My 4️⃣ tips to help you stay moving this summer! 😎

Is summer’s crazy schedule throwing you off?

Although this time of year can make it VERY difficult to stick to a consistent routine, there’s no time like the present to stop making excuses and work to fit some movement into your life.

A few things I remind myself when I’m in a space of feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated and just not in the mood to move…

  1. ANYTHING is better than nothing! I repeat this simple statement over and over again to remind myself that even 5 minutes of stretching or walking when I’m having a crazy day will make all the difference in the world. Taking a moment to step away from whatever I’m doing, give my body and brain a break and just re-energize with some movement has a huge positive effect on my energy and mood overall! So although it’s easy to get caught up in the hectic schedule and travel that inevitably happens over the summer, try to remind yourself that ANY movement you can do is better than no movement at all. Plus! 5 minutes a day can really add up in a positive way and even though it’s a short amount of time, it helps to get you into the routine of moving daily and from there, you can slowly add more time!
  2. ADD don’t subtract first – this one has been SO helpful for me and many of my clients through the years. We often think that in order to get started on our health and movement journey we need to REMOVE a bunch of things, especially when it comes to nutrition. My advice is simple, rather than removing things first, try adding things. Add more veggies, add more water, add more sleep, add more movement! Rather than starting with an elimination of all the “bad” things, try adding few things you KNOW are good for you!
  3. Be honest with yourself – this is SO crucial when it comes to setting yourself up for success. For example, if you are someone who can’t wake up early, KNOW that about yourself (and be OK with it!) and find a friend or accountability partner that will help you stay motivated and consistent. We often “fail” at things because we don’t set ourselves up for success in the first place. It’s OK not to be an early riser, not to hit the ground running at 5am, not to be super motivated to get to it any time, any place, that is OK! But it’s not ok to continuously ignore those qualities about yourself and then “fail” at sticking to something because of them… Acknowledge them, figure out what the best solution is and then move forward. For example, I grew up playing team sports and LOVE working out with other people. I rarely, if ever, have the motivation and discipline to get my workouts in if I am not doing them with someone else. I could beat myself up about this OR I could acknowledge that this is just how I am and then adjust accordingly (hire a coach, go to group classes, find friends to move with). I really think success just comes down to being honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses and creating a plan from there.
  4. Create a plan! Last but certainly not least, a plan ALWAYS makes it easier to stick to a routine! If you have to think about what you are doing every day, the opportunity to quit becomes exponentially bigger. Find a program, Challenge or create your own weekly/monthly routine ahead of time and stick to it! Even if you miss a day or two here and there (hello summer vacay!), knowing you have a plan to fall back on will make the biggest difference. Plus! The overall goal is that you find ways to MOVE daily, so if you are on that vacay and are finding it hard to stick with the workouts in your program, replace them with things you can do (like walking or stretching at night) to stay on schedule. Because circling all the way back around to the top, ANYTHING is better than nothing!

Hope those 4 tips help you stay moving this summer Team! And if you are looking for a Challenge to start, I’ve go the PERFECT thing for you! Try out my Summer Sweat Challenge and get 50% off this week only!


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