Mid Game Movement

Coach Tricia has a challenge for all you sports fans: Try some of these easy movements while watching a game, and see how you feel.

Light Dumbbell Workout

In this 5-minute seated workout, Coach Natalie shows you an easy dumbbell routine to help you build upper body and core strength. If you don’t have a light dumbbells, you can use a bottle of water or can of food.

Wrist Recovery

Give your wrists a break! Grab a lacrosse or tennis ball and join Coach Georgina for some moves to counteract wrist strain and help prevent tendonitis.

Before the Zoom Meeting

Start your Zoom meeting feeling good! Coach Natalie guides you through movements to open your posture, stretch your shoulders, and raise your energy before you sit down at your computer.

Wake Up the Legs

Feeling stiff? Join Tricia for this 5-minute mobility routine! Using only a chair, you’ll open up your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back to set yourself up for a successful day.