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256 Reviews for Start Moving Subscription

“I love Rachel. I mean seriously. She’s so encouraging, as all the coaches - truly awesome workout. Giving me a great boost of energy!”

— Stella C.

“This is amazing! It’s so helpful when coming back from an injury or really anytime! Yes, it’s labelled as a start level, but it’s for all levels! Thank you Kaisa and team! Love it!”

— Mamie S.

“The wrist and ankle stretching was great. Lots of unusual and effective positions and stretches -- just as I've come to expect from Start Move and Just Move. Maybe add in a class on address carpal tunnel syndrome? I'd love that!”

— Juhi K.


— Bree S.

“This was very energizing. I”

— Dawn M.

“I love this subscription service! For someone who used to be very active and then have not been this is a great place to start. You can ease yourself back into moving without the risk of hurting yourself or "that all or nothing mentality" that a lot of other workout programs support. This is great for beginners or those that haven't been active in some time.”

— Amanda P.

“Yea Me! So excited. So glad you are starting us off in small increments. I’m building a new life style and slow but steady is the way yo go.”

— Lisa C.

“Just started with this app and have found many short workouts that make working out feel do-able! Taking it in small bits always helps me get back to moving. Thanks for taking the "overwhelm" factor out of getting started!”

— Jenny D.

“Great stretching exercises!”

— Priscilla B.

“Great stretch,”

— Rosemarie R.

“Great pace for a beginner. This was great to begin my day!”

— LaToya O.

“That was a quick fun way to get my heart rate up in a small amount of time, all while at my desk at work!! Perfect.”

— Rosalie C.

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