-tos. Really excellent stretchs, and he has a great vibe. I've had a lingering effect of sciatica a few years ago, and this gives the best stretch for that affected glute. Great way to start the day.”

— Joanne K.

“This was my first mobility class and it was so good!!! Kaisa has incredible cues, which makes the class that much more helpful. My body feels so great! Looking forward to my next mobility class!”

— Jennifer M.

“Love her energy, she gives different options making you feel good no matter what are you doing, and it's a good sweat even though today i was not feeling it!”

— Beatriz R.

“I absolutely love the workouts I've been doing. They're challenging but allow me to work where I'm at any given time. I have hip arthritis and fibromyalgia and this is exactly what I've been looking for to help take care of my body. This is a keeper!”

— Jodi V.

“I have been consistently doing workouts on Just Move for the last 3 months. I recently signed up for the “spring training” program with a little bit of concern, as in the past 40 some years, “athletic” is not a word that’s ever been used to describe me. But I finished the “cardio for champions” with Luka today with a huge smile on my face. I loved his explanations of the why behind the moves. I’ll never be in the Olympics, but I sure as heck felt like an athlete in my living room. Just Move has been the most consistent I’ve been with activity in a long while, in part because there’s so much great variety so I don’t ever feel bored, and also because the coaches seem like great people, and not once has there been any focus on “weight loss” as a goal- just a focus on having fun moving. Genuinely happy with how much stronger and healthier I feel, and a tiny bit shocked that I’m having fun exercising….”

— Meghan D.

“Natalieʻs Sciatic stretch is amazing. I have been struggling with my sciatic. I look forward to doing more of these and other stretches to improve my overall health.”

— Leimomi P.

“this is awesome...I am doing the spring challenge as well as get strong amazing ,Tiffany”

— Tiffany S.

“As a high impact group fitness instructor this helps my knees, feet and hips so much! I do this in the morning while I'm getting ready for the day, there is noticeably less tension and pain in my legs. Highly recommend!”

— Kristen R.

“Very relaxing and highly recommend to everyone!”

— Sergio H.

“I love doing these movements, but the pace is very fast for a cooldown.”

— Dana B.

“Love it!”




“Need more floor work”

— Roxann K.

“Enjoying the wide variety of exercise styles and it’s great for a beginner restarting exercising. I really enjoy the intros to the various types of exercise including Yoga and Barre and Boxing.”

— Kimberly L.

“Treino muito bom, não consegui segurar um exercício, o restante foi show. Amei esse treino.”

— Rejane S.

“Awesome gentle way to start moving again after a long hiatus!”

— Patricia G.

“This is perfect to start your day with! I also like to do this after a long workday to loosen back up and get the blood flowing in a fun way!”

— Karri J.

“I love love love the mobility flow! I do struggle with the plank position and wondered if Kaisa (or one of the other instructors) could go over how to initiate this position. Getting up seems to be the hardest part! Thank you!”

— Alyssa F.

“Thank you for the workout. I felt those Russian twists at the end😄”

— Mary G.

“Love the programs, especially “Get Strong” & love the variety. Looking forward to the new spring challenge”

— Margaret R.

“Elena is awesome! Love it - no music only her nice voice, peaceful and personal.”

— Wei W.

“Great workout! Would suggest to tell folks to be careful with their smartwatch as the kettlebell may hit the watch! Otherwise awesome 👌”

— Melanie B.

“These types of quick gentle yoga exercises for getting the kinks out first thing in the morning before the day gets started are just what I was looking for and needing. This was the first one I saw, but I really hope there are more. Thank you! Dawn”

— Dawn T.

“Feels so good to relieve the tightness in my hands and forearms! Thank you Georgina!”

— Sarah R.

“My fave dynamic warm up ever!!”

— Jennifer L.

“Great intro to stretch movement”

— Kara J.

“Bomb workouts!! Thank you!”

— Marie P.

“great energizer when I didn't feel like a head enough energy to start a longer work out.”

— Erin M.

“CJs Hip Stretch felt soooo good!!! I love his vibe and relaxed practice. Man my hips are ready…love that windshield move! I needed that fr fr !!”

— Stella C.

“Loving everything so far, especially Keisha's dance workouts. Please give us more of those and maybe more heels classes too. So fun!”

— Zynnia S.

“I LOVE the variety, the options and having different faces to train with. I LOVE Kaisa, don't get me wrong, but I crave variety to stay consistent. I'm super happy so far with the workouts, just finishing my first challenge with a few random other workouts added to spread out the challenge a little longer. I'm excited to start another soon!”

— Leah R.

“Bite-sized movement for all levels. Fun and inclusive!”

— Rachel R.

“We love the programs but want more from Kaisa she’s the best instructor and an app to make it easier to connect to tvs”

— Matt R.

“I liked this a lot.”

— Suzanne N.

“I am loving my membership! I have never been into working out at home and this is the first time I am sticking with my workouts. I love the variety and the quality workouts offered at Just Move. I initially signed up to work on my mobility and I am seeing a huge difference in how my joints move and seeing less injuries. I am grateful for Kaisa and her team! Way to go!”

— Anna B.

“Lovely 😁”

— Janine B.

“I like this guy ! Will do more .”

— Mary D.

“Perfect for a day of 'something better than nothing'. Thanks!”

— Elle F.

“I’ve been a member for over a year. I love the huge variety of options for ways to move that are available here. The instructors are varied , and all are welcoming, talented, and show concern that students respect their own bodies. No matter what kind of workout I’m craving, there’s one here!”

— Meredith M.

“Not gonna lie, I'm here because CJ is here and I can't wait for more of his content. Full length flows with slow power and hopefully a whole series of his crazy core workouts. Thank you so much for giving him a spot to shine and share his amazing practice! Also happy to see all this content from other instructors waiting to be explored.”

— Samantha M.


— Ravish B.

“I just started a week ago and this is the first workout I hit on that I absolutely loved! I feel like I've worked hard, but haven't just killed myself. This video makes me wanna keep working out.”

— Brianna P.

“Great fast an effectiveness and fun always ❤️”

— Rocio A.

“Smug me thought this would be too easy. Not so smug now.”

— Patricia S.

“This was wonderful! It brought a smile to my face ! and I needed the little boost. She is an excellent coach!”

— Mary M.

“I love Just move I found Kaisa's start moving program a couple of years ago when I was recovering from my cervical pain, I was looking for exercises I can do at home and I found her, since then I have been improving more and more !! Thank you so much for helping me on my recovery and be available to exercise again, feeling better and live a normal life!!”

— Mayra R.

“Amazing! I love Rachel's workouts!!”

— Crysten F.

“Quick and effective!”

— Beth P.

“best workout decision I've made. because of the ability to choose the length of a workout I've been able to fit in a workout whenever. started with mobility one and I'm very happy I've stuck with this program”

— Kelly B.

“So far, loving it. I started in January with Kaisa's Mobility RX Challenge and now am into Luka's Dumbbell Strength Challenge. I appreciate that these challenges allow for flexibility with life, but I love the Facebook group accountability as well. Can't wait to see what March has in store!”

— Samantha A.

“I enjoyed it. Quick. Clear directions and a good sense of humor,”

— Liz L.

“So far so so good. Hope to be able to perform crow soon. Love the teacher. She is clear and provides sensory clues so you know you are performing well.”

— Lista B.

“Perfect gem to release tension.”

— Michelle R.

“Love it!”

— Gretta L.

“Calm, beautiful movement for the morning and night.”

— Amanda P.

“More of this please! So much fun, Rachel is a great motivator.”

— Martine M.

“love this mobility routine! Opens me up so much in the morning!”

— carly h.

“Kisha has great energy! I love that this is 10 minutes which I add after my strength workout.”

— Jessica P.

“This was a wonderful, gentle and effective recovery after an intense strength workout yesterday. I’m going to incorporate it regularly into my practice for recovery or simple movement during my work day.”

— Keri M.

“Best money I have ever spent for my health and fitness - I got my Just Move Membership exactly one year ago and have not worked out as consistently since I stopped dancing regularly. The workouts are fun, surprising, motivating, and I love that the focus is on mobility and strength, never on losing weight. The fact that most workouts are only 15-30 minutes long means I can always fit them into my day and still see real results.”

— Sara P.

“Just enough to change my mood and get me moving. Loved it!”

— Julia P.

“Great pase and exercise combinations! It's challenging and rewarding. Feel the strength.”

— Rosa E.

“Just Move is awesome! There are so many options available for wherever you are on your fitness journey. Because of this, I feel like it’s hard for me to make excuses not to move. Whatever you need is here for you!”

— Robyn R.

“Just started the new Dumbbell Strength Challenge with Luca Hocevar. Superior instructor and workout. Filming looks so very professional. To quote Luca, this workout is ‘spicy’”

— Joan B.


— Andre M.

“Great workout, looking forward to next training session”

— Gabriella S.

“Great class from Kaisa as always! Cheers!”

— Dana C.

“Great class from Kaisa as always!”

— Dana C.

“Great HIIT workout! Not sure I would have called it beginners level. Felt more intermediate. Left me feel energized and accomplished ♡”

— Amanda H.

“I’m pretty out of shape and admit I do a lot of starting and stopping of planned movement. I would often be disheartened by “beginner” workouts that were too difficult for me to do. I saw an add for KaisaFit a year or so ago and was so excited by Kaisa as a teacher and while it’s clear she can lead super intense advanced workouts, she’s also WONDERFUL at leading doable workouts for absolute beginners, people who are really out of shape or have some limitations. She’s also wonderfully down to earth and so encouraging! One thing I’ll say: So. Many. Planks. However, she teaches you how to do them on a chair in the Start programs, so I’m actually able to build myself up and get stronger doing them so that I CAN do them on the floor. I’ll admit I’ve been really up and down with my consistency lately and have “started over” a few times, but I also know that the Start programs will definitely help me rebuild my strength. It’s also why even though I purchased the downloadable workouts, I also have a subscription to Just Move because they’re always adding new videos, including Start videos! So much variety, even for my level. One other thing. I’ve only tried a few workouts from other instructors (Kisha from Start Dance and Elena from Start Yoga) and they’re wonderful, too! All of them make me smile and look forward to my next workout with them!”

— Rosalind L.


— Christine F.

“This was a good stretch. However, I'm a bigger girl, and would like to see some yoga videos that take that into account. It would be especially helpful, as a beginner, so have some alternative adjustments for positions that I just simply can't do or hold for any significant amount of time.”

— Brittany W.

“Kaisa is contagious! I love her energy throughout! She is sincere and an absolute FORCE!”

— Judi G.

“Fantastic way to start the day! Sweaty and worked in 30 min!”

— Megan B.

“Great mix of mobility and pure strength! Kaisa keeps it super positive and fun, excellent cuing.”

— Lorraine P.

“Perfect beginning!”

— Ros G.

“I love Just Move workouts! Kaisa and the team are amazing instructors and I love that they don’t use any diety verbiage on earning food or intentional weight loss. I’ve learned so much about my body through these workouts and what is normal when doing a new move, which I used to think there was something wrong with me or my move with past instructors. Love love love all the community in Just Move!”

— Araceli R.

“Great easy to follow instructions. Love that the video is not very long for those moments when we’re pressed for time.”

— Senorina G.

“My shoulders NEEDED this 5 min session. I’m so glad I joined today! My birthday gift to myself, for myself. Looking forward to more Just Move! I’ve been wanting this for a long time now! Thank you, Kaisa xx”

— Tania L. F.

“Nice ease into physical motion. Love the welcoming and accepting vibes.”

— Raksmey D.

“Very good core exercises, keep going”

— Juan R.

“Amazing workout and guidance”

— Valeria G.

“Love the routine! Can't wait for the next one. Great job Team!”

— Jose L.

“Can we show a modification with proper form for push-ups for those of us who cannot even do one partial full push-up yet?”

— Liz S.

“Thank you!”

— Michelle M.


— ELizabeth G.

“I have been working out for over 30 years, but for the first time in my workout life I actually feel good doing it. The Just Move trainers are amazing and inclusive. And finally, some even look like me- meaning curvy bodies. Not every female has that super lean dancer body; yet they all look healthy and in shape. I feel good while working out and good about myself. The positive messages and views of the trainers are uplifting instead of hurtful. This is the right place to be to workout and feel good.”

— Airrion S.

“Great initial session. I am just getting back in working out and this was the perfect combo. Thanks!! 💪 on the MOVE”

— Ana M O.

“Wow - I keep coming back to this class. Luv the energy; mix of movement and the fabulous stretch at the end. For someone who does NOT like cardio I truly enjoy this movement. Instruction is clear and I love the energy it brings. But more importantly we get a truly good stretch at the end. NOT all the classes offer such a thorough stretch. So well done. Def 5 star workout for a beginner who is trying to introduce cardio (dr approved) post injury.”

— Edith D.

“first time on this program and i did a yoga spine strengthened with elaina chung- so clear and encouraging and the metaphors helped me understand stretches. i’m excited to keep this routine up.”

— Kim V.

“Just move has been a lifesaver for me. Some days my energy is low and just move allows me to gear workout type and length to my energy level. Thank you for this wonderful series.”

— Teresa D.

“Excellent!! I have a lot of issues with tightness in ny hips. All of these movements are great and I do feel the difference afterwards.”

— Charity R.

“Great to do post workout! 😍”

— Marcia S.

“Great hip opener and works your thoracic too.”

— Carole C.

“That was really great for my low back!! thank you!! :)”

— Paola D.

“Nice and easy to follow and got a good workout :-)”

— Lisa M.

“It was so relaxing!”

— Kimberly E.

“I love it! Started for new years resolutions but love Kaisa's energy! Plan is to exercise every day, even if it's just mobility or yoga, just move has everything you need!”

— Angeliki K.

“Love the follow along intensity! I just joined yesterday so this was my first workout. I did 20 mins on the bike first and 20 of mobility training as a finisher. A perfect 60 min workout. Kasia has amazing energy and I could listen to her everyday”

— Susi K.

“Sooo good !! Loved every sec of it”

— Samantha P.

“Love that I can always find something to fit my mood or my time constraints. The feature of being able to add videos to "my favorites " is so wonderful-- I can return to videos I especially liked, and very easily! Being able to join programs at my pace is such a joy. It's choose your own adventure, but for movement!!”

— Mara B.

“The exercises are great! I wish you would go a little slower though. :)”

— Tatjana G.

“Hello! I really do enjoy the Just Move app. It is changing my perspective of movement and the quality of my life. However, some nice-to-haves would be that whenever I am looking for workouts, it automatically searches for the ones that match my level such as Beginner. Also, I would love to have more dance workouts that have choreographies and music similar to Steezy. Lastly, more boxing classes would be appreciated as well.”

— Elvia B.


— Deborah P.

“Thank You Kaisa! Short and tough.”

— Bekah R.

“That felt really good. I’m still trailing behind though. This is my first time doing mobility. I really needed it. Thanks”


“Excellent Barre class.”

— Nerys J.

“Excellent! Thank you!”

— Leslee K.

“I am a beginner. Georgina’s instruction was easy to follow”

— Joan H.

“As someone who is recovering from spine surgery and just getting back into rotational movements with my physical therapist this was a nice starter video to add more movement into my routine. I look forward to the days to come!”

— Sofia L.

“This was just what I needed to get up and get moving! Quick, full body, and simple. Loved the stretching plus some heat and strengthening and lengthening. Absolutely lovely way to get it in and start the day!”

— Sheila P.

“I had a blast with this workout. I did warm up with mobility. I did have to modify some things as I am still in recovery for a knee replacement.”

— Brenda V.

“Gentle warmup movements; should also make a nice desk break during the work day.”

— D W.

“My first video was Georgina’s gentle opening. I am so happy that there was a place I could start. I know it is just step #1 in a countless number of steps to move more, but Georgina’s simple chair routine made me look forward to step #2. Thank you, Georgina.”

— Emily K.

“Great workout. A bit difficult to follow along with the unfamiliar footwork, I needed to pause and watch it a couple of times before completing the exercise.”

— Andrea M.

“Great stretch”

— Christine F.

“great beginner”

— Susan R.

“In depth tutorial, good routine”

— Peggy F.

“Yay. Finally a comprehensive runner’s warmup! Loved it!”

— Arianne K.

“What a wonderful and effective healing workout:)”

— Amy B.

“Fun. Easy to follow and great to do in a tight timeline or added to another one!”


“Haven't used the membership in a while but I just did a beginner's yoga class and it was just what I needed. It was so nice to have something right here easy to access, in the moment I felt like doing a workout.”

— Melissa M.


— April G.

“I love this membership. I wish I had gotten it sooner. I feel like I’m in the room working out with Kaisa. And with this membership I have no reason to nap with my body because there is something for every level and every mood that I’m in I absolutely love it and I love Kaisa and her message and getting to be a part of that.”

— Mandy A.

“Whew! She did that. I am just getting back into moving this body and I did pretty good. She was very motivational,”


“Loved that flow! Thank you”

— Heather B.

“I LOVE Just Move! I have carpel tunnel in both my wrist and a heart condition I was really Really struggling last year after my 4th heart operation to get back into training never before have I had trouble my body was sore and heart would beat funny I had to take it slow I never took training slow or did short work outs I liked to train hard and fast now it was different. I follow Kisa on Insta and through I would give her just move membership a go try the start challenge out seeing as I was still struggling to train how I normally would. I completed the start workout challenge a few times as I was recovering but i was moving and it felt good to do something then I went on to the Mini challenges and Love it all of them and it helped me get back into training and I am now addicted to Just Move their is always something new and different to try. for the first time ever I am seeing results. I am toning up. I love the mini challenges my favs as with everyone a busy life so not much time. Thank you so Much Kisa for creating Just Move and helping me know I am more then my body and understanding it to move in what ever feels best for my body each day on any level and any stage I am at.”

— Hannah G.

“I love this program!!”

— Paige W.

“Awesome instructions. Love the easy wake up flow”

— Vicki H.

“I really enjoyed this quick 15 minute strength workout with Coach. It was perfect in terms of pace, movement, and positive intention.”

— Sharon P.

“I love this workout platform. Its so balanced and body positive. I love the workouts for the kids- my daughter has so much fun.”

— Sarah B.

“I love Just Move! I just did Dance and sweat with Rachel and I want to say thank you so much! I had some health issues and coming back to exercise was little bit scary. And Rachel made it fun and safe (and sweaty :) )”

— Katarzyna N.

“I enjoyed this workout and it is a favorite of mine. It is quick and gets the job done. Very small breaks so we are pumping our shoulders all the way”

— Jewell J.

“I know I'm just starting over after years, but I'm embarrassed to say, that day 4 left me sore enough that I took a day to stretch and recover. Killed it on day 5, and yes, I am so proud of myself. Feeling strong in my commitment, and enjoying this 1st accomplishment!”

— Gina V.

“Great fun, energizing workout!”

— Brook S.

“I love and thoroughly enjoy all of the workouts in Just Move and KaisaFit! I've been a member for over 2 years and it is my go to workout program every time. There's something for everyone no matter your age, ability and fitness level.It's all here and I don't need anything else!”

— Jacqueline W.

“I´m really happy to have joined just move... Excellent exercises, I was able to complete de activity. Next month will be for an year... Sorry for my pour english... loves”

— Natalia d.

“This little shoulder opening workout feels so good! Thank you Kaisa :)”

— Franziska S.

“Love this one super challenging to learn the movement combos.”

— Lisa B.

“Great morning flow for me, a moderately active +60 year old. ☺️”

— Patricia L.

“Just joined, was a KaisaFit fit member for a number of years. 2020 things changed. Started with a misdiagnosed sprained ankle that was broken. So in a brace then a boot for a longtime. Lots of limping lead to hip issues. Then fractured my knee 2 places and torn lateral meniscus. (Hit by a dog in flyball) all of which ended in a total hip Replacment in July. Sooo super outta shape but cleared for everything!! Day 2 really drove home how much I need this. I preach now how to NEVER EVER take your mobility for granted. I just want my strength back ❤️”

— Lisa K.

“Excelent work! Thanks 🙏 see you tomorrow 😀😀”

— Julissa d.

“Keeping it short and sweet! Perfect for when you’re crunched for time!”

— Dawn W.

“Love, love, loved this core workout!! Day 1 was fire!! 🔥”

— Joannette D.

“Great, quick workout. Perfect. Thank you.”

— Luisa M.

“Definitely one of my fav. 💕”

— Marie G.

“Great short standing yoga sequence!”

— MaryAnn M.

“Love it. Best way to implement on my rest day”

— Meigan N.

“A nice gentle, yet effective workout for sore lower backs. Kind voice, nice pacing of exercises, love that there are options on poses. Definitely worth the time if you have lower back issues but still want to get a gentle workout.”

— Linda P.

“Loved this workout. A different way to do core. Very interesting. Very challenging.”

— Flo H.

“Perfect morning practice and anytime practice throughout the day to ground. The 20 mins is great. Thanks so much!”

— Sandy E.

“Brittany was great!”

— Krista D.

“very nice ❤️”

— Britta S.

“I love Kaisa, her team and all the workouts on this website. The moments are not over the top and there is no pretense in the video instruction. I can choose my level of difficulty!!”

— Brandy B.

“Kaisa, you are my go-to every time I'm deployed, and I promise if it weren't for you and your team's programs, I would be in a world of hurt and a head full of frustration. Thank you for sharing with us your world of movement! A healthy body makes for a happy Sailor!”

— Shonda S.

“I haven’t worked out in years and have so much shame about that, and the reminder that even 5 minutes is something to be celebrated felt so encouraging. I’m so glad I started this program!”

— Katherine S.

“The library is so extensive and it covers such a wide range of workout options that i can pick and choose according to the time I have available the mood I'm in at the moment. Trainers give out clear and precise instructions and they're easy to follow. Needless to say, I love Just Move, I can workout even when I'm traveling.”

— Grace N.

“This was a great work out! I loved it! And Rachel is AMAZING! She makes me feel like were actually taking a class together! She's one of my favorite coaches!!! Thank you Rachel Goodner & thank you Just Move!!”

— DeAnna S.

“Amazing quick burner with excellent forms and movement. Will add to weekly routine”

— Davida M.

“This was my second yoga session with Georgina. Enjoyed this one as much as the last one. Thank you!”

— Jennifer V.

“Amazing class! Exactly what I needed. As a yoga instructor, it’s a treat to take in a practice ♥️”

— Janine B.

“I use this warmup All. The. Time. and I've never used it for a walk, haha. It's the perfect gentle movement to ease into the day, so I often use it first thing in the morning or before a more intense exercise class. Currently, I'm rehabbing from a knee injury, and this is perfect as a warmup for PT because the lateral movement is very controlled and there's basically no chance for me to slip or lose balance, and it also hits all the stabilizing joints and muscles that can get so cranky when you have an imbalance due to injury (or whatever cause). tl;dr = big fan!”

— J S.

“Oh my stars!!! I had so much fun doing the strength challenge this month. I saw lots of improvement as we progress through the program. Getting jazzed for the yoga challenge now. Thank you so much for the work you and your team of coaches put into these workouts. My mind and body appreciate it so very much. xoxo, Cynthia States”

— Cynthia S.

“Love love love- just what I need”

— Laurie E.

“I joined Just Move for the 4-week Get Strong challenge and never thought one could show much improvement in strength and mobility from training at home with limited equipment. Kaisa is an amazing coach. She kept me consistent over the 4 weeks and her training style made me want to return to the mat for each session. Join Just Move, you won't regret it!”

— Veda N.

“Thank you Georgina , It’s nice to see Full figured women such as myself on these videos thanks again just keep moving team.”

— Diana N.


— Nikki J.

“Thank you. This a daily go to when I feel afraid of failing in losing weight and working out. I am grateful for this routine to always come back to. It's great!”

— Deagon W.

“It has very well planned programs and great motivate coaches.”

— Cruz G.

“Fantastic method to be fit for those who want to fit many activities into their busy life. Sheduled challanges - my favourite - I cannot miss a deadline if I signed up where with regular trainings I may find an excuse to skip and "promise" to do it tomorrow:) I love different level, various movements, not repetitive routine. Thank you, Kaisa!”

— Svetlana B.

“hi there - not a review, more of a feedback. for people with lower back problems (like myself, disc herniation a couple of years ago, some on and off arthrosis in the lower parts of the spine), i recommend to approach this workout with caution and lighter weights, as all the moves together may reactivate pain and or induce a high muscular tension (eg glutes). especially the "challenge" at the end may tempt you to push too far. otherwise i love the challenge, as dumbells are my favorite and kaisa's gift to motivate is a great help!”

— Mueller B.

“Workouts are well-composed, instruction is clear and, unlike many workout programs I have seen, there is no emphasis on punishing yourself or "making up for" something I ate. With that said, as someone who is just getting back into exercise, the difficulty was really high for me and I was sore for about 5 days!”

— Lacey W.

“Soreness like I’ve never experienced. Uncomplicated and approachable movements. Feels amazing and can’t wait for the upcoming weeks - let’s GOOOOO!!!”

— Priya M.

“So nice for my back!”

— Katie C.

“Quick! And…. Effective!! Sweating buckets and feeling every step I take. I love going back to the basics for lower body day.”

— Jordan N.

“Love it!!!!”

— Peggy J.

“Love the energy and positivity of the 2 videos I've done so far. I would love to be able to play videos through my Roku, like I have done with a different fitness program. They had a Roku app that didn't do anything except communicate with their app on my phone to play videos on my TV. That capability would make this a 5 star program for me!”

— Kelly L.

“She goes just a little bit too fast. I was always like 3 reps behind her.”

— Natalia C.

“So good love the focus on form”

— Anna J.

“I usually do cardio on my elliptical but I was ready to start strength training. This was a perfect workout and a great trainer. See you tomorrow.”

— Sara M.

“So good!”

— Aylin K.

“Such a great kick start for me back into self healing and active mode. As a former track and field athlete I appreciate the types of movements that I remember from working out with the team in the gym. Thank you!”

— Aqueelah T.

“I just read that my morning workout isn’t enough to counteract the negative physical effects of my sedentary desk job. I’m trying to be more purposeful about getting more movement throughout my work day, and these little 5 minute videos are perfect for waking up my muscles and joints!”

— Julie M.

“Great first day and motivation to continue w the program. Kaisa walks you through the whole way and it isn’t all easy either. It’s a great start, a great sweat and I feel awesome 🤙🏼❤️”

— Caroline D.

“Excellent workout! Well balanced programming. Love it!”

— Thomas L.

“Good video to start :)”

— Ira K.

“Great Intro! Left me wanting more for the next day!”

— Elizabeth F.

“The best workouts for any fitness level! I love searching by time option -- I can always fit in a workout, even on my busiest days!”

— Jenn F.

“Loved it! A great way to wake up the body in a gental controled way.”

— Cat K.

“Amazing short easy effective core workout!!! Just what I needed, because I don't like being on the floor. Thank you so much!!”

— Constanza L.

“so fantastic. i love kaisa, and all the instructors really. workouts are logical, safe, challenging and fun. i trust them”

— Russell S.

“I was burned by a very “rules based”, extreme-thinking exercise program about four years ago. I’ve been looking for a body-friendly workout where I was encouraged to love my body through movement, not for vanity. I am thrilled to have found Kaisa! She’s the answer to all of my complaints for most other programs. I purchased her Mobility Strength workout about 18 months ago (and love it) and recently purchased Just Move. Sooooo happy!! Kaisa, what you do in modeling for us how to love ourselves through movement is beautiful, and it is healing me.”

— Sarah Y.

“Tough for my first workout. Left me felling 🤢”

— Jen C.

“This is the program when you’ve tried to get back into shape only to injure yourself over and over and started to feel like you just can’t workout. Start Moving! It feels so good!”

— Jennifer G.

“Ashley is awesome!!”

— Gwen J.

“Such a fun workout!”

— Kelley R.

“Thank you! Needed to start again, this is it😊”

— Romano T.

“Good reminder of what I can can do for my tight hips during my day. I sit for much of my day. I have trouble with hip pain and stability and strength . thank you Kaisa and team”

— Jennifer R.

“Wow, this platform is my absolute favorite way to get my body moving. There are so many class options that no matter my mood or energy level/needs there is always something that fits just right. I also really appreciate all the focus on what feels good for your body, the value of movement, and nothing about weight loss, etc. This is helping me on my journey of healing my relationship with movement. (The only thing that would make this better is for an app or some ability to download videos for times when I don’t have access to Wi-Fi!)”

— Rachael P.

“This one's "choice" we say down-under. Quick & sweaty.”

— Carol A.

“I enjoy the Yoga flows so much! The entire Just Move subscription is excellent - especially love it when traveling, I can still find time to get some movement in!”

— Heather R.

“Love the range of fitness videos on your website. I have done different ones so far and love each one. It has motivated me to stay on track and I look forward to my exercise time every morning! Thank you!”

— Hazra H.

“Loved this single DB work out! Perfect when trying to fit something in first thing in the morning! Plus I only have one 20lb DB. Your workouts are fantastic!”

— Alexandra N.

“Great yoga workout enjoyed it very much for the first time which I haven’t been exercising in about a year and will continue thank you very much”

— Linda W.

“Love it”

— Liza A.

“enjoyed workout clearly a total body exercise, with burn and you will definitely sweat, thank you for Bringing It!!!”

— Carlotta W.

“This is exactly what I was looking for - 30 minutes, upper body, and balance - great energy and form tips from the instructor.”

— AMY V.

“Love this workout and encouragement!”

— Winona H.

“I've been using the Just Move library for just over a year. I love the variety of classes offered, along with the many capable and dynamic instructors. I've recommended Just Move to so many friends of all backgrounds. There's really something for everyone!”

— Amy L.

“I discovered Kaisa on Facebook during the pandemic lockdown. I loved the mobility approached and felt like I could do what she was demonstrating even though I had quit teaching spinning at the start of the lockdown and had not done any kind of serious exercise in three months. During a scorpion stretch, I felt like I had a grain of rice in my sports bra. Turns out, I had a tiny tumor. I went through a double-mastectomy with reconstruction, chemotherapy, oopherectomy, and am now on hormone blockers. I like to think that Kaisa's mobility workouts saved my life. I got the JustMove membership after I finished treatment because I knew that I could do the work. I hate weight training, but Mobility work, and the combination of body weight and mobility helps me stay strong and fit.”

— Stefanie L.

“Excelente ejercicio!”

— Alma C.

“Loved this workout by Phillip Berry. The sweat was real! Fastpaced and challenging, just what I needed today! Will definitely come back to this one and see how I progress over the next months. Thanks, Phillip!”

— Denise T.

“Just move has everything you might need and for any amount of time you have! Body weight workouts, strength workouts, mobility, and yoga. I would highly recommend this to everyone. The coaches make you feel like they're right there with you and that you can push through and achieve whatever goals you have. I only have great things to say. Just join now!”

— Deedra F.

“This is how you do a BEGINNER workout!”

— Kristen P.

“My favorite, and what drew me to Just Move, is the mobility series. I’ve struggled with hip and lower back pain for years. I’ve come to rely on these as a supplement to the strength/endurance classes I take, first with in-person Orangetheory classes and currently with the at-home Peloton classes. I like that I can do these on my own schedule and anywhere I have access to my iPad/Wi-Fi. The short 5-15 minute videos are the best tension/stress relievers when I’m in between Zoom or Teams meetings and also a great way to start/end the day. If you’re like me and struggle to make workout buddies, just know that you have a great coach and role model in Kaisa.”

— Kimi A.

“My first ever Just Move video with Kaisa (Start Cardio) has me feeling limber, energized, and ready to come back for more! Kaisa gives us just enough of a push while also making sure we listen to our bodies and stay safe.”

— Erica F.

“Excelente!! Lo mejor que pude haber hecho para mi vida!!!”

— Gonzalo C.

“Great sequence and pacing.”

— Kemi U.

“I really enjoy dancing and have looked for something exactly like this online before. I enjoy this so much. It is very well paced and on days when I am struggling with a new part, it is very comforting that I can go back and replay sections as much as I need. Kisha’s personality is very welcoming, encouraging, and fun. After a year recovering from foot surgery, I am so excited to rebuild my health and my dancing abilities.”

— Kayla W.

“I love Kaisa and her workouts! She has a healthy, real body and a kind personality. Her exercises are gentle enough for beginners (in the Start series) but they are very effective. Many of her movements are so different some anything I've ever seen before in a workout video. But her little tweaks and adjustments take them even a 5 min stretching session to the next level. Thank you, Kaisa!”

— Juhi K.

“Loved this new mobility flow. It’s exactly what I needed!!!”

— Josee L.

“Loved it! Very challenging 🔥🔥😅”

— Julianne R.

“GREAT! Loved it!”

— Roxanne B.

“I am so happy I have re-subscribed. This accessible format with a focus on mobility and injury prevention is great for someone like myself who is recovering from a back injury. Kaisa and all of the instructions are able to provide the cuing necessary to ensure safe and effective exercise. Kaisa's positive wellness-based approach is refreshing. What truly keeps me coming back is the fact that I can get the movement/exercise I need without the toxicity of diet culture. I am so grateful for that.”

— Camille C.

“I would love to see 60 minutes workouts. Also this could be a bit more challenging without adding cardio.”

— Marsha G.

“Amazing! I’m a very active person and I love being able to learn from likeminded people. I just finished a recovery flow and my body feels so much better than when I started. Looking forward to diving deeper into all the different classes.”

— Valerie L.

“This was a total pick me up after a frustrating day. Perfect reset and now I’m ready to jump back in! Thanks a MILLION!”

— Jen B.

“Absolutely love this workout!”

— Florence S.

“I am so incredibly grateful to have found Kaisa and these workouts. I'm getting back into movement, and Kaisa is so motivating and the moves don't feel overwhelming. I'm feeling strong and find myself looking forward to the next workout!”

— Paige J.

“Excellent beginner yoga that left me feeling centered and elongated. Thank you!”

— Katherine S.

“My daughter had so much fun doing this! And as always Kaisa is the best!!”

— Kristyn R.

“It will be great if you could offer an app to have access to the workouts and programs from the phone. Also, I hope you could offer an easier way to access favorite workouts and see them all of them at once as currently you can only see them in a horizontal format and not all of them together. I have enjoyed the workouts that I have done with Kaisa but I would like to see more of the advanced, combo movements she performs in her ad videos on FB with other equipment like boxes, ropes, barbells, balls, etc. I hope you can offer more intense workouts with challenging compounded movements. Thank you!”

— Iduma O.

“I love the variation of workouts available, particularly the variety of levels and lengths of classes! Every instructor has a different way of teaching and their unique approach to the body, which I love... and the more I explore, the more refined I can make my selection match my interests and needs for the day. I will say that I am so relieved that there are also yoga classes on the program. As a yoga teacher, I value the strength building and HIIT style classes, but my body really desires a mindful, strong yoga practice- and the yoga classes are just perfect! Elena in particular just has such an informed set of cues that (even as a yoga teacher) leaves me with a ton of "a-ha!" moments... and the cadence is just right! It's a perfect complement to the fast paced classes. Overall so grateful for Just Move! Kaisa is supreme and has a sharp eye for cherry picking the best of the best instructors.”

— Sonja S.

“This was a REALLY good class but some people (including me) don't really sweat even when working very hard. So the only "peeve" was the reference by the instructor saying stuff like "I'm sweating up a storm, you must be too..." I would most likely do this class again because I got such a good workout but might be likely to put on some background music.”

— Lisa C.

“I love this lady, she makes me feel stronger. Love her motivation and truth.”

— Andrea B.

“First exercise session back after being slack for 3 months, thought I could do it on my own but super glad I signed up. Feeling great and excited to do more sessions!”

— Rachel M.

“This was super fun! I was definitely sweating!!!”

— Karen M.


— Sami R.

“Kaisa, I now love my body, and she is my best friend! I have been doing Just Move everyday since January. I’ve lost close to 20 pounds and 2+ inches off my measurements, but better than that, I feel great! I move my body every day. The challenges are fun and keep me going, and I don’t have to plan a workout, just follow along. My body and I THANK YOU!”

— Susan G.

“Tremendous! Such a great workout!!! Don't let the quickness of the workout fool you! I am dripping in sweat but feeling fantastic! Thank you!!”

— SUE E.

“Loved it! The stretches felt really good. I'm going to do them a couple more times throughout my day today.”

— Tammy R.

“Hi, I am finding the choice a bit overwhelming. I was told by my physio to do a routine that will strengthen hip, glutes, leg and mobility. I am just starting to exercise again. What routine/challenge would you recommend? Thanks you for your guidance”

— Cristina C.

“Just finished day 1 and when I heard the words “that’s all” I cried. I was fully prepared to encounter movements I wouldn’t be able to follow. Instead the instructor was so mindful and self informed. I’m excited for tomorrow. This is the first time I’ve ever been excited for tomorrow’s exercise!”

— Rachel L.

“Okay, where do I begin? I’m a 25 year PE and Dance teacher feeling all of the aches of my professional career and age, however, working out is my happy place. I’ve tried several apps, videos, classes looking for the right kind of challenge for me, and guess what? I’ve found it. As a former competitor, I like the challenge of weighted work, super sets, agility and coordination work. Kaisa has created those workouts that meet my demands. I’m a little less achy and gaining back mobility in my shoulders, hips and back. I’m in my happy sweaty place, thank you!”

— Adelina B.

“Kaisa you are the awesomest instructor in the world 😍 Your workouts are incredibly fun, I don't feel like suffering during the exercises and still I'm just magically getting back to shape and beyond that. Thank you so much!”

— Emmi K.

“This programming offers an unprecedented range of options for any athlete, any person, at any stage of their lives. I've used their yoga, strength, mobility, and dance classes, and each instructor is helpful, smart, and engaging. Can't recommend enough!”

— Katie R.

“I am not a religious person but... HALLELUJA!! I work in the health/rehab industry so I know how to exercise and write programs but after a huge length of time off exercising I have been struggling to get back to it. I have tried my own stuff as well as multiple online 'beginner' programs but mentally I can't do them because my mind just says 'no, these are too hard right now'. I can (very) happily say I have fully completed all the Just Move sessions I have tried so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

— Yvette G.

“Great class but could you change the warm up every so often as always the same!”

— Anna B.

“Love it! More coordination for this one”

— Kaija T.

“Awesome sweet up”

— Karin T.

“This was my first Kisha workout and I loved her energy! So appreciated that there is a 10 minute option for a totally newbie! Thank you :)”

— Shauna R.

“Kaisa is the coach and cheerleader we all want and needed. As a GroupFitness instructor, I get burnt out programming my own workouts all the time. This is a perfect blend of creative, challenging and functional movements - and FUN! Love love love!!!!!”

— Natalie N.

“Love the flexibility of time ! Even if I only have 10 min I get a great workout or stretch! And the pace is perfect! The best investment in my health this year hands down !!”

— evonn P.

“And so iT begins !”

— Betti N.

“Loved this workout! I didn’t have any dumbbells and still found it challenging.”

— Divine C.

“Just did the Day 1 of the Start program. I have done structured movement before in my life (I was a theater person and did warm ups), but I have medicine-related weight gain, and I have NOT moved since I was at least 10 years younger and 50 pounds lighter, so I have been quite concerned about moving again, because my body is very different. But I don't have a schedule which allows me to go to most in-person exercise classes. Day 1 of Just Move START was perfect. She encouraged listening to your body, and I can tell already that I will be able to go at my own pace, figure out what is good for my body, and repeat as many times as I want to ensure I'm comfortable before moving forward. I'm no longer afraid of starting to move on my own at home!”

— Angela R.

“I love Just Move! I’ve been following Kaisa for about 4 years now, but Just Move has introduced me to new trainers, new exercises, and new challenges! It is super user friendly, with variations for all levels, it got me through losing weight for my wedding, staying strong during my pregnancy, and now bouncing back in my postpartum!”

— Sarah G.

“Great low impact cardio for those of us with janky knees. I was able to slow down when necessary, but my heart rate stayed up. Didn't feel like I was cheating.”

— Tenetta C.

“Great 20min !!!”

— Veronica D.

“I am on day 3 of the 30 DAY CHALLENGE for beginners. I have been recovering for the past year from an injury. Prior to the injury, I would have considered myself as an advanced/intermediate. I feel like I am back to square one - working on my balance. Thank you for 2 insights: One - my body is my friend and I DO NOT beat up my friend. I am being much more kind to myself during my recovery and Two - it's ok to start slow and work at MY pace, not anyone else's. In addition to your work outs, I am walking ALOT! (my dog is very happy). Thank you Kaisa, I love your videos, podcast and your laugh. Take care and lots of blessings to you.”

— Robin F.

“This was awesome! thank you <3 I have years of experience in kickboxing and Shidokan karate, recovering from a hamstring tear - this was perfect to ease back into the upper body moves. Thank you so very much for building this workout. I love your passion and positive, empowering energy! So motivating and fun!”

— Amy L.

“Good cardio workout. I like the different drills Kaisa incorporates. Definitely got my heart rate up and I broke a sweat. Burned 160 calories in 32 minutes and this is only using body weight. I always find switch lunges a little tricky, but it’s ok, I replace them with other things. Thanks Kaisa.”

— Joanna G.

“Great workout!”

— Oxana Z.

“I think everything Kaisa does is incredible. I really loved this video not only for a boost of energy but to keep building my skills and strength. I appreciate the intention that goes into each workout and the team feeling.”

— Alisa P.

“Thanks for creating this series of workout. Amazing workout my heart rate is up and I feel more flexible.”

— Zoraida C.


— Esther G.

“love love love. coming off an injury and being sedentary for the last 2 years, this is exactly perfect.”

— Amy M.

“I’m loving this program. I like the timing and the length of it, its really fun and I can get through the workout feeling energized.”

— Anne M.

“Loved the sweat and challenging movements!”

— Brigitte F.

“So good! Challenging, got my heart rate up in all the right way, love the way Kaisa leads the workout.”

— Shannon R.

“The workout was fantastic! I feel great and looking forward to the next session!”

— Kathleen B.

“Great start”

— Rita L.

“Relaxing start!”

— Rita L.

“Holy macaroni! I loved LOVED loved LoVeD LOVED this workout! Super challenging but just when you feel you do not have a rep left, she switches up to a different challenge and the time flies! I would love to see more like these!”

— Casandra P.

“It was just great training! Interesting and not boring. I got a big boost of energy! Thank you guys!”

— Aleksandra S.

“Absolutely love Kaisa! First workout and I loved it”

— Chantel G.

“I am so grateful for this Just Move program! Almost a year in - this has allowed me to workout at home, pretty consistently, and I never did or thought I could. The variety is wonderful and the instructors are the best. These movements feel so good in my body after some consistent pain from other workouts as well as too much sitting :( I’m able to move almost pain free again! I credit this membership for providing me a way to take breaks from work, and prepare to do lawn work or house work, all while feeling much better. It helps with my energy level too. Thanks for making this all available- in categories and length of time options. Bonus: Kaisa continues to inspire me in so many ways 💝”

— Nicole C.

“First time attempting Kaisa, after following for a few years. I decided to leave one program and trainer to come here. This workout gives me a different perspective. The meaning of movement is what I feel. I am an there and I perform at high levels in my workouts, this definitely was enjoyable. Thank you Coach K!!!!!”

— Nancy C.

“Awesome!! I’m just beginning a journey to get back into working out and this was the perfect start.”

— Anjali L.

“Loved it - a little bit of movement and some relaxation to get rid of the mid day funk.”

— Stacy W.

“Wow! That was a great workout in a very short space of time. Kaisa packed a lot in, and it’s the perfect core workout to do after a run or a session on the cross trainer.”

— Lisa H.

“This was my first time doing this workout and I loved it! It was the perfect pace to get me moving on a Sunday morning.”

— Susan D.

“The 20/20 Workouts have rapidly become my go to morning workout. Fast and intense. I start the day feeling great after this movement!”

— Leah H.

“Oh!! That was a fun one!”

— Mary K.

“All I can really say to Kaisa and team is THANK YOU! Your workouts have been a game changer for me and, potentially, a life saver. I was an athlete when I was younger, but shifts in my life style, a rough pregnancy, and a terrible car accident caused me to loose so much of my strength and mobility. I've tried numerous times to reintegrate movement into my life, but most programs were just not accessible for me. The embarrassment of not being able to get through the WARM UP portion of a workout was so discouraging and often I would push myself too far and end up injured and back at square one. The START series you have created is PERFECT for someone like me who truly needs to start at the beginning and develop a strong core foundation before moving on to more advanced workouts. Kaisa does an amazing job cheering you on and makes you feel like she is really there with you and is proud of your progress. I am so excited to be on this journey and to have this team helping me through it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

— Amber N.

“I am thrilled to see this video! I imagine people who work in tech, massage therapy, chefs, and physical labor need all the wrest love necessary.”

— Maureen B.

“Ashley’s new Cardio Strong workout is definitely an advanced level! Good sweat, I’m exhausted.”

— Kristen H.

“I’m three months out from total knee replacement and this was a perfect explanation of how I should be doing squats. Much better than my PT.”

— Lynne .

“It just feels so good!”

— Katarzyna W.

“So awesome! I normally dread home strength training, but Davies was so positive, fun, and encouraging! It felt like I was working out with a friend in my living room. Cannot wait to try her other workouts!”

— Melody M.

“Kaisa and this program is amazing! I’ve never been one to enjoy gym exercise but I genuinely look forward to these workouts. Kaisa and the team’s love of movement is infectious!”

— Alice S.

“Awesome, literally just moving my body! Kisha gives clear directions, yet leaves room for you to find your own groove. Just move!”

— Shevan D.

“I was looking for a short, simple and targeted workout. I am not pregnant, but this 10 min workout was perfect. The instruction by Shab had great cues and I definitely feel like I had a bit of a workout. I am taking a trip soon and will revisit this one for sure. Bands are easy to pack.”

— Lynne M.

“This was a perfect, quick, first thing in the morning workout!”

— Hannah W.

“This is what I needed ! I’ve always had hip issues and lately mine have been so tight, going to add this to my weekly routine and try to work on getting up to doing these Daly ! Thank you !!”

— Alexandra O.

“I love these workouts!!! So much variety I can do one every single day and never get bored. I’m always feeling motivated! Best gift I ever got for pandy and beyond.”

— Judy L.

“Very detailed with what you should be feeling and working.”

— Gray O.

“I loved this workout! Would love to see more "athletic"-move centered/themed workouts. I was a competitive athlete for most of my life and have fallen out of the routine of it. This workout was a great way to get back into feeling more like myself - i just wish there were more workouts like this!”

— Katlyn R.

“I love this! It’s a progression from the other Start Mobility workouts using the chair, and I love it! It allows me to do more challenging moves carefully as I get stronger and more mobile. I’m a relatively strong yet somewhat unfit person with a big belly. The use of the chair helps make some moves more doable (when my belly is on the way), it helps me build strength and makes me feel great about myself cause I’m able to do more difficult moves. Thank you so much for this! Please create more of these mobility workouts using the chair but add more difficult moves! ❤️❤️❤️”

— Kathleen S.

“Loved the workout, i like it with the kettlebells. Would-be be nice if the stretching was in real time”

— Jeroen D.

“Perfect to get me back on strength focus. Ashley’s voice tone and ‘realness’ is so motivating. It flew by and felt good. The toxins are now flowing out and away from me!!”

— Eugenie C.

“One of my favorite workouts I do! Gets my heart going and the sweat dripping!”

— Katie R.

“Workouts for all levels (from beginner to advanced), with or without equipment, and from 10-40 minutes. The perfect "go to" when I don´t have much time, but need to get my body moving :) It´s been a lifesaver during the pandemic as my gym were closed for 8 months, and although I´m back at my crossfit box now, I pop by on busy days when I won´t make it to the gym.”

— Heidi Lois R.

“Fantastic workout! Great for the time poor Sweat dripping of me. Kaisia smashed me. But in great way.”

— Julie C.

“Great mobility workout when you have limited time!”

— Maureen O.

“I love love love Just Move ! I subscribed since the beginning, 2 y ago I think ! Kaisa and the other instructors teached me moves that I use on a daily basis. Mobility has been part of my life ever since. My back and my hips thank you ! And can we talk about your vibe Kaisa !? Always the good work to uplift one <3 Virtual hug from France ✌🏽”

— Anastasia C.

“Always feel incredibly relaxed and energized after this workout!”

— Sherien B.

“A big sweat in a short amount of time. Dynamic moves, feeling great! Best thing I did was join the Just Move Movement!”

— Kristen P.

“Nice workout. Tough, quick, and energizing”

— Reinaldo M.

“I like this guy Phillip! Takes me back to my military days. I like how he modifies the abdominal exercise.”

— Joy M.

“Starting from complete scratch or negative scratch LOL - head to toe tight tight tight. Beginning my day with this short invigorating stretches feels amazing. Baby steps but looking forward to adding more and more of Just Move routines to my day. Would love to be able to save specific videos to a library rather than needing to search each time I log in (or did I miss this feature?)...Thank you so much!”

— Diane M L.

“I’m just a beginner at yoga and have tried many beginner videos, but Ashish explains everything very concretely and clearly. I would love more beginner yoga classes with him that are longer, like 45-60+ minutes, because I always feel I could do a couple more flows after the 30-40 minute ones, yet, I am unable to do the complicated poses like circle and boat. So lengthier beginner classes would be a great welcome. Ashish is wonderful.”

— Nancy M.

“Great way to start my morning!”

— Michael C.

“Awesome workout, really helps to relax the shoulders. Ready to start the das!”

— Adriane H.

“Just enough stretch and just enough sweat to start the day. Tx 😅😊”

— K L.

“It’s the perfect start to the day - both relaxing and energising”

— Rachel K.

“I love JUST MOVE! This programme has helped me slowly gain back my fitness and joy of movement during my battle with long covid. Covid took me from my peak fitness to not even being able to do a 10 minute walk. I reclaimed my movement with the start programme, then beginner, and now mobility. It took me 7 months of preservance with JUST MOVE to get back to comfortably working out 4-5 times a week. The gentle encouragement and kind words of the instructors was a much needed balm. I enjoy the variety of workouts and trainers. I appreciate the positive self talk used, and the overall encouragement for making it to the mat. I like that the workouts are not too long and equipment is minimal. It feels personal even though it's online! Thank you for giving me this afforfable and quality option. Keep up the fantastic work!”

— Mohsina P.

“Great pace and movements. Definitely felt entire body working.”

— Michelle T.

“I love everything about KaisaFit and Just Move. I'm 50 and am trying to stay active and keep moving. It's been hard to find an online program that gets me sweating and helps me get stronger safely ... I have often ended up with injuries that then keep me from exercising, which is really frustrating. With Just Move I work hard but never harm myself. I started with Mobility classes but now feel confident trying different types - they all feel safe and strengthening. Thank you!”

— Kate R.

“Can we hare more of her please!!! She's fantastic!!! Love you! #SafeSpace #BGM #Godess”

— Melissa B.

“these strategic moves are crucial yet challenging! keep at it!”

— Sandie C.

“Great for morning or anytime.”

— Neryna C.

“amazing. love her vibe - gets me moving and smiling! in the morning. Bonus - she makes it really easy to follow along and learn. Love it!”

— Barbara Y.

“Great Mobility routine to get heart going”

— Richard R.

“This is such a great workout”

— Duane R.

“Great for any moment of the day, let the stress of working from home out. Quick if you are short on time and easy to do!”

— Annie C.

“So intense! What a great workout. Love to stay moving the whole time.”

— Anna S.

“Very good to start your strenght routine.”

— Gilberto R P.

“Love this so much! It’s one of my faves. I do it over & over again! So fun & energetic.”

— Kimberley D.

“Great whole body flow!”

— Kandice K.

“I felt amazing afterwards. My body was really sore this week and this was perfect on my recovery day!”

— Adia A.

“I was having a hard time motivating myself to workout today, this 20 minutes was the perfect solution. Kaisa does such a great job of motivating, challenging and offering modifications and making me feel good about wherever I am fitness-wise. I'll definitely come back to this Endurance session!”

— Jennifer P.

“Helped my tight shoulder.”

— Intisar Q.

“Super effective workout and great as a Finisher!!”

— gul m.

“absotively posilutely loved this one!!”

— deb h.

“Excellent! I’m a 31 year old mobility beginner, and this left my body feeling amazing!”

— Paulisha F.

“It said beginner but I found this way too difficult. It has me concerned that I won't be able to do any others as I'm not finding a real progression from Start. The jump is too big and this was way too hard on my knees.”

— Arlene C.

“Just love and enjoy the movement- a healthy balance of good pace, clear instruction, muscular and cardiovascular challenge, and of course, joint health.”

— Xiu-Jing S.

“I love her. I just LOVE her! After having COVID I am battling my way back to health and Kasia is with me every step of the way. Starting slow and feeling the benefit EVERY day. Not even thinking twice about renewing my membership. I have never felt in such safe hands or so in touch with my body. I really look forward to working with you to see where this will take us. THANK YOU!”

— Tracey D.

“Great wake or pep up!”

— Pamela H.

“War on Core was excellent! Did this with my HS track team for preseason conditioning and they loved it. All the little moves make a difference. Modifications were easy to do for those who needed them.”

— Nora F.

“I love the unique movement patterns and obvious thought and attention put into these videos. I can’t find this emphasis on mobility anywhere else.”

— Karen O.

“Thank you! That was wonderful 🙏”

— Shelby G.

“I have followed Kaisa on instagram for quite a while and her energy is infectious, so I joined when her programs were offered at half price. I have done several workouts and love everyone of them and I am so glad that I joined the "team".”

— Carole W.

“My hips needed this! Really got my heart rate up at the end as well. So fun!”

— Ashley D.

“Fantastic. Wide range of both videos and challenges. Best workout program I have purchased!”

— Natasha B.

“Super exercises, well explained. Love it❤️👍”

— Jacqueline v.

“Got me moving in a positive direction - in a friendly and positive atmosphere. Focussing on small steps so I don’t get overwhelmed and feel defeated ( like other classes did). Thank you!”

— Darlene W.


— Leanne P.

“Thank you, that was great! I so appreciate your positivity and how carefully you explain the moves. I'm not very coordinated (LOL!) with fast stuff, so I appreciate the way you walk me through them. Looking forward to doing more of your workouts!”

— Pam D.

“I have done this before and really enjoy it! I am getting a stronger core and completing almost all the reps. I can feel the improvement! Thanks, Kathy”

— Kathy M.

“Love every workout so far!”

— Maureen L.

“I was able to completel. Even with bad knees just didn't extend as long and deep.”

— Kahlettam M.

“I'm turning 50 this year and between hormones and weight gain and stress from covid years I've been feeling horrible about myself. I finally logged back into my Kaisa account and have decided to kick my butt into moving again. The Kaisa February 21 reboot has been perfect to motivate me back into my sneakers and onto the mat. Thank you!!”

— Kari M.

“Good stuff,really opened up my hips.Thank you.”

— Andres G.

“Great way to start again. The workout is totally doable. Give me the confidence and confirms my commitment to keep going.”

— Paulette B.

“so fun”

— Kalyn G.

“Thank you for your great and always supportive work!”

— Eva H.

“This being the first time working out in years, those side planks were intense. In time, I’ll get it. Great core workout!”

— Cristina M.

“Great beginners stretch. Quick 😊”

— Luba V.

“Excellent, good form , short and to the point for someone who is new to weights.”

— Denise D.

“A good beginner”

— Tracey B.

“gentle but effective, good sweat, perfect to get back into fitness, thank you!”

— Francoise M.

“Excellent! 😍”

— Iwona K.

“Oh my goodness! That was great 👍! And so much fun. Thanks Kaisa 😘”

— Deborah T.

“Great 1st workout to get the blood pumping, feeling fine!!”

— Lucy C.

“Best money I have ever spent on myself”

— Kathleen T.

“My hips are so tight and I’m always in such pain. I have to do something so I’ve decided to do a mobility routine everyday. There is such a variety in the library and that’s what I love especially the recovery. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Tamera W.

“I’ve been neglecting my movement and exercise due to workload stress over the past few months and today I woke up and decided after a cuppa that it was time to break the drought. So I pulled out the mat and the hand weights and sifted through the 30 minute program selection from my Just Move subscription and did cardio dumbbells with Kaisa. Whoo! I’m alive and feelin’ the burn! Thanks Kaisa! It was good to be back!”

— Sharyn M.

“Perfect way to wake up”

— Martine B.

“Loved it, challenging”

— Beth M.

“Loved it! Thank you...haven't really moved in a looong time!”

— Sara B.

“I LOVE the Just Move library. These are great, efficient, at home workouts for any level. Particularly right now as I'm getting over Covid and can't get into the gym yet, I'm relying on these workouts to help get me back into moving! They also are a great switch-up from my regular strength or circuit routines when I need something new. I love the moves and the instructors, they are always fun, and I can make the workout as easy or hard as I need to (within reason given the weights I have at home). Everything I've tried in this library has been great quality!”

— Lorelle B.

“My hips are so tight - I try to limit sitting at work, but those hips are still singing! The Just Move program meets me where I’m at each day. If I have only 10 minutes in the morning, there is still value in having a guided routine to loosen up. Some days I spend longer and focus on strength or cardio. I’m never disappointed in the end. I feel challenged, but my self esteem remains in tact.”

— Katharine G.

“So anxious to start a program because I am coming back from injury. This first video started with an explanation of intensity and let me know how long it was which let me tell myself “I can do this”! I did it, Mahalo.”

— WFS K.

“Awesome lunchtime mobility break! Thanks Kaisa!”

— Darcie O.

“A good start for a quick pick-me-up! I just did this for my lunchtime start and feel a little more awake than before.”


“Challenging and motivational. It's a practice is exactly right. Just the right length and appreciate the encouragement concerning modifications. Plus, exactly what I need: shoulders, mid-back, lower back, hips, hammies, and overall strength moves. Excellent way to start out the day or decompress after a long one.”

— Tabatha S.

“I absolutely love how real and truthful you are. Thank you.”

— Amy M.

“I love the pace, review fo steps, repeats, and directions.”

— Chantale R.

“absolutely love this. I use it s a warm up and a cool down before and after my kickboxing class. To be honest i sue it after strength training too. it feels so good to stretch and move those muscles!!! Thank you for doing what you do!!”

— Debbie S.

“Hi Kaisa, I'm currently doing a 30 day program intermediate and I love the workouts. I have Osteoarthritis in both hips. I have a hip replacement in my right hip which feels great! The left hip will need to be done but I wanted to get myself healthy and strong before I do that. I have limited movement in my left hip so I make sure not to push that side too much but work on strengthening it. I'm very happy I found you on Instagram and join the Kaisa movement because each day I feel happier and stronger. Thank you, Deborah”

— Deborah D.

“I am so thankful for this program! I have led a sedentary life for a few years and had a knee injury. This is the exact ticket that I needed to get on the road to an active life again!”

— Barbara A.

“just back to exercise after a 2 month break. i am 67. this class was perfect for me. loved Rachel"s teaching style!”

— lee w.

“Always the perfect balance of a workout and it’s super fun to do!”

— Elizabeth A.

“1st time .and feltit was easly expland enjoyed total”

— Alan S.

“I purchased the Mobility Strength class last year and it quickly became my favorite workout. I recently upgraded to a Just Move membership and it is fantastic. Kaisa is a wonderful teacher and I feel so good after every workout. I love the variety of instructors and class types. My membership is worth every penny. Thanks!”

— Veronica C.

“Fun and moves easy to pick up :-)”

— Emma C.

“Love this”

— Sarah J.

“I have been doing the free daily workouts for a while now, this was my first with my membership. I really, really liked it! The pace was good and the range of movements was perfect.”

— Theresa M.

“JUST MOVE is a lifesaver. There is every kind of workout, every length, for every level. Life can get in the way sometimes, but as soon as I get back into my JUST MOVE stretches and movements, my body feels so good. Absolutely the best money you will ever spend on a program.”

— Elizabeth W.

“LOVE this. Nice way to wake up my body.”

— Donna P.

“Fun, challenging, it worked for me as I am a totally beginner with recovery issues and how to get inshope with limits right now. Thank you”

— Jennifer R.

“Great and challenging. Great explanations”

— Sari M.

“This workout feels so good!”

— Angela W.

“Very excited to complete the workout for the first time in some time.”

— Kaaren Y.

“It's real nice beginning for the core strength. But I just struggled with the balancing exercises.”

— Safwa F.

“Excellent workout - versatile, comprehensive and fun!”

— Silvia R.

“I’ve been using Kaisafit on and off since the pandemic and it’s been absolutely wonderful. Anytime I get ready to start a new workout routine I take a week and do a ton of mobility first which helps ease my body into the new routine!! Hips are more flexible now than when I was in my 20’s!!!”

— Tameika A.

“Loved it , thank you 🙏 I have rheumatoid so this has been perfect”

— Samantha N.

“It's quick and I still broke a sweat!”

— Marie C.

“That was fun!”

— Christine M.

“I love Kaisa's style and approach to be so welcoming and encouraging. Her beginner series is really for someone who has never worked out or hasn't in a very long time. I decided to give myself grace and start where I am rather than where I wish that I was. Because of that, I can now see my progress and know that eventually I'm going to be where I want to be!”

— Lindy S.

“Very easy to follow, i like this so much.”

— Jutta H.

“Loved every minute of it!!!! Lots of positive energy!💕💕”

— Veronica P.

“My hips a very very tight. So thank you for the stretch. 10 minutes is an easy commitment”

— Anne K.

“Just what my body needed on New Years Eve morning.”

— Valerie W.

“Fabulous! Love that there is a workout for healthy joints.”

— Karen P.

“All I can is OMG!! What an amazing workout. And the fact that Kasia gives you different options helps so much. I can't believe I finished it!!”

— Patti w.

“I feel awesome after loosening up!”

— Amy P.

“I have bee struggling to find some routine to follow while I battle my weight. Kaisa. Thank you for providing options for all.”

— Lee Ann H.

“Great form explanation”

— Paula R.

“Checking in for day 1. I the Kaisa suite! Just got into a serious car accident and was looking forward to heading back to the gym. Since I cannot go for now, I am taking this opportunity to reactivate my body with some low intensity movement and gradually get myself back to heavy workouts. I give it a 3 because I would love to see something in here that pays attention to our ankles and wrists. Since Kaisa mentioned that a lot of us are sitting for work, that includes stiff ankles and over active wrists on computers. Those are two parts of the body I find stretches always ignore; yet, they do get very painful. Thanks Kaisa team for the great content! Im lookng forward to seeing how this helps me recover from the accident impact.”

— LaToya O.

“I am loving these yoga start videos! I am not new to yoga, but I had spinal fusion 5 years ago and find some of these chair poses so helpful for getting some of my range of motion back correctly. I wish I would have found this earlier, but I am excited to keep working with these videos.”

— Nikki R.

“I LOVE Kisha, and I love this dance!!! This is so much fun. Hip Hop has always eluded me. I love being able to play in my own living room, less loose, and look as goofy as I need to look. It's all about fun and sweat! Thanks, Kisha!”

— Tara M.

“OMG! I have a hip replacement and am 61 years old and a fitness Coach. This was great for my hips and overall legs and will incorporate some of the movements into my clients warmup!,”

— Mark L.

“Exactly what I needed and I will definitely take on the mission to get my mom to join as she is the one who introduced me to your videos in the first place ... Thank you Kaisa and the team !”

— Julian S.

“I am enjoying Just Move so far. I love Kaisa's energy and instruction technique. She makes everything so easy to understand. Glad I joined!”

— Carla J.

“I’m no runner, but I’ve been walking in the mountains yesterday and will do so again tomorrow, so I thought this strength workout might be good in between. Anyway I always love the variety of new videos! I was a bit scared of the length since I had a tough month at work and been only doing 15min workouts for the past weeks. It was ideal though, I could play a bit with the weights but otherwise got through all circuits and reps and hardly noticed the time! As always Kasia keeps me motivated and entertained enough to follow through and not give up with the first sweat pearls appearing… Now being on holidays I hope to get back fully on track again with longer and intermediate videos, too. Having been doing this program for way over a year already (and can count the days without still on my fingers and toes) I just signed up for another year! Keep it coming, please!”

— Tina F.

“I really have loved every workout I’ve done so far. You explain everything so well and I feel really confident that I’m doing things correctly. Love it.”

— Tess B.

“felt like a backup dancer!”

— Emma J.

“Like all the workouts so far: really motivational stuff, but would like to give a special thumbs up for Coach Darsenio: great coaching lines, shining enthousiasm and motivational optimism. Great stuff!”

— Geert V.

“Kaisa's workouts are fun and diverse. I absolutely love the mobility. I feel amazing in my body after kaisas workouts!”

— Sofia D.

“I am absolutely loving the Start mini challenge. It's helping me to get moving again, as I've been a couch potato since covid started. I am able to do it on my own time/schedule. I really appreciate the enthusiasm, which keeps me motivated and the guidance so I don't overdo it and get injured.”

— Terryl S.

“One of the nicest!”

— Renate B.

“I feel better with every workout”

— Charlene M.

“I love the variety of workouts in the Just Move program! It's so nice to select workouts based on the amount of time I have and my goals for that day. I enjoy "getting to know" the different instructors as well. Thanks for this great program!”

— Angela F.

“ERMERGERD! I was so skeptical and then I was hooked!”

— Megan F.

“Best way to start my day Ashish! Thank you!!”

— Ziham A.

“Loving the short full body workouts & the variety of workouts! Steve J. 61 years young”

— Steve J.

“I just love all of Kaisa's workouts <3”

— Danielle P.

“Awesome workout, awesome encouragement 🤩”

— Holly H.

“I'm so grateful for Kaisa and this program! Everyone involved are game chagers! Why? Because I'm more mobile which is going to increase my life in so many different ways. Since starting this program, I can move my body in several planes of motion, I'm stronger which helps me tremendously as a runner, and I'm recovering smarter. So THANK YOU sooooo much for caring about people and movement!!!”

— Sara M.

“It's been an amazing year of workouts with Kaisa!!!! There's always a workout that I can incorporate into my busy schedule so no excuses even working overnights during the holidays she is helping me stay on track. With workouts as short as 10 minutes you're guaranteed a good workout. She is the best by far at getting you to move her energy and motivation will always have you coming back for more. Loving the movement challenge!!! do yourself a favor an give yourself the gift of health and happiness that will last a lifetime.”

— Pamela H.

“Thank you Thank you 😊 Just what I needed today! Loved the whole Bahamas vision.”

— Karen M R.

“Great pace. Great instruction. Leaves you feeling accomplished, stretched and peaceful.”

— Tina R.

“Enjoyed this, legs not getting it - still early days Woohoo”

— Matilda Ann T.

“great for a true beginner like me. not intimidating workouts.encouraging”

— Lisa A.

“Just Move manages to keep me moving - even in the dark of winter! The Challenges keep me inspired and trying new workouts.”

— Jeanette S.

“I love it so far! I have rheumatoid arthritis and I love how slow and easy this program starts.”

— Pamela S.

“Really enjoyed this membership. Like the variety of all the classes as well as duration. I started with short movement classes. If you have 5 minutes you can exercise”

— Elena L.

“Cardio without feeling like cardio!”

— Whitney W.

“Love it and loved Anthony’s enthusiasm!”

— Cathy L.

“very nicely guide to right movement. not hurting me and learn how to do it the best way. I am happy to move with Kaisa!”

— Eva B.

“I enjoyed it! I am a dancer, so I decided to go straight to the recital and follow along, such a feel-good dance :) I need more!”

— Millie S.

“This was a brilliant, short, yet challenging workout! I cannot move as fast, but am a work in progress!”

— Yiota B.

“Loved it, what a different way to move, had to do it twice through just so I could master the moves 😂😂. Stiff old white with the gracefulness of a stick! It’s fun and enjoyable and gets a sweat on. 👏👏 Kisha”

— David L.

“I’m in tears. I never ever thought I would ever not be active. 10 years ago I became less active after a lower back injury, and then I just fell into my studies and full time work and eventually didn’t do anything. I gained 70lbs. I’m now 200lbs and 5’4. What a beautiful teacher. I don’t feel ashamed or discouraged because I struggled to move. It took me almost a year to finally access this subscription. Thank you!”

— Wendy M.

“Love love love this workout,”

— Michael G.

“you always do right by me. Tough morning, little humans are running me out. But I chose to tune that out and dance for a little sweat. always a good choice. thank you.”

— Katie M.

“It's pretty simple really. Kaisa and her team has literally changed my life. I used to hate sports. everytime, I tried to motivate myself by exercising more the fitness programm was never for true begginers and I just gave up after the first day. The Just move program, and all of Kaisa's start videos are absolutely amazing and actually great for true begginers like me ! I did no sport for 20 years +, now I'm exercising almost everyday. That's a life changer for me. Thank you so much Kaisa for your smile, your sincerity and your programs. Also I have to add that customer service is absolutely outstanding and very reactive. Try it, team you won't regret it :)”

— Sylvie A.

“Awesome quick workout without feeling like you've slacked because you only did a 10 minute workout!!”

— Margie D.

“Such a powerful session. I will be back for more of this. More power”

— Deanna Mae A.

“Loved it”

— Julie C.

“Would be great to offer modifications for beginners”

— Kris W.

“Excellent !”

— Jihan A.

“I have R.A. and struggled to find the right workouts and exercises. Today is my first day and I really enjoyed this! I felt challenged but it didn’t seem impossible. Thank you for this! 🙏”


“Perfect break during my workday. Just what I needed to loosen up my upper back and shoulders. My goal is to do this at least twice a day. Once in the morning and the afternoon. Very quick and effective.”

— Linda B.

“Just love the emphasis on movement…any movement. Just what I need right now!”

— Marianne D.


— Danyelle M.

“Quick, thorough, feel good workout. Quick but satisfying and left me with a smile.”

— Elizabeth G.

“Thank you Kaisa. I’m moving again.”

— Josephine B.

“I can’t say enough good things about Kaisa’s approach to movement. It’s different. It’s fresh. It has me doing things I didn’t realize I could. And at 55 and out of shape that is really amazing. I love these workouts! More than anything I now have hope that I can get my body to a healthier place and will recover the flexibility and mobility that has had me staying still for so long. Thank you Kaisa!!”

— Michelle L.

“Kaisa is full of energy, makes the moves look easy, and is extremely inspiring! Penny”

— Penny M.

“My day one done and I feel good. Thanks”

— Chalalai O.

“Brilliant illustration and description of excercises”

— Amer S.

“I've scoured the internet for programs to help me keep my body in good shape - TRULY good shape that accounts for body health that will last me decades, and for me, Kaisa is the best out there by a mile. The emphasis on progress over results, mobility, building strength from the core out, and the wide variety of movement patterns, these all add up to a body that I feel confident can hold up to aging, desk jobs, parenting young kids, etc. On top of that, her attitude is bright and infectious! Couldn't be happier with my Just Move Membership.”

— Kristjan B.

“Wonderful. Really allowed me to feel what is tight and know where to work a bit more.”

— dawn p.

“I love this program! It is easy to use and whatever your fitness level, you will find a place for you here so JUST MOVE!”

— Michelle S.

“perfect workout for the evening after a whole day of cooking for the holiday. thank you.”

— Sandi P.

“Perfect for my 15 minute break at my desk job!”

— Kim M.

“I started doing Kaisa Fit workouts in October 2020. I needed to find something after trying to return to my gym to swim and not feeling comfortable. I follow Kaisa on IG and was inspired by the spinets of workouts she posts, so I tried it out. Kaisa Fit workouts have been life changing for me. Before joining Kaisa Fit, I never worked out at home. I never knew I could move my body the way I can now, nor did I know I would enjoy it! I look forward to waking up every morning to do a workout. I love the variety that is offered and I love the challenges. It helps make the decision for me of what workout to try next and also takes me out of my comfort zone with trying new things. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kaisa. I feel strong and empowered.”

— Glynnis F.

“I really enjoy this. I got stronger balancing myself more at the end of the workout. I will come back to do it again...”

— Rangiata N.

“i have stiff hips and knees so this is a suuuper goood strech!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

— Jordana L.

“Really great cuing and regression and progression options for all levels of kettlebell athletes!”

— Marie C.

“The pandemic drastically changed my daily life as I went from a commute with 3-5 miles of walking every day to being sedentary working from home. I've struggled to find something to help me get moving again. I'm so grateful for Kaisa! It's easy to squeeze in a workout from anywhere with my Just Move membership and I appreciate the emphasis on strength and loving you body instead of worshipping at the altar of skinny.”

— Amanda E.

“Nice mobility flow!”

— Karen L.

“Loved this workout! The instruction was great and the pace was perfect. I definitely bookmarked this one to do again!”

— Hillary C.

“Great workout Ashley! I don't often stray from Kaisa's workouts but I really enjoyed this! You've got a great encouraging vibe. I'll be stiff in new places tomorrow! ;)”

— Jennifer M.


— Johan M.

“I sprained my ankle two weeks ago and this is really helping me get my strength back!”

— Jackie I.

“Lovely little class. I didn't feel like doing anything to energetic today. This was perfect & Elaina was great in explaining things & giving alternatives for different levels.Looking forward to doing the next class.”

— Kate B.

“Wow!! This was so peaceful and felt amazing on my body after being on my feet all week. Thank you!!”

— Jessica B.

“I enjoyed that this is slower paced than the ones posted on Instagram. I always felt I wasn’t getting a true stretch. Thank you”

— Tara H.

“Love, love, love these workouts! Always feel better after and I love the energy you bring to the workout Kaisa - Great job! Xx”

— Helen P.

“Quick and effective”

— Lisa W.

“I was looking for a leg strengthening workout and this one definitely hit the mark, thanks Tyler!”

— Jacqui S.

“awesome core workout”

— Lauren W.

“So many beneficial and tough movements during these 44 min, 10 out of 10!”

— Maria W.

“I love the buffet of different types of workouts, the length of the workouts, and the intensity of the workouts that is provided with this program. You will never be bored. All of the trainers are motivators with a smile. I would LOVE to see yin style yoga added as an option as a workout.”

— Mignyuan M.

“I love this combination of moves.”

— Susan R.

“I love this recovery video. I feel great.”

— Denise G.

“You have been a lifesaver this past year, keeping me moving . I have to stop for now as going for open heart surgery next week...but I'll be back, starting at the beginning and you make me so positive!”

— Joanne P.

“Amazing!! Just got back into the move and these workouts not only got my heart pumping but also relaxed me. Love it!! Would recommend the. To anyone who wants to either get back into the move or wants to start a new journey in workout.”

— Linda H.

“Love it Love it Love it 😆 Have been away from these workouts for a while and this was a great welcome back workout for me 😁”

— Wan S.

“Really helps with tight spots and overall feeling balanced. I use this routine at least weekly 😀”

— Cathy C.

“Finally! Finally a workout program for beginners that actually is for beginners! And if that’s not enough, this woman is easy to listen to, easy to understand, easy to follow. I am thrilled to have found this!”

— Brenda P.

“Kaisa is an actual gem!! I have taken many workout classes, and she is by far one of the best instructors I've encountered either in person or online. She is fun, personable, and very motivating and upbeat. I like that she focuses on body mechanics and health -- her workouts aren't just focused on burning calories or getting a "beach body" although don't get me wrong, her workouts kick ass and burn calories too. I'm a fit multi sport athlete and I find her style refreshing, unique, and have learned a lot about mobility and movement in just a handful of sessions already. Her program is a wonderful accompaniment to a lifting or running program.”

— Paulina P.

“Love this routine! I'm so tight and it felt great!”

— Paula T.

“This kicked my butt! Short, Sweet and Effective. Never too busy to move your body.”

— Jay-Anne B.

“Nourishing and enriching - thank you! My body is singing :)”

— Janice M.

“Wow! Great instruction and incredible moves! What an awesome way to start my day! Thanks, Kaisa!”

— Amy S.

“There’s something fir every mood, every need, every time-frame! Only had time for a quick set if movements today and did Arsenio’s beginner 10 min workout and it was so fun and engaging. Thanks to the whole team!”

— Elizabeth S.

“I sit a lot and this was such a good and quick video to hit the big muscle groups.”

— Lauren W.

“I love Kaisa and her team- there are a variety of workouts for every level and her modifications are great! With workout times running from 10 minutes to an hour it’s easy to find a workout to fit into my day. Kristin B.”

— Kristin B.

“Incredible introduction to movement through stretching. Kaisa has a unique way of making you feel supported and at ease, regardless of your abilities. Love this intro to movement and flow 💜”

— Louise S.

“Kaisa knows just what our body needs and deserves! I am a fitness instructor that teaches cycle classes and yoga classes and I have started incorporating mobility movements into a fusion class that I teach. Everyone has noticed what a difference it makes in how their body moves and feels since I've been adding in some of Kaisa's mobility moves. I can't thank you enough!”

— Kelly W.

“These workouts are great for short amount of time in the morning. They are high energy and help me push myself a little harder each time. I always recommend your program to my friends!”

— Cristy K.

“Thank you for starting this new Challenge, Turn's out I can still move with out breaking apart !”

— Jodie H.

“Love Kaisafit and her Let’s Move programs! A great way to become more mobile and stronger in our own bodies with a very encouraging and talented leader! Thank you Kaisafit!”

— Lori S.

“Very excited for this November challenge! I've been overwhelmed and emotionally drained, struggling to find a balance and take time to care for myself. It's been a while since I've tuned into KasiaFit but within minutes I felt both at ease and encouraged to push through the discomfort. What I love about Kasia's style and focus it that even after several months with little to no workouts I am feeling safe. I trust that her focus on joint mobility will help to oil those sticky joints and get me moving smoothly once again. I love the total body focus on every exercise and really enjoy Kasia's energy and teaching style. THANK YOU!”

— Lisa R.

“Great workout! Loved the coach. Feedback would be that it was confusing during the first round of each set when he was demonstrating the moves in the set that we were supposed to be doing a full set at that time. It seemed like the set was going to start after the demo but it was already ongoing. Personally I would prefer the demo & then start the set afterwards (more clearly). Other than that it was great.”

— Janel L.

“Great Day 1 class. Challenging but forgiving. Excited for day 2.”

— Chris H.

“I've been putting this off for months now because of so many things. As a former runner, I just can't believe I'm this out of shape. I also was diagnosed with MS. THIS has been everything I've needed. Thank you Kaisa! I've followed your journey from the two bad bodies of instagram days.”

— Norma M.

“Great workout to start your day!!”

— Heather R.

“Great morning workout to start my day & get my HR going :) lots of modifications for a returning fitness enthusiast!”

— Heather R.

“love this quick session, its my main daily starter <3”

— Fiona C.

“Fun! 🔥”

— Brigitte F.

“Awesome 👍”

— Eija S.

“Love the nice gentle start, wish I found this a few years ago. Sending gratitude from Melbourne, Australia.”

— Lisa R.

“I can't even begin to say how much I love all the workouts and the wonderful trainers on this program. So many different varieties available but I know my body will always feel good after a workout from the Just Move membership. Also there are so many workouts available for beginners and you safely progress through the levels. I've been an athlete all my life and coming back from an injury and I have to say these are awesome balanced workouts. So much attention and good cues on form as well which is so important for overall athletic health. I have felt an improvement in my mobility, flexibility, strength, and cardio. Thank you so much Kaisa and to all the coaches!”

— Clio R.

“Wow! I left it all on the mat. Feeling strong....great way to start your day.”

— Pascale S.

“Great flow for sore bodies just what I needed Thanks Kiasa”

— Jacinta L.

“Best way to start my day”


“Amazing workout! Simple and easy instructions to follow and to start my new lifestyle with. I just love Kaisa's compliations! Back on track, finally, can't wait to check tomorrow's workout:)”

— Ana S.

“Great training! Tanks! :)”

— Georg P.

“Just what i needed to start to get back into yoga and other activities!”

— Gayle O.

“Loved Rachel’s energy and prompts. Made me smile and I got a good burn. Thanks!”

— Nicole M.

“love the new recovery workout. i started with the original mobility one and still do it all the time. this quick recovery is a great addition. can wait to try the 38 minute one!”

— Tracey F.

“These workouts are brilliant. You can pretty much find a workout to match every mood. And every instructor is so positive and motivational. Best investment in my health.”

— Fiona B.

“When you’re feeling lazy and need a push this is your push !!”

— Morgan F.

“So much fun! Before I knew it I was sweating. I will do these classes more!! Thank you.”

— Mary-Jo L.

“Excellent short & complete warm up”

— Oana B.

“Tyler moves a little fast for me, so I have to pause a lot to keep up with him, but he is definitely a good motivator!”

— Jessica W.

“I've been an at-home workout student for decades. For the past several years, I would leave intense workouts behind for a day of misery--whether because I was so exhausted, or because I was hard on myself for what I didn't accomplish, but not anymore! The Just Move workouts always feel like a gift to my body, no matter how intense. It's always the right mix of mobility, strength, and positivity from Kaisa and the other instructors. I walk away feeling strong, mobile, rejuvenated, and with a positive self-image.”

— Morgan S.

“I've always felt like I have two left feet, but love the feeling of dancing. I've been looking for a dance-centered workout and this felt absolutely perfect. Kisha is so fun and makes me feel like I can do this! Workout one has me hooked, super easy to follow, but a nice little sweat going. Thanks so much!”

— Leticia A.

“I'm really enjoying Just Move workouts. They are diverse, full of fun, encouraging. The best way to get moving! Thanks to Kaisa and her team!”

— Yana M.

“I can finally see my stomach muscles!”

— Susan B.

“Love how accessible the videos are and how the instructors look like they have real bodies!”

— Tamara C.

“I have never kept a workout routine long term until I found this program. I actually look forward to my workouts now! Kaisa’s team of instructors are diverse, kind, and fun. And their code of ethics is tight, with workouts available to everyone.”

— Marie H.

“There is something here for everyone! All different fitness levels are catered for with a 'true' beginners level that has helped me get mobility back after a serious back injury. I love that the instructors all genuinely love what they do, which shows in how they teach. So glad I found this program - and a big thank you to Kaisa and the team for making these workouts fun and motivating!”

— Rachel K.

“Awesome workout. I use it as an active pause. I LOVED her ways, she is fun and real!!!”

— Luisa G.

“so much fun!”

— Eileen E.

“Fibro pain was acting up the last few days and I just ached everywhere. This is just what I needed to feel better:)”

— Lucille W.

“Thanks Tyler, great workout - demos, pace, differentiated 😊”

— Therese A.

“I am really liking these workouts so far. They are easy enough for me to do so I don't feel discouraged and yet they still are challenging.”

— Sheryl P.

“loved this pace for myself! Gave me a chance to perfect moves and still got my heart rate up a bit :-)”

— Leslie M.

“This is the best yoga-practise to get ready for the day. I struggle with stiffness in between the shoulderblades/upper back area. The breathing is super for opening up this area in a gentle way and get ready for the day. Simple and easy, and doesn´t take too long time. Thank you!”

— Wanda B.

“OMG this is what I’ve been looking for! I’ve tried other dance programs but feel like I’m failing because I don’t know the routines. This is fantastic!!!”

— Stacy K.

“I love love this membership! I am uncomfortable returning to my gym at this time, due to COVID. The variety of amazing instructors and workouts on Just Move are more than enough to keep me busy 5 days a week. Thank you all!”

— Bridget S.

“I love "Just Move"! It meets you where you are at in your fitness journey with love and support. Kaisa and her team rock!”

— Alecia H.

“Grrr8! way to say Hello! to the new day!!”

— Constance J.

“I love having such a wide variety of workouts available. No matter how long I have to move or what type of movement I want to do, I can pretty much always find something that's right for me. I also really appreciate the focus on joyful movement. Just Move gives me all the things I need and none of the things I don't need.”

— Jenay R.

“Best online fitness program by faaaaaar! I am a post-menopausal 56 year old who has been working out for as long as I can remember. I have tried multiple excellent online fitness programs but not one of them combined all of the elements I need to maintain overall body health--cardio, strength, core, AND mobility. I got in on Kaisa Fit when it was just Kaisa and LOVED it--I didn't think it could get even better--but. it. has. The high quality and diversity of workouts and the professional (downright fabulous) instructors, in addition to the ingenious design of the website, make me feel like I am opening a treasure box every morning. Thank you. I can hardly wait to work out again tomorrow!”

— Elissa B.

“Am loving the exercises and have gone to the basics exercises as well to learn the basic form so I can learn to do the exercises correctly as they are well explained. Love the layout to find what exercise you are looking for. Look forward to learning more 😀”

— Andrea M.

“I have been doing Kaisafit since November 2020 and it has been a life changer. I feel lighter in my body and my range of motion has improved so much. I went from not be able to lift my leg to get on my horse and in pain to pain free and able to ride 5 times a week. I feel welcomed and valued in each class which is such a great feeling. I have recommended this program to many of my friends.”

— Jocelyn S.

“Tyler! that kicked my ass in the best way!”

— Lacy J.

“This was really fun! A combination of dynamic movement and balance, that gets your muscles fired up without blowing them out. Plus you can always move at your own pace, and get to know where your body is at without feeling totally tanked. A good break in workout for the 30 day challenge!”

— Marlen F.

“Elena has changed my LIFE. My 55 year old body has never been in such a "calm" stance since I started her beginners Yoga routines. I have always said, "I am not a morning person" and well I still am not 😂 but her YOGA definitely makes it fun and exciting to wake up to. Thank You Elena 😊”

— Patricia M.

“More more more! Tyler's instructions = ON FREAKING POINT!”

— Casandra P.

“Great workout!”

— Charla P.

“I needed this like water raining a seed blown into a deep desert crevice. Wonderful to return gently to my yoga journey. Thank you!”

— Maureen B.

“I’m loving the mobility flows and workouts so much, I feel my body move better with ease. I’ve always been tight or rigid in my movements, flexibility is hard to achieve. But with these I’ve discovered that my body moves better than with just stretching.”

— Kawa B.

“This felt SO nurturing and energizing and grounding. I will be returning to it often. Abiola, you are so kind hearted and your genuine care can be felt through the screen. Namaste”

— Christiane L.

“Awesome. Thank you. 😅”

— Laura F.

“Just amazing! I have a lot of arthritis and found this such a great workout”

— Karen L.

“I decided to join Just Move as I was enjoying my mobility package so much. I have not been disappointed. Love the challenges and the variety! It's all so FUN!”

— LIZ A.

“Great little workout to get yourself going!!”

— Scarlett S.

“Just Move is exactly what I need! I can choose my workout based on my time, how my body feels and what type of workout I want to do. It's never rote or boring. All the instructors are wonderful but would love to see more from Rachel, Ashley and Andrew.”

— Donna A.

“I LOVE my Just Move membership mainly because of the diversity of workouts and levels. I can choose a workout based on how much time I have or on my mood and I can go to the next level when the one I'm currently working in ceases to be challenging. Thank you!!!”

— Traci R.

“My husband and I completed this workout this morning in Australia . Loved the dumbbells and the variety offered. Appreciate the clarity of explanation also. We’ll be back for more. Love Kaisa workouts. Cheers Robyn”

— Robyn G.

“Oof! That's a workout! Never knew it was possible to feel centred while sweat poured down my face 😅. Thanks, Elena”

— Louise H.

“As a very very lazy person who can't stand going to the gym, but also desperately needs to be more active for my health, I am loving Just Move. I can do things at my own pace, in the comfort and privacy of my own home, and the instructors are all so encouraging and kind, and most importantly, focused on things like form, being in touch with how a movement makes you feel, and mobility. I feel like my form has improved, and I'm not groaning when i get off the couch anymore, which is crucial! I feel stronger, and more motivated. I love that the lessons are all different lengths, some days I feel more motivated than others, and there's something there for all those days.”

— Alissa R.

“Love Ashley's energy! That was a sneaky sweat, but as always with Just Move workouts I finished feeling stronger and better than when I started :)”

— Hollis K.

“Love it. Short and sweet heart rate up to 133.”

— Calvin A.

“I love the pacing and this is excellent for all levels.”

— Christine M.

“I love the pacing and this is excellent for when you don’t have time for a full hour workout”

— Christine M.

“Excellent! My balance was test!”

— Regina R.

“Your flows always leave me feeling energized and relaxed, all at once. Nice way to open things up and get my body ready for the day. Thank you!”

— Noel V.

“Such an awesome morning flow! Great prompts, just enough heat to get me ready for the day and I 💯 laughed out loud at Alainaks 5 minute joke! Perfect levity at the hardest part of the flow that made this class feel like an in-studio session!!”

— Jen C.

“Got my husband and I moving! Thanks!”

— Jean C.

“This was SO good! I have been unable to work out for over a month now due to health reasons and this workout was perfect for easing my body back into it :-D”

— Mikala T.

“Loved it. Feel energized”

— Debra G.

“I love my JUST MOVE membership. The variety of classes is amazing. From different class types, durations, levels of intensity, and instructors I can always find something that fits my mood and my schedule. Plus, it’s so convenient. When I’m traveling, I don’t have to worry about bringing equipment or downloading a class. I just log on to the site, find a class, and I’m good to go. Love, love, love JUST MOVE!”

— Patricia P.

“I thought I was going to be dead bug on the floor after this workout but thankfully I am only sweaty. This was a great challenge for me and I enjoyed this workout after initially dreading it.”

— Ariana R.

“Great quick cardio workout!”

— Bettina K.

“Super accessible, supportive, and a wonderful start to what Jim’s hopefully a long journey! Just what I needed! Thank you!”

— Jessi W.

“Absolutely love this strength workout which uses lots of core, single leg work to activate proprioception!”

— Rebecca H.

“I love your workouts!”

— Jain V.

“Lots of great options depending on goals or what I feel up for in the moment. New content and instructors added consistently. I would like to see more community interaction, times when we can feel more like a group/workout together or participation in challenges over time - for now it's a very reliable place to find great workouts whether I have 10 or 30ish minutes.”

— Lindsay Flis S.

“So far, I have been absolutely in love with the different options for movement and the different instructors. There's a great amount of variety!”

— Emily S.

“Thank you for making this available to everyone and sharing yourself with the world. You are truly an inspiration and a help to this middle age woman! And you do get me moving.”

— Elizabeth D.

“Thank you for making this available to everyone and sharing yourself with the world. You are truly an inspiration and a help to this middle age woman! And you do get me moving.”

— Elizabeth D.

“Great! Perfect short little workout! I was getting so crabby at work and just needed to move. This was great. Didn't sweat too much (it went fast) but definitely moved my body. I like how she explained things. I can always do with more hip work. Thanks!”

— B Michelle J.

“Thank you for being who you are and for these incredible workouts! I'm just 3 days in and I already feel amazing (and also like I'm part of your TEAM!) Your smile and encouraging comments keep me going the entire time! Can't wait to explore everything you have to offer! Thank you!”

— Kristin A.

“love the variety of the workouts, not only in theme but also in time. i know i can log on and get a great workout if I only have 15 minutes or if I have 45. the ratings for difficulty are spot on and even the beginner sessions are well thought out and leave you feeling energized.”

— Kristine C.

“Good warm up!!!”

— Desa O.

“Amazing workout! I've been meaning to mention this to the Just Move team, but I absolutely LOVE this platform and the fact that all workouts do NOT have music included in them is THE BEST. I put my favorite tunes on in the background and press play to my chosen workout and here we go! Thank you very much Kaisa for your love of movement and for sharing it with us through this platform and through various other great coaches.”

— Marie-Ève M.

“So challenging!”

— Amity B.

“This was the best shoulder opener. My shoulders and neck are often tight and these moves real helped in releasing them. Thank you!”

— Veronica J.

“fantastic library of workouts. Thanks for the new runner's workouts too. Looking forward to seeing the difference these make for me. Keep up the fab work. Andrea. Lake District, UK.”

— Andrea k.

“L'essentiel est réuni ici. Mets tous les composants du Sport au service de la Santé et ça donne ça ! Des performances au gymnase et un bien-être physique et mental au quotidien. Kaisa c'est la pépite du siècle !”

— Alis P.

“Kisha is dope! I love her energy. She makes learning and practicing dance easy, and enjoyable. Before you know it you're moving and grooving while being encouraged to have fun adding your own sauce to the routine. Thank you!”

— Anthony M.

“Love the energy you bring to the workout. Also it is so fab that your workout is a ‘true’ starting point to getting back into exercise. I totally enjoy this and I will continue these exercises. Thank you”

— Cara B.

“Ok, day 2 done. I honestly I have not moved in years and am incredibly unfit. This video was supportive and helpful. I particularly liked when Kaiser explained the shaking muscles! I did day one too!”

— Caroline f.

“Excellent workout for tight hips!”

— Gina S.

“LOVE the quick pace & challenging movements of this! After half an hour I really feel like I got a satisfying workout. Brittany is such an excellent mix of encouraging and pushing to challenge yourself. A+!”

— Emily J.

“Great starting my Just Move journey! Very easy to follow, enough of a challenge but not intimidating! Look forward to the next challenge and keeping up the momentum. So glad to have found this site.”

— Bernadette G.

“Just completed Day 2. I am loving this! The instruction as I follow along is perfect and Kaisa is so encouraging and enthusiastic. I feel like I am doing this one on one in the same room with a coach. There is a terrific variety of classes and I can hardly wait to try all of them. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Dana A.

“Great way to begin exercising again! Loved the stretching! Instructions were clear. Great personality!”

— Gail J.

“Your instructions and enthusiasm are grand! You are knowledgeable and wise!”

— Karen J.

“Best money I spent all pandemic long. Seriously. I can always find a workout that matches my energy level, mood, and space, and I love the diversity of instructors. Is it weird that I am more motivated when the instructor is breathing and sweating as much as I am? If so, so be it! Also, the constant reminder to respect where you're at is very much appreciated. :)”

— Paula Jean H.

“greatl love itl”

— Liat B.

“Awesome workout! Just what I needed. Thank you!”

— Mary P.

“I love the videos I've tried--lots of ways to make the workout harder or easier depending on my ability level. Well done!”

— Abbey D.

“Just Move has a great variety of classes available and pushes you without judgement or shaming (I hate the shaming).”

— Megan C.

“I liked how easy these moves were and realized wow its a great way to also get out of the bed and do a quick stretch in the mornings before starting the day. Will make this one a daily routine.”

— Ajoke B.

“The deadlifts challenged me. I've never done them with a hold at the bottom and felt a good burn. I've always struggled with the one-legged dead lifts and found the tip about pulling in the belly button really made a difference. Excellent workout!”

— Karen M.

“Loving Just Move. Gentle, but effective, workout. I’m 68 and have had both hips replaced, the last one 8 years ago. So, I am super conscious of not doing anything too strenuous on them. Many exercise programs for seniors are not challenging enough for me. This one is! And I’m doing burpees that get my heart rate up without getting on the floor! Thank you, Kaisa!❤️”

— Edwina K.

“Really great, this is helping me ease back into using weights as part of my home workouts. More 20 minute range of beginner dumbbells would be great (and Intermediate too!)”

— Leah R.

“Having the motivation to exercise has always been a struggle for me, and I’ve fallen in and out of exercise for my entire life. I’ve had stints where I have worked out regularly and then I have gone years where I haven’t done anything at all. I’ve had success with group classes, but independently going to the gym or working out at home has always been a challenge. I was skeptical that KaisaFit would work for me, but I decided to give it a try. In January 2021, I purchased the Home Workout bundle. Then, when it launched in April, I became a Just Move member. And, I have been loving it. Now that I have the program, I move my body every day. I’ve moved for thousands of minutes and it has benefitted both my physical and my mental health--especially during COVID-related lockdowns. I love that there are so many different workouts to choose from varying in length and style; you can do them on their own or combine them to make a longer workout. I love the diversity of instructors who are all engaging and qualified--so you don’t need to worry about hurting yourself due to poor information or cueing. I love that the team is always adding to and updating the platform, listening to member feedback, and supporting members as needed. And, I love the community that has built up around the platform. Thank you, Kaisa and Team for developing this platform. I look forward to continuing to move with you!”

— Danielle D.

“Hi there, I'm a true beginner, and while I've enjoyed your mobility workouts, sometimes I feel like the change between movements is a bit too fast for me to follow. I can get there, but I'm just not as quick as you can because I'm definitely not as bendy! :-) Just something to think about...”

— Sarah R.

“I love this warmup - and the warmup series in general. Really left me feeling great, and ready for a tough strength workout.”

— Sharilynn W.

“Beautiful practice to wake up your body. I really enjoyed this!”

— Ann U.

“Wow, I started the beginner 30 day challenge as I haven’t been consistent with training for a couple months however previous to that period of time I trained consistently 5-6 days a week and “trained hard and fast”. This beginner program is outstanding! The workouts and cues during movements are brilliant, structure of movement plan has flowed really well and meals are tasty. 5 stars from me and really enjoying AND feeling my movement in all the right places haha. Thanks TEAM Kaisa! x”

— Alice P.

“Great so far… rehabbing from a bad ankle break, sloth-like behavior due to pandemic and WFH. Looking forward to getting back some strength and flexibility.”

— Dana M.

“Love the challenge and the flow of the routine. I would have like the Kease "go team" or "yes team" spirit a few times. But over all it was 👍 👍 👍 I will revisit this workout.”

— Susan T.

“I have been following Kaisa and doing her entire online program since it was available. The only thing missing was some yoga classes and some smaller workouts to add in when I was short on time. When "Just Move" became available it was a no brainer to enroll. It is organized perfectly, you can search by time for workouts, type of workout, or follow a challenge they create. I love that I can do 30 minutes of strength and then switch right over to an athletic recovery within a minute and not waste time searching for what I want or going to a different platform! Thank you Kaisa and team for being amazing. You are so enjoyable and an amazing coach.”

— Marina L.

“You're amazing! Thank you”

— Neringa G.

“One of my faves!!! Thanks.”

— Liz D.

“This workout was AHMAZZZZZINGGG. So fun, so simple and yet so rare! I loved using a household item in a new way. Class was over before I knew it!!”

— Laura B.

“I get overwhelmed by endless YouTube fitness channels and even the monthly fitness subscriptions. JUST MOVE is perfect because it gives you guides on how to structure my workouts, so I'm not just doing random videos. I like that each workout has mobility/warm up/cool down built-in so it's fully complete and I don't have to think about it. I also like that it has separate warm-ups and cool-downs so I can have them when I do workouts at the gym instead.”

— Taylor M.

“Loved this workout and how Kaisa was vulnerable and shared how much she also needs this community to continue to move and take care of her body. I love how intense and mindful this workout was. Kaisa has become my favorite workout buddy during the pandemic and her mobility exercises and wisdom has helped me relieve chronic shoulder, back and hip pain.”

— Emma F.

“Great overall workout! Easy to follow ! Got a Good sweat on!”

— Donnette F.

“Loved it! Felt my legs muscles working!”

— Nilka A.

“When I was younger I was really active but after an accident, I was forced to scale my activity back significantly. These videos seem so basic, but they make me realize how important it is to get these small moves exactly right. Thanks for taking the time to detail each movement in an educational, encouraging but never demeaning manner. This is exactly what I need to help with my recovery!!!”

— Pamela D.

“This is my first workout after a veryong hiatus. I thoroughly enjoyed it and worked up a sweat without overexertion. Can't wait to see what's next!!”

— Renee D.

“awesome class, great verbal cues”

— Cynthia S.

“This is the one membership that I have been able to consistently use!!! I started with the June challenge and I'm still going strong! I love the variety in the workouts and in instructors. I feel challenged enough but not overworked to the point of injury. I have mobility challenges but I am able to work through them rehabilitate and get better. Plus a lot of workouts are just fun!”

— Ena H.

“The Strength Complex might be my favourite workout so far. Feels great to add weights back into my routine. But I'm loving the variety of options every morning too!”

— Jessica W.

“Kaisa- Just Move membership gives you a range of exercises for all your needs. I use it mostly to work on mobility before and after sessions. You will notice the difference.”

— maggy v.

“This seriously got me sweating! Taking 30 minutes out of my day to get this much work in on the mat was so gratifying. I can feel myself getting stronger in those no hands push ups. Just moving even 15 minutes a day I'm seeing progress in my energy and ability.”

— Sophia M.

“Excellent beginner's workout! I had to modify a little bit due to a bruised bone, but I'm still super sweaty!”

— Sandy W.

“Just Move has the most variety of workouts and levels I've ever seen! I know her programs are safe and thoughtfully/thoroughly constructed. I'm so grateful I found Kaisa almost 2 years ago!”

— Cathy S.

“Love it”

— Bernie M.

“All of Kaisa’s workouts and the Just Move series are the BEST in home workouts! It doesn’t matter if you have 5 mins or an hour, if you are a beginner or advanced. Each workout and stretch will push you and you feel so accomplished afterwards.”

— Katie A.

“I have been an athletic person for the majority of my life. But sometimes eating becomes more fun. Especially when pandemics take over the world and your forced to put your business on hold and you turn to food. There is literally a workout for everyone here. I am jumping back in with the Start Challenge. I knew it was going to be easier, but with a hip injury I wanted to make sure I took things slow and easy. Just finished day 4 and I broke a sweat.”

— Tara B.

“I LOVED LOVED LOVED Feel good flow! It was the perfect way to de-stress after sitting at my desk all day! This will be a regular part of my practice!”

— Stacey B.

“Excellent way to easy my body into working out. Something I haven’t done for many, many years. Thank you.”

— Barb H.

“Been wanting to do Kaisa's mobility program for years now, decided to join the June challenge to mix up my workout routine that I was doing for 3+ years. My body has thanked me! I slowed way down and listened to my body and mobility has made me feel strong. The new moves have made me proud of my body for being able to do different things. Kaisa's way of training is so motivating, helpful and effective. So glad I got it for a year to try ALL of her workouts!”

— Kayti C.

“Love Andrew's workouts!”

— Julie A.

“Love it.”

— Ricky S.

“These workouts have made me a better trainer to teach others how to move well and move more. Fantastic stuff!”

— Amber H.

“I loved this workout!! Amazing challenge for the full body and great way to place focus on balance, mindfulness and connection to the body!! I will be coming back to this one again! Thank you 😊”

— Catherine C.

“THIS 🙌 Library🤩 I love it so much, there's always a workout fitting my mood. Especially when I want a quick movement done in the mornings - for instance. Thank you Kaisa, and the rest of the coaches for doing this. You guys are awesome!! - Aviaq”

— Aviaq F.

“Awesome workout ❤️”

— Adele W.

“thanks Kaisa !! we all deserve a little love and a strong body no matter what your level”

— Natalie M.

“What are you waiting for? Kaisa and the team are amazing and so encouraging! There are so many great things about JUST MOVE! My favourites are all the ways you can move based on how you’re feeling. Who knew dance could be so much fun?!? Perhaps the best thing, all the levels available to meet you where you’re at. Thank you for creating this space!”

— Mamie S.

“I joined Just Move to participate in the June challenge, and I've loved it! I like the variety of workouts that are available, the fact that there are different trainers, and I especially like that there are workouts of different lengths available- it makes it easy to fit movement into your day, even if you don't have much time.”

— Erika W.

“So much fun, nice & quick even my 2yr old joined in on some of the moves 👌”

— Kaleena B.

“Kaisa and Just Move showed up in my life when I needed it the most. I purchased my first bundle about a year ago and fell in love with Kaisa, her workouts, her perspective and authenticity. So when the opportunity came to purchase a membership, it was a no brainer. The workouts are so fun, the trainers are a breath of fresh air. Mentally, physically, emotionally… this is something that I needed and benefit from every single day.”

— Amber K.

“I love this workout - as a 50 something who had a C-section at 39, I was struggling with other beginner core workouts but this one is really helping me nail the basics. I do it weekly and can feel my core strength building, which is helping the other workouts, especially the ones involving balance. As Kaisa says, form over anything!”

— Helena F.

“I love all things kaisa fit! The variety of workout options and the focus on joint health and mobility is perfect for all levels of fitness.”

— Elaine C.

“Excellent workout! I like the moves and the fact that I will be able to increase the weight that I used to make the workout harder as I get stronger.”

— Sara L.

“Good! Couldn't do some of the plank moves but otherwise was a good workout. Ashley is great.”

— Kathryn P.


— Joshua M.


— Joshua M.

“I really like Andrew's teaching style..He relates well to all abilities and uses whispering for emphasis. Question: how to modify for arthritic wrists and hands?”

— Ginny H.

“I love it!!!! I feel like I am definitely getting my money’s worth here…every time I workout with Kaisa or any of the trainers, I feel like I WORKED OUT! Thank you for giving of yourselves, I feel amazing!”

— Josephine P.

“Week one completed and I am finding it very easy to stay focused and exercise daily. I am starting each day with either a Yoga or Mobility workout, and then a cardio or strength workout in the evening. This approach to exercise suits my lifestyle as it fits in around everything else I have going on. Great start!!”

— Rachel M.

“I am really enjoying Just Move! I am a Pilates and Movement teacher and I have been looking for a membership site that I can have an hour to myself as a student, have fun, and just move. This has become my favorite time to myself to start my day and am so happy Kaisa put this together. I love Kaisa's workouts and how she takes the time to break down the exercises; fantastic instructor. I also absolutely love Aaliyah Earvin, her energy is awesome and I would love to see more videos from her! I felt like I was in the room working out with her.<3”

— Missoni L.

“Love this short burst of exersise! Warms me up for the next one :)”

— Calli S.

“I’ve done a lot of programmes but this is by far the best! Thank you. 😊”

— Tori W.

“Really challenging but yet very doable for a beginner. I loved it I felt the burn!”

— Jill Z.

“Great class, tips and motivation. Your instagram photos are inspiring. Thank you.”

— Judy S.

“Great all around workout for those times "when you don't have time". This can fit in anywhere in your day, or use it to rev up for a longer workout.”

— Stacey G.

“I’m on week Two of the June Challenge, Intermediate. I am loving it. Love the diversity & love that there are different guest instructors for a bit of variety in trainers as well as moves. By the way, I am 69 years old & not having a problem with the Intemediate workout. Just saw there is an Advanced workout week that now, since I am a year member, will be doing at the end of the June Challenge. Keep the workouts coming.”

— Louise M.

“I loved !”

— Laura L.

“Love this mobility moment! To breathe and stretch was just what I needed today! It will go on my favorites list.😊”

— Cynthia M.


— elizabeth c.

“I am a breath away from 51 & it’s been 2 years since I’ve worked out regularly. I was going to jump in & probably hurt myself by doing workout that I am not ready for. This beginners series is PERFECT. I am feeling really good but not hurting myself getting back into regular exercise. Fun & motivating! Thank you 😊”

— Nancy D.

“short and sharp, awesome..”

— emma f.

“I have an erratic schedule, and the way the workouts are organized and labeled help me find workout that will fit the time/energy that I have at the moment. FUN workouts! I've been getting into dumbbells, and I'm really enjoying the options on Just Move. I'm looking forward to trying a dance class!”

— JoEllen Y.

“I started on my fitness journey using other videos to get me started and when I moved to Kaisafit I saw the inches begin to fall off and the physical changes in my body. This journey has been tough but because I found this site with different level workouts it has made it that much easier. Kaisa’s energy is electric and she keeps me coming back for more. I love it!”

— Mischon W.

“I am so pleased with the variety of workouts in the growing Just Move library. There is something for whatever mood I’m in that day, and for whatever length of time I have available. I appreciate Kaisa’s cheerful yet very professional demeanor and also that of the other coaches. I’m definitely getting my money’s worth with my membership. Thanks and keep it growing!”

— Ann J.

“Just getting back into strength training after surgery 4 weeks ago today. Did what I could, learned some new warm up exercises and nice pacing of exercises. Love Kaisa’s positive personality!”

— Abbe S.

“Nice flow. I feel stretched and accomplished! Loved the brevity of the program. Helps me to start my day with confidence I helped my body do something good and help avoid injury. The mobility routines help me go about my day feeling more flexible, less pain, more endurance and safer. Thanks!”

— Judy C.

“Challenging finisher!”

— Melanie B.

“Signed up for Just Move membership today and did the Feel Good Yoga Flow (had been experiencing some exercise burnout) and It was so rejuvenating. My primary reason for joining Just Move, after having gone over their free content was, that each trainer took time to explain the movement and the correct form, before moving into practicing it with you. So they'll explain the movement/asana, take 20-30 seconds AND THEN do it with you. They weren't trying to fit in as many movements as possible within a 25-30 minute window. It came across more like, even if we do just 5 movements, let's do them with a proper understanding of the correct form rather than doing 20 exercises with poor form, which was so refreshing to see. I have tried a ton of subscriptions. Some more expensive than this and some cheaper. But in all of them except Just Move and another one, trainers just didn't take the time to explain the form. Suffice it to say, you'll even be explained something as simple as a hinge by Kaisa in a workout video, so we are in good hands.”

— Radhika A.

“I am doing the Just Move June month of movement challenge. I am coming back to doing regular exercise after falling into bad habits of being very inactive following an injury. I have found the beginners series to be a good mix of challenging but easy movements. I love the focus on balance and core. I always get a sweat on! I would recommend this to anyone getting started and want to move more in their day. My alarm goes off and I am happy to jump out of bed and start my day with Kaisa.”

— Kelda R.

“Thank You !!!”

— Iva B.

“I previously purchased the Mobility videos and absolutely have loved incorporating them into my weekly workout routine. I purchased the Just Move Membership and have been thoroughly pleased with this purchase. It is a tough workout but even after just one week I feel so good! I have more energy and look forward to each daily video. Im so glad I made the jump to purchase this package!”

— Ashley Y.

“Loved this workout”

— karen L.

“Great way to wake up and a good first video to get back into my fitness journey.”

— Jennelle H.

“I needed this June reset. I am loving the mix of classes both in length/difficulty/and focus. So grateful to be moving my body and though I have been sore - it has been that good kind of sore that your body is proud of you and hopeful that you are going to keep this up! Thank you!”

— Kimberly C.

“I'm enjoying the variety of movement and instruction styles, as well as the diversity of the instructors themselves. Instruction always feels supportive and kind. The movements are challenging, while the personalities and attitudes never are. I feel motivated to keep coming back. I used to feel guilty if I missed a workout, which was really unhealthy. Now I feel sad if I miss a day, because I know I'm missing something I enjoy. What a difference the right attitude makes.”

— Sara S.

“After too long away from workouts, this was a lovely, encouraging, and adaptable reentry! It’s only 30 minutes, give it a go!”

— Anna J.

“I finally took the plunge and signed up because of the June Challenge and I am SO happy I did. I feel completely reinvigorated and excited to work out again. There are a ton of different types of workouts at different experience levels and the instructors all give good prompts and variations. It feels like a fun "choose you own adventure" platform and that variety and the enthusiasm of all the coaches makes it fun to try new things in a low pressure way.”

— Erin M.

“Really enjoyed the stories during the workout ☺️”

— Amanda G.

“Love all the memberships and this four week challenge. Wonderful instructor for this wake up yoga.”

— Barri M.

“I love these mobility workouts! They make such a huge difference to my strength, flexibility, and overall health. I tore an ACL ten years ago and thought I would never be able to do squats again, or even any leg exercises that called for a lot of lunging or knee bends. KaisaFit changed all that! I’m more mobile and stronger than ever! Great workouts!”

— Helen M.

“Quick but a killer. Loved it. Hard enough for a single workout on recovery day or when I'm short on time but short enough to add to another mobility session.”

— Courtney R.

“Love it”

— Sara H.

“Amazing! Slow and easy wins this race ...”

— Karen K.

“Perfect for every level! Currently doing the Beginner June Challenge and, after 10 months of sciatica and lumbar surgery in April, this is literally perfect for my needs. Thank you so much!!”

— CeXochitl D.

“great cardio workout for a beginner.”

— Kayla R.

“I really love Kaisa. I love her Just Move workouts as well. They are doable for a beginner and challenging. Sometime I fall off of my exercise routine and when i want to get back on track, I come straight to Kaisa. You should try it.”

— Desserai Z.

“Day 1- done! Feels good & I really appreciate the winning slow start as the tortoise always wins the race ;)”

— Deana S.

“Love it! It's fun, challenging, and the instructors are great!”

— Diane E.

“Love love loved it! I am so sweaty and feel so good!”

— Sarah M.

“Love his energy!”

— MaryBeth A.

“I love just move so much! All the instructors have such a great vibe and the overall content has so much variety. It even have dance workouts. Which makes it fun for me, I can switch up and keep movement as a part of my life everyday. I love, love, love this membership so much! Thank you Kaisa for having this option:)”

— Amber T.

“Great session. It would have been good to have a bit more balance of core and cardio. Cardio was on point but not enough core, but I did still enjoy it.”

— Denise J.

“Excellent strength training and balance workout!!!”

— Elainena E.

“I am loving this Challenge! Such an amazing way to start each day. I'm already hooked! Kaisa is the BEST coach. I love being part of a team!!!!”


“Holy crap! I’m not giving up, but I did have to modify. Thanks Kaisa🥰”

— D. C.

“Love the variety and frequent new video/programs! This is my absolute favorite on-demand exercise platform ever!”

— Marisa G.

“Great workout, left me feeling energized and a a little sore (felt the burn)”

— Caitlin P.

“Great challenging workout!!”

— Kristell A.

“Great consistency and total body resistance training”

— James C.

“Awesome workout. Makes the core feel alive and gets some great stretching in too. Feeling the burn!!”

— Chris C.

“This is my first Kaisa Fit workout! I feel tired and sweaty, but also great! I am not a beginner in regards to form, but have not exercised in a long time and have gained some weight. These were challenging enough to definitely be worth my while, but for not having worked out in a while, I had to make a few modifications - especially in regards to the moves that required balance on one foot/leg. I had a chair close for when I could not keep my balance. Thank you for the encouragement.”

— Rebecca R.

“So inspiring! Thank you!”

— Renee K.

“It‘s a really fun way to move”

— Lina G.

“For all of my KaisaFit purchases, it’s the best money spent ever on fitness. I used to go to the gym, spend countless hours on the treadmill and weight machines with little or no change to my body. I started using Kaisa’s routines, regularly, starting in October 2020. I have built up so much more strength, seen a change in my body and mind and now I can’t go without a day moving! Thank you, Kaisa and team for putting out great content, caring about the folks who use your products and just putting yourself out there!”

— Doris H.

“Loved this workout and love the instructor!!! She went slowly and was encouraging throughout the exercise routine.”

— Lisa W.

“I keep waiting to not love one of these videos but Calli made that impossible. I really appreciate his calm yet motivating energy - he has such a gift!”

— Mairi B.

“I love Kaisa's positivity in all her training. There are so many options depending on what your body feels like doing. I love mobility and stretching now and try to find time for some movement every day. Really enjoying training with all Kaisa's friends too.”

— Ali B.

“I love the idea of you walking us through a video like this (with the more basic floor movements); however, I am wondering if you might be able to throw out an "alternative" movement (/modification) just in case some body cannot do a move you're doing? For example, I am almost positive that I have ab separation (diastasis recti) from having two babies, so that first [and last] start up/cool down movements where you roll actually caused my ab muscle (don't know which one, exactly) to cramp up (totally not blaming you, I didn't even know that would happen!)...and, I also have discovered that performing the "superman" movement causes my sciatic to pinch...based on those examples, might you be able to recommend some mods during a flow, possibly? I realize that it would be very difficult to offer a mod for every move during a flow for those "just in case" moments/people, but just thought I'd ask...obviously, we have to do what is best for each of us on an individual bases, but ya never know unless you ask, right?! haha. Thank you for your time and consideration; overall, I enjoyed this mobility/movement experience.”

— Lisa Marie L.

“I’ve really enjoyed every single workout that I’ve done from the library. I love how strong and agile I’m feeling - thanks Kaisa and team”

— Nicole J.

“I really enjoyed the workout. It felt creative and the right amount of exertion. I prefer when instructors "mirror" so when they say right, it looks like my right. In general, I am finding the instructors on this site say "Yaaas Team!!" WAY TOO MUCH. It sounds like Yaas Queen!”

— Katherine W.

“This is my 3rd workout for the day after a Mobility & Core workout for a total of 1 hour, which is my target. Thanks Kaisa for the effort you put into these videos, they're exactly what I need. Love Safiya”

— Safiya A.

“Feel so good after the mobility session 👌🏻”

— Martina W.

“it was soo good, a huge energy boost, and Paris is really funny. I hope there will be other lessons like this. :)”

— Alexandra P.

“The absolute best go to for motivation!!!”

— Marisa E.

“Just Move has been a staple in my exercise repertoire since it launched. As someone with a relatively toxic "exercise-to-lose-weight" past, JustMove has been a breathe of fresh air, providing me with the choices based on my body's desire that day to really...just move. The instructors are incredible and each workout leaves me with new knowledge of self, body, mind, and even soul. Be it cardio yoga, body build-up (that one - phewf!), or cardio dumbells, I am left feeling stronger, more in tune with my body and aligned internally. I am really grateful toKaisa and the team for this series, especially in this phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, to offer such a menu of options to really suit anyone's needs and desires without shame, toxic body positivity, or weight-loss rhetoric. THANK YOU!”

— Monica H.

“I loved this intro into strength training and Kaisa saying "good job team." So thankful I invested in myself to "Just Move!"”

— Kristine S.

“It would be nice if there was a timer at the bottom of the screen during timed intervals. Also, i think the trainers should do the whole workout with us... not stand up and talk through the workout!”

— Patti B.

“Getting started today, what a great video. Absolutely spot on for the first day. Just right!! Well done Kaisa, you nailed it!”

— Tracy D.

“I started doing mobility work with Kaisa's programs about 6 months ago now and I can't say enough good things. Sports related injuries when I was younger and having hyper mobile hips makes me prone to certain injuries. Now in my 30's being active just seemed to have more cons than pros, i was constantly injuring something then having to take weeks off to recuperate and started feeling really hopeless. Kaisa's programs not only help my joints feel better but also sparked that love of movement again. I also bought the Just Move app and through those workouts have felt confident enough to go back to a gym(its been at least 10 years). Honestly cannot recommend enough. I don't know how she does it but it feels like you've really got Coach Kaisa there cheering you through the work.”

— Aubrey A.

“Love this! As with many things as we move through this pandemic, my gym is not offering many of the same classes I used to take pre-Covid, even though they are open. I'm so thankful for Just Move and the great variety of workouts to keep me moving!”

— Lynette C.

“As a person starting over after a year of inactivity, I truly appreciate the beginner level activity. It helped me get my body used to moving again without the paralyzing soreness that I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, I felt the workout during and after but in a way that left me wanting more. You never feel like you cannot accomplish your movement goal for the day!”

— Jessica C.

“I am loving all the Just Move workouts. I love that there is such a range of activities to choose from and it's easy to commit to doing at least 20 minutes of movement a day. I seem to be in a constant state of injury - running, swimming, climbing - and the movement and body weight workouts have really helped keep my joints happy. I am also doing more yoga than I have in 10 years because 1) the instructors rock (option to smile!) and 2) it's so much easier to fit in 20-40 minutes than the typical studio class of 60-90 minutes.”

— Elena E.

“Love these. Just enough to get me to sweat, but still gentle on my healing body. Thank you!!”

— Lisa M M.

“I love the options. I like that there is a suggestion for each day, but if I’m not feeling it or have a different time allotment I pick from the library. The library is sorted into categories that help narrow the selection by time or activity or coach. And the mobility work is exceptional. The workouts generally include a brief warm up and cool down which is great to keep me from skipping it when rushing to tick the box. Oh and the coaches and workouts are excellent. Get in, get out. Lots of good vibes. Value packed!”

— Tangela H.

“Love it, love it, love it!! So many options on hand, it never gets boting! Thank you Kaisa!”

— Heidi S.

“my absolute favorite!”

— Kataa K.

“Love it!”

— Armelle A.

“I really appreciated the conversation around making your body your friend. I also very much enjoy the balancing moves.”

— Megan K.

“There are no words for how much I love Just Move, Kaisa, and her ENTIRE team! I use these workouts as a warm up to my yoga, and it has been a game changer as far as my mobility during my asana practice. The massive diversity of movement styles has kept me super engaged, as well. Movement is medicine, and this is worth every penny.”

— Samantha P.

“I love ALL the workouts. And the fact that I can do this at home. Thank you.”

— Kitta A.

“there are a few workouts that have become my all times - partly b/c they're so fun and mix mobility with strength and cardio, but also b/c there's ways to modify to make them harder or easier depending on my day. i love that there are short ones i can do alone or mix together. and i truly love the diversity of voices and approaches, so even though some aren't for me, some SO ARE. love y'all.”

— Andrea S.

“I LOVE IT!!!! It has really made a change in my life, in my body and my health. I feel strong and healthy with a lot less pain in my joints. I love the diversity of exercises. It make it more fun having various routines and to work the body in different ways. Congratulations to all of You, and Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!”

— Ana Paula O.

“I love Kaisa's 'mobility moments', they're a great warm up to my workout.”

— Anita M.

“Awesome full body yoga series. Very energizing for spine.”

— Elisha F.

“I love the instructors' focus on being physically active as main motivation for working out. JUST MOVE has movement options for every level and every mood - no matter whether I feel like working up a serious sweat, working on improving technique, loosening up or just getting some movement in (mobility moments! movement snacks!), JUST MOVE has it all! I love the variety of instructors, styles, and original and creative workouts. While I primarily do the mobility, strength, and cardio workouts, I recently dared to venture out into some dance classes. As all JUST MOVE instructors, Kisha makes her classes accessible and inclusive for everyone :) I'm super happy to be part of this community :)”

— Nathalie S.

“My daughter and I love the Just Move programmes, Kaisa and all the instructors!! Keeping us strong and flexible. So many options to choose from. We are spreading the word down in New Zealand:) Thanks so much. Jane”

— Jane S.

“Thank you for your story, which makes me forget it is hard, thank you for your excellent single side movement which is necessary when recovering from a hip injury. I've tried multiple workouts and this one worked to relieve my persistent hip.pain that prevented from moving Thank you”

— Joyce C.

“Loved it. Having a hard time moving these days. This is a nice easy way to get some movement into the day.”

— Maureen W.

“Love everything about this.”

— Liz B.

“I've been using these workouts to supplement my outdoor activities(skiing and mountain biking) and let me tell balance, strength and capabilities have increased. Recently on the trail I went over my handlebars multiple times in one day; and I equate my lack of any injuries to the dynamic and relevant movements of Just Move and Kaisa's past programs. If you ask my friends they'll tell you every time I save myself from a close call I exclaim "It's Kaisa!" Kaisa's programming is global!!!!! These trainers are so well rounded and focused on movement. LOVE!”

— Kaylee C.

“Up until now, I've been doing the "start" level workouts... today I decided to kick it up a notch & tried the Endurance workout. Very tough, but still enjoyed it. Even though I mostly stayed at the initial level for each move, :-)”

— Tara P.

“Fun and motivating workouts. The a la carte set up works really well for me since I get bored easily and have a hard time sticking with long programs with only one kind of exercise and instructor. I love doing ballet one day, kickboxing the next and mobility always feels good.”

— Alison F.

“Good value for price, lots of options for variety of activities, levels of fitness, and duration. Program itself is great. Only complaint is ease of access. I do this with my children often but even on my own prefer to larger screen to be able to easily follow along. My combination of technologies means to access the videos in my workout area means buying an adapter for hooking my computer or phone up to the tv. It's doable, but means another added cost and the hassle of moving my computer and cords back and forth. It's not prohibitive, just not ideal. It would be great if the material was accessible through a downloadable app on my Roku device (which is not compatible for casting.)”

— Jessica S.

“I’m new to Kaisa Fit and I’ve mostly done the “Start” videos and a yoga video. So far, I love it. I absolutely love that if I don’t feel like working out, I can choose a 10 minute mobility video and leave it at that. But every time I’ve done that, I feel so good I end up adding another video to my practice that day. I love that Kaisa is HAES aligned and I feel her workouts are a safe space for someone recovering from orthorexia. I’m SO glad I took a chance and signed up for the year.”

— Wendy K.

“I love the beginner workouts for Just Move. It's been a long time since I exercised regularly, and Just Move is making it possible and fun. Kaisa is very affirming and inclusive. It's so hard to find a *true* beginner workout. I've been looking a long time for something just like this. I'm hooked!”

— Lizzie M.

“I am in love with the Just Move, it has various exercises for all levels, with different duration and everything from strength based to yoga and dance moves. I forgot how much fun moving can be!”

— Hend A.

“The library is great! It's easy to navigate, full of different workouts and the workouts I've done feel good. It's nice to see such a diverse group of trainers on here - thank you for all your work!”

— Megan M.

“Hi! I want to start saying that I love Kaisa and the team and I find them highly motivational but I was hoping for a little bit of an extra challenge. I would love if more advanced classes could be added weekly. I generally add a few repetitions to the workout to get a full workout that can suit me better or I combine a couple of the shorter classes together but it would be good to see some longer workouts as well (45 minutes would be ideal for me). Thanks for the great work and the energy you put in every class!!”

— Cecilia B.

“I have been away from moving for far longer than I would ever wish. Kaisa's classes are just amazing - she does such a good job reminding us how to listen to our bodies and breathe through the movement. I already feel better!”

— Heidi B.

“I love it! Makes moving everyday fun and different, I look forward to different workouts daily that I can do with minimal equipment from my home! Love the variety of workouts and trainers.”

— Nicole M.

“¡Es excelente! explicaciones muy claras de ejercicios muy útiles para sedentarios que queremos iniciar un estilo de vida más activo.”

— Benjamín T.

“WOOOO! Getting back to movement after a 2 year break-even just one week in my mobility is improved and I’m not making quite as many old-lady noises when I get up off the floor...Thank you Kaisa!!!”

— Christina S.

“Start is a great place to learn the basics and get moving! Especially if you have never exercised or it’s been awhile. I first saw KaisaFit on a Facebook ad and thought, I want to move like that! I’m not there yet but I’m feeling stronger and more confident that I can get there! That’s why I decided to join for the year so I can have access to all the workouts on KaisaFit! 1 year to commit to myself moving more and feeling my best!”

— Julia E.

“I cannot express how much I LOOOOVE Kaisa and her team of talented and amazing instructors/trainers. My fave gal is Kaisa not only is she motivating, energetic, and knowledgable, she is entertaining. She brings her positive and quirky energy to each workout! Thanks Kaisa and team for the stellar workouts!”

— Brittney C L.

“I am loving this new platform! As someone who has had a fairly inconsistent year for movement, it has been so nice being able to get back into it with accessible classes. I love the idea of working out just to get your body moving as opposed to working out for aesthetics or whatever. I came from a place of working out with “advanced” level programs for years to scaling back down to beginner/intermediate in 2021 and it feels SO good. It’s so freeing to move just for the sheer enjoyment of it. Thanks for bringing us all of these amazing instructors and for helping change the ingrained ideas about workouts/fitness/diet culture.”

— Abby B.

“Finally! A subscription that uses both my mind and body. I struggle to work out consistently and often find any excuse to skip it. This subscription has removed all my issues. I love being able to sort quickly for my fitness level, time available, and type of workout. Keeps everything interesting and from becoming monotonous. Having options that range from easy stretching, more involved yoga, to body weight and actual weights is great. Not just one style or trainer makes me feel like I have my own personal team helping me get fit. Thank you KaisaFit and Just Move!”

— Leatha P.

“I love your platform. I'm 52 years old and I am moderately active, but I tend to get bored with my workout routine. You have changed that for me. I have been following and using your programs for a few years. Having different workouts that are only 30 minutes in length is very motivating. It also helps that there is a variety of instructors and fitness levels. Thank you for creating a platform for all people.”

— Jennifer J.

“Loving Just Move so far. Great variety, lots of fun! I enjoy having the weekly program selection too so I don't have to think. I was hestitating to buy a subscription but I'm glad I did because this awesome library is helping me spring out of bed in the mornings!”

— Virginia G.

“Love the variety of workouts! I like how the instructors explain the movements and they also seem to know when I need to be told to breath🤣”

— Michelle I.

“Thank you so much for putting together so many fun and innovative new sessions!!! I have had such a blast this week exploring mobility, cardio and yoga flows. Kaisa I love your stuff and am a huge fan, and I am also really enjoying getting to know new instructors through JUST MOVE!! It has inspired me to stay connected to movement at exactly the time that my practice needed something to keep me engaged! Great work Y'all!!”

— Stacy T.

“Recovering from a surgery and seeing an opportunity to get back to basics, I joined the Just Move community to take things one step at a time and get back to my fitness routine slowly. Using the Start Challenge and Start Workouts, I’ve discovered it’s important to go back and revisit form every once in a while! Going slowly is a heck of a workout and I cleaned up some of my postures and form. Thanks Kaisa and Team :)”

— Kerri M.

“I am really enjoying my subscription to Hust Move. It is really great to have a library of different workouts to choose from.. it makes me excited to see what I will choose each day..the coaches are all so supportive and personable. I love the ethos of just move. Its teaching me to slowly look at exercise as more than just wanting to burn calories and accept my body the way it is now....not easy. For me, I would like to see more advanced workouts of all types. After a week of workouts that is the level I feel I am at. Also I like the focus on full body workouts (apart from the separate mobility, yoga etc). I am less likely to do workouts specific to core etc I feel.very lucky to be part of this community. I think it's really great the way you communicate with the community and take on board suggestions. Thank you and I look forward to what is to come. Sandra”

— Sandra H.

“I have had a terrific time watching all the new sessions in the evening and then adding them to my favourites to try out the next day. I have a great list of favourites and depending on my mood select the type of session I can do. I have been having great fun in the comfort of my own home doing different types of classes.”

— Tina D.

“I love the filter feature, so I can focus on the workouts my body really needs at that moment. I’m usually somewhere between Intermediate and Advanced levels, so this allows me to challenge myself when I want to, or I can take it easy after an injury or a rough day. Having so many options in the type of workouts I can choose is so freeing, and exciting! I can’t wait to see where it all goes from here!”

— Candice P.

“loving it!”

— janine c.

“I’ve been following Kaisa for a while, and as soon as she announced Just Move, I knew I wanted to join. I’ve enjoyed all the classes I’ve taken so far, and I’ve even been able to branch out and take classes that I’ve never tried (like barre and boxing). I fell into a bit of a rut during the pandemic and this was the boost I needed to get moving again. The instructors are great, the content is great, and I’m so glad I get to be a part of the beginning of Just Move!”

— Lauren C.

“I love the variety in the programs! A lot of great stuff from top notch instructors! Thank you!”

— Eleni S.

“Love the variety of workouts! I also love that they are the perfect length and the workouts themselves are designed around safety and function!”

— Nicole J.

“Fantastic!! I love the variety in this library. (Variety in styles and challenge level.) You can follow the daily workout or choose your own. Just Move is all about wellbeing and looking after your mind and body. It’s perfect. The challenging workouts will leave you feeling accomplished for the work you’ve done without feeling depleted and the beginner workouts will make your joints feel wonderful. If you’ve never exercised before it’s an excellent way to start because there’s ‘start’ workouts that will gently guide you along.”

— Marian P.