Seated Lower Body Barre

Try this seated lower-body barre workout with Coach Georgina to help strengthen your legs without standing, squatting, or lunging. Let’s go, Team!

Wake Up Your Spine Yoga

Good morning, Team! This gentle 5-minute yoga routine with Coach Georgina will help you start your day right by stretching and mobilizing your spine.

Wrist Recovery 2

Your wrists need time to recover too! Take 5 minutes to bring some relief to your overworked joints and tendons with this flow from Coach Georgina.

Foot Work

Your feet do so much for you — take a few minutes to give them some love in this seated class with Coach Rachel!

Cardio Warm Up

If you’ve got five minutes and a few feet of space, you’ve got time for this quick-paced 5-minute cardio workout with Coach Rachel!

Standing Barre Core

This standing 5-minute core workout uses barre movements to improve your balance and functional strength. Grab a chair to keep yourself stable, and let’s get moving, Team!