Kaisa’s Fall Favorites

Kaisa gathered a few of her favorites to share with the Team!

I’ve been training in these shoes for the past few years and it has been an absolute GAME-CHANGER in how I move and feel in my body! They recently launched a brand new shoe specifically for strength and conditioning workouts (and I even got to be a part of the campaign launch) called the Motus Strength. These shoes are an absolute must for anyone looking to train in a more minimal shoe! Make sure to use code KAISA15 for a discount at checkout!


This past year has been quite a transformative year! After 37 years in Seattle, I finally moved to Los Angeles. With all of the changes came a wide range of emotions. I found myself drawn to the mat to simply move in a gentle way and work through and release many of those feelings. This practice led me to create my brand new movement program called Mobility for Every Mood. From stress to anxiety or depression and more, this gentle movement series can be a powerful tool to help you take care of your physical, mental AND emotional health. Try this Mobility for Stress Relief class for FREE!


I’ve never been someone to rely heavily on supplementation (mainly because I was never sure of the quality of the products or what exactly I should be taking). But Thorne and Seed have made me have a bit of a change of heart. I am really enjoying the positive effects of Seed’s pre/probiotic (working on getting you all a discount code!) and have been loving a handful of Thorne products as well (absolutely obsessed with their Sleep aid, Daily Greens and Recovery Protein). Use the link below to create a Thorne account and get 20% OFF all of your products!


Lately I’ve been working on an evening routine to help find a little more of a work/life balance. Although I haven’t come close to nailing it, with the help of a good TV show, I’ve been able to turn work off a bit earlier and settle in for the night. Something I haven’t done in years! The show I am currently obsessed with is The Fall of the House of Usher (on Netflix). I’m almost done with the series so if you have any great shows or movies I should watch next please let me know!