Dumbbell Strength


Want to train like Kaisa? Here’s your opportunity to train with her coach, Luka for a special four-week progressive strength program!


Dumbbell Strength Includes

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Luka Hocevar

Luka was born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia and was a professional basketball player in the elite European Leagues as well as the NBA Summer Pro League. He has been a coach for 14 years building skillsets in every area associated with physical and mental performance, as well as body transformation.

Luka is the founder and co-owner of the Vigor Ground gym in Ljubljana, Slovenia and owner of the Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance in Seattle, WA. Luka is also the creator of Vigor Ground Fitness and Business Summit, one of the industries most respected educational events for coaches and gym owners.

Luka has personally coached over 3,000 clients, from professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, UFC, MLB, to college and high school, to rehab patients with many different types of injuries/conditions, and clients from every walk of life looking to achieve feeling and performing better.

Dumbbell Strength

4-Week Strength Program w/ Coach Luka!

Here’s your opportunity to have Kaisa’s coach, Luka as your personal trainer for a special four-week progressive program! Join this follow-along challenge and get ready to take your performance to the next level! You will increase your speed, power, strength & conditioning in this step-by-step program.

No, its not just for athletes! This program is for anyone who is looking to get stronger, faster, and more athletic than you’ve ever been!

Here is what happens when you do a progressive program:

  • Increase your strength, power, and performance while improving your joint health.
  • Get faster, more agile, and become a better athlete all around.
  • Build your conditioning engine to a whole new level.
  • No gym membership or fancy equipment required! All you need is two pairs of dumbbells and you’re ready to go! Let’s DO THE WORK, TEAM!


    Dumbbell Strength — Day 1

    Strength Chair, Dumbbells

    1 Dumbbell Strength — Day 1

    Welcome to Day 1, Team! After a quick warm-up to get you feeling loose, we get started on some total-body strength work, focusing on control and explosive power. Don't forget about the small details that make all the difference!

    Strength Chair, Dumbbells

    Dumbbell Strength — Day 2

    Strength Dumbbells

    2 Dumbbell Strength — Day 2

    On Day 2, we've got three different sets of movements that'll leave you burning! In the first, we'll be shifting between upper and lower body strength exercises, along with movements to help build explosive power. We've got a fun strength superset next, then pick up the speed for a high-intensity interval session to finish strong. Get ready to sweat, Team!

    Strength Dumbbells

    Dumbbell Strength — Day 3

    Strength Chair, Dumbbells

    3 Dumbbell Strength — Day 3

    Join Coach Luka for two challenging super-sets on Day 3, followed by a spicy finisher of descending intervals. Ready, steady, work, Team!

    Strength Chair, Dumbbells

    Dumbbell Strength — Day 4

    Strength Dumbbells

    4 Dumbbell Strength — Day 4

    Let's start Week 2 strong, Team! We're progressing by adding some holds into our tri-sets. Keep working on that control!

    Strength Dumbbells

    Dumbbell Strength — Day 5


    5 Dumbbell Strength — Day 5

    Ready to get more out of your workout? On Day 5, we’re stepping up the intensity, so get ready for a challenge, Team! This series of explosive supersets will push your range of motion.


    Dumbbell Strength — Day 6

    Strength Dumbbells

    6 Dumbbell Strength — Day 6

    On Day 6, we’re focusing on improvement - it’s time to get better, Team! Heavier dumbbells and isometric holds work together to step up the challenge. Stay focused, keep excellent form, and push yourself! 

    Strength Dumbbells

    Dumbbell Strength — Day 7

    Strength Dumbbells

    7 Dumbbell Strength — Day 7

    Let’s go, Team! On Day 7, we’re bumping up the weight to push the limits and encourage progress. Be deliberate in your movements and you’ll see your mobility and range of motion improve!

    Strength Dumbbells

    Dumbbell Strength — Day 8

    Strength Dumbbells

    8 Dumbbell Strength — Day 8

    On Day 8, we’re back to get better! We’ll be adding reps and pauses, slowing down some movements and speeding up others, all with the goal of getting you moving and feeling great. Grab those dumbbells and let’s get to work, Team!

    Strength Dumbbells

    Dumbbell Strength — Day 9

    Strength Chair, Dumbbells

    9 Dumbbell Strength — Day 9

    Welcome to Day 9, Team! Coach Luka will challenge you to progress your workout by bumping up the reps and time, all in less than 35 minutes. You'll need a sturdy chair to step on and dumbbells. Let's get ready to sweat!

    Strength Chair, Dumbbells

    Dumbbell Strength — Day 10

    Strength Dumbbells

    10 Dumbbell Strength — Day 10

    It's time to get locked in on Day 10! Join Coach Luka for this 45 minute class, where you'll work on maintaining good form while adding an extra set to your workout.

    Strength Dumbbells

    Dumbbell Strength — Day 11

    Strength Dumbbells

    11 Dumbbell Strength — Day 11

    On Day 11, Coach Luka will challenge your mental weightlifting by pumping up the volume in this 45 minute class. Let’s get stronger, Team!

    Strength Dumbbells

    Dumbbell Strength — Day 12

    Strength Chair, Dumbbells

    12 Dumbbell Strength — Day 12

    Welcome to Day 12, Team! It's time to finish off strong and challenge yourself with Coach Luka. He'll take you through a final 35 minute dumbbell strength class that will leave you feeling capable and strong.

    Strength Chair, Dumbbells