Week 1: Saturday

After a quick warm-up, Day 3 begins with testing your control. Can you maintain your form while moving slow? Keep concentrating on learning the moves and getting comfortable and confident in them!

Week 1: Thursday

On Day 2, we’ve got two circuits of two moves each, with a fiery AMRAP as a finisher. Focus on creating a strong foundation to keep building on. Let’s go, Team!

Week 1: Tuesday

Welcome to Day One of Get Strong! Your goal for this workout is to focus on understanding and getting comfortable with the moves. Grab a sturdy chair and two pairs of dumbbells — one light, one heavy — and let’s get moving!

Well Rounded

Join Coach Kaisa for this booty-burner of a lower body workout, with some bonus mobility to get your hips feeling good. Grab a heavy dumbbell and a sturdy chair and get moving, Team!

Strength & S(ass)

Don’t be afraid to get sassy with this glute workout with Coach Kaisa. This 20-minute routine is fast and furious, building strength and power in your lower body.

Glutes on Fire

This intense workout will definitely leave your booty burning! You’ll also be working on your balance, increasing your power, and building strength through your whole lower body. Let’s get moving, Team!

Cheeky Strength

Step into your strength with this 20-minute strength and cardio workout with Coach Kaisa! We’ll slowly turn up the burn as we move three times through two circuits. This workout is high-energy but still focuses on form!