Holiday Challenge


This program isn’t just for Holidays because it is one of my most popular programs! This challenge was created specifically for you–the busy person who’s always on the go! It’s a 5 week challenge designed to keep you active and moving 30 min a day, 5x a week!


Holiday Challenge Includes

5-Week Training Program
5 30-Minute Workouts Per Week
Workouts will require gym access
Lifetime Access

Holiday Challenge

If you follow me on social media you know I like to be in the gym and you know I like to have fun with my movement and this program is JUST THAT! You’ll follow a 5 day a week program for 3 weeks then we’ll switch to a new program for the last 3 weeks. Below is a preview of what your weekly schedule will look like:

  • Monday: Strength
  • Tuesday: “KaisaFit” Style Cardio
  • Wednesday: Bodyweight
  • Thursday: Strength
  • Friday: “KaisaFit” Style Cardio

30 Minute Workouts

Pressed for time? Get the most out of your jam-packed schedule with these 30 minute workouts designed to maximize your time.

KaisaFit Workout Style

Experience these awesome in the gym, high energy, KaisaFit’s style 30 minute workouts that will keep you moving and on your toes the entire time!