Seated Lower Body Barre

Try this seated lower-body barre workout with Coach Georgina to help strengthen your legs without standing, squatting, or lunging. Let’s go, Team!

Finger Stretch

Take a couple minutes and stretch your fingers out, Team! If you’re at your computer or on your phone all day, they’ll need it.

Lunch Break

You need a break! Join Coach Natalie to check out of your stressful day for 5 minutes and reconnect with yourself.

Upper Body Barre with Weights

Let’s get strong, Team! This 5-minute barre-flavored workout with Coach Georgina will exercise your upper body, using a couple of light dumbbells. Grab some water bottles or books if you don’t have dumbbells!

Seated Barre Arms

Find rhythm and grace in this 5-minute seated barre workout from Coach Rachel. Get ready to have your arms and shoulders shaking!

Energy Release

Work through your stress and release some energy with this 5-minute seated workout with Coach Tasheon.

Full Body Seated Barre

Curious about trying barre, but want to keep it grounded? Join Coach Georgina for this full-body seated barre workout to bring some strength and grace to your day.