SMART Training

Want to train like I do? Join me for this advanced six-week training program and get ready to take your performance to the next level!


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SMART Training

6-Week Coaching Program w/ Luka & Kaisa!

Want to train like I do? Here’s your opportunity to have me and my coach Luka as your personal trainers for a special six week program! Join me for this advanced workout program and get ready to take your performance to the next level! You will increase your speed, power, strength & conditioning in this step-by-step program. Plus a specific nutrition program to fuel your performance to become the best athlete you’ve ever been!

No, its not just for athletes! This program is for anyone who is looking to get stronger, faster, more powerful & athletic than they’ve ever been!

1. Increase your strength, power, and performance while improving your joint health.

2. Get faster, more agile, and become a better athlete all around.

3. Build your conditioning engine to a whole new level.


Program Details:

✅ This is a six-week strength and conditioning program.

✅ You will be working out at your own gym!

✅ During the first week, we go through a series of tests to get our baseline performance level. Your lifting weight on strength days will be based on a percentage of this initial baseline.

✅ We workout six times a week, with workouts between 45-75 minutes each.

✅ A six-week performance-based meal guide that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options to fuel your body throughout this program.

Note: You will need access to a gym with basic equipment (barbell + weights, pull-up rack, med ball, jump rope, dumbbells, cable machine, swiss ball, and bands).

PS. If you are looking to…

• Rapidly increase your strength beyond what others think possible
• Never do long slow, boring cardio and build an athletic cardio engine
• Improve your athletic performance and dominate the competition
• Move and feel better with enhanced joint mobility
• Reduce the risk of injury, so you never have to be sidelined again
• Quiet down old aches and pains
• and much, much more…

Our programming is designed to help you unlock your athletic freedom. Let’s get started!