Sitting Core Strength

Strengthen your core without standing or lying down! Join Coach Tasheon for this five-minute seated core workout that you can do anywhere, anytime.

Seated Arm Strength

Learn some weight-free strength moves with Coach Tasheon! Try this 5-minute routine at your desk, couch, or bed to strengthen your upper body strong and mobilize your joints.

Bedtime Routine

Have trouble relaxing before going to bed? Follow Coach Natalie for 5 minutes of easy movements that can be done in bed or on your mat to help you release the stress of your day.

Wake Up

Start your day off right and set yourself up for success with a few minutes of intentional movement.

Neck & Shoulder Release

Join Coach Georgina for this 5-minute stretching routine to release tension in the shoulders, neck, and side body. Try it during a break from work, or the next time you’re on the couch!

Upper Body With A Band

Curious about trying a resistance band? Coach Georgina shows you easy upper-body strength moves in this 5-minute seated strength workout.

5-Minute Movement Break

Take a break! Join Coach Elena for a perfect 5-minute seated movement routine you can do at your desk. Bring some relief to your wrists, back, and hips.

Seated Boxing

Punch your cares away in this a fun, 5-minute seated boxing class with Coach Georgina! This workout is a perfect way to get in some cardio and have fun.

Jaw And Ear Massage

Feeling tense? Take comfort in Natalie’s brief 2-minute pain relief routine. Perfect for sitting in traffic or a quick break at your desk!

Light Dumbbell Workout

In this 5-minute seated workout, Coach Natalie shows you an easy dumbbell routine to help you build upper body and core strength. If you don’t have a light dumbbells, you can use a bottle of water or can of food.