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Podcast: Behind Her Empire

“I think the biggest thing is to know your north star. Because running a business comes with so many failures, so many mistakes, and so many learning lessons. But if you know your north star, you can consistently stay grounded. As a company now, we are so clear on the big goal, but we do not know the recipe or the path. And we are constantly testing.

Going back to my days in training, I realize the fitness industry only talks to the 10% of the population that’s already in fitness. So when we look at how to help people get up off the couch and move, most “beginner” workouts are way too advanced. The people we’re speaking to don’t even know what a squat is. They don’t know what a lunge is. They’re probably in pain. They’ve never moved before. And that was the population I wanted to speak to and make sure that we took care of.

When we say we have movement for everybody, do we really? And so, we developed a START level. The levels go start, beginner, and intermediate. Six months into the Just Move subscription, we realized that Start Human deserves to be in their own safe space. And so we pivoted as a company.”