Girls Gone WOD

Owner of KaisaFit Kaisa Keranen

Podcast: Girls Gone WOD

“If we were to take a moment and get honest with ourselves, we all think that when we change our body, when we look the ideal way that we have in our head, we all think there are all these other things that are going to go with it.

“For me, I’m a single woman. I think if I change my body, maybe I’m going to meet my partner. We all think these things. It’s not true! It’s literally not true! There are so many other things that need to be addressed on the other side of thinking that you need to look a different way.

“And those are the things that we have to start talking about. Because when you start running towards the things that bring you joy in life, you forget about (for me) the extra big arms or whatever. Those thoughts are not as loud. You don’t think about it as much.

“It never goes away. Never fucking goes away. But it means less.”

Kaisa talks with Joy with Girls Gone WOD caring for our bodies, and that health isn’t about what we look like. (Original air date: February 3, 2022)