Learn and Burn

Join Kaisa for this quick total-body strength workout! You’ll need one dumbbell (a water bottle or can of soup works, too!) and a sturdy chair.

Your First Workout

Welcome to your first workout! If you’ve got five minutes in your day to spare, that’s enough to start building up a habit of regular movement. No equipment needed — you can do this seated workout at your desk, on your couch, even on the edge of your bed.

Tennis Ball Tune-Up

Join Tricia for a brief pain relief routine! Using only a tennis ball, she’ll guide you through gentle movement and stretching to relieve tightness and discomfort in the feet and lower body. Great for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet!

Seated Sciatica Stretches

Join Coach Natalie for this 20-minute seated chair stretch designed to alleviate sciatic pain. All you need is a chair and a towel (or yoga strap).

Lower Back Stretches

Show your lower back some love with some gentle standing stretches to relieve pain and tension. We use a chair for support throughout all the stretches in this class.