Is there anything more essential than breathing? In this video, Kaisa breaks down belly breathing, which is used in exercise to activate your core.


You’re probably already doing hinges in your daily life, any time you pick something up off the ground or lean forward to sit down. If you experience knee or back pain, this move is especially important! In this Start with 5, Kaisa dives into the proper form for hinges, so you can be mindful of […]


Are you sitting down? If you are, you performed a squat today! Which means it’s especially important to have good form, since we do it so often throughout the day. Join Kaisa for a quick exploration into this basic, foundational move.


Let’s learn about reverse lunges! Kaisa breaks down this foundational move into easy-to-learn moves that build off our hinge. For this workout, you’ll want to wear a pair of socks to give your feet a bit of slide. If you’re on a carpeted floor, you can use a pair of paper plates as slides.


This Start with 5 talks about pulling movements, which allows us to strengthen our back. Why is this important? A stronger back = better posture and a reduced risk of injury. Let’s go, Team!


The plank is a tried-and-true core strengthening move that is a great exercise to have on your movement journey. Love it or hate it, join Kaisa as she breaks down this foundational move — hopefully you’ll love it by the end!


We use our balance when we sit, turn our head, and walk — it’s foundational not just to our movement practice, but to our everyday lives! Improving balance can help reduce the risk of falls and injuries, and who doesn’t want that? Join Kaisa in this Start with 5 as we learn all about how […]


This tutorial breaks down jumping without ever leaving the ground! Jumping is an amazing exercise to help improve your strength, balance, and power, but can be hard on joints because of the impact. With this video, you can get all the benefits of adding jumps to your movement routine while keeping it low/no impact.