Bodyweight Workout Series

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Five bodyweight workouts that target strength, cardio and core!

If you don't love this workout series for any reason, email us and we'll give you a full refund.
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Bodyweight Workout Series Includes

5 Workout Videos
Each Video 20-25 min
Core, Strength, and Cardio
No Equipment Needed
English Subtitles
Lifetime Access
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Bodyweight Workout Series

The perfect place to start! No equipment required.

These workouts are designed for everyone no matter what level you’re at—they will be sure to keep you moving at home!

The series consists of 5 bodyweight workouts including multiple Core, Strength, and Cardio routines. Mix and match them as you please!

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Core (25 mins)

Your core is the most important part of your body because it’s the foundation from which all movement originates. This workout focuses on your entire trunk: mid-back, abdominals, and glutes. Once you master control of your core, anything is possible!
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Strength 1 (24 mins)

You don’t need to lift weights to get strong! Gain total body strength by utilizing and controlling your own bodyweight. The best part? You can do this from the comfort of your home!
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Strength 2 (24 mins)

We slow things down a bit in this workout to ensure we’re controlling our full range of motion in each movement. But don’t be fooled, this slow controlled workout is sure to leave you feeling the burn everywhere!
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Cardio 1 (21 mins)

Get your heart pumping and sweat dripping with this one-of-a-kind at-home cardio workout!
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Cardio 2 (24 mins)

Fast-paced HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are the perfect way to work up a sweat in a short amount of time. Get ready to have fun and keep your heart rate up the entire time!

100 Reviews for Bodyweight Workout Series

“Still one of Kaisa’s best all around core workouts. Quick, effective and FUN! My favorite Kaisa line in this workout, “Holy smokes!””

— Jason B.

“Kaisa...I really enjoy my time with you in every workout! You encourage me, make me feel like I can try anything...even if I think it looks impossible for me and most make me smile. Thank you, Kaisa! 🙏💞”

— Yvette C.

“Loving all the workouts so far! I've been using the mobility series for a bit and just added the bundle. So happy I did! Thanks Kaisa!”

— Nathalie B.

“Really enjoying the workouts”

— Neil B.

“Super good workout series! I really like Kaisa’s encouraging attitude and all workouts are very much fun to do and effective. I also have the mobility bundle which is very good in addition to this. Keep up the amazing work Kaisa!”

— Arto R.

“Absolutely a must have! Kaisa has the moves you need and you wont regret it. The bodyweight series gives me moves Im not use to and challenges me to go out side the box.”

— Elenne V.

“This a great workout! I feel I get stronger each time I do it. Love the improvement from week to week. I love being able to alternate programs too. T hank you soo much.”

— Cynthia S.

“This a great workout. Time goes by soo fast and I got a awesome workout!! Really sweaty...........”

— Cynthia S.

“Kaisa never disappoints. Slow moves but working the core and looking for balance. I'm sweating!! Totally recommend this ⚡”

— Silvia G.

“Dam totally kicked my but felt so great after 👍🏻🙂”

— Ruben R.

“Movements felt good for my joints and good for my muscles. I like that the repetition of movements were easy to follow while variations were added to different sets, working the body in different ways and also keeping my interest. I really appreciate that Kaisa doesn't tell me how the workouts are going to "lift my butt" or make my arms "tank top ready." That kind of language was really getting to me with other online fitness programs and actually decreased my motivation and made me depressed. Feeling very happy with my first week at Kaisa Fit!”

— Alison F.

“Strength 1 of Bodyweight Workout series is one of my top 2 favorite Kaisa workouts; the other being Friday of the 20/20 program. Excellent Kaisa!”

— Theresa B.

“I have been doing the cardio 1 and strength 1 series and yesterday I did the core video. All the videos are excellent so far! I enjoy feeling like I have worked hard and worked up a sweat, while also not finding the movements too hard to work through. I have tired other exercise subscriptions and found movements too complex in their sequencing which leads to not completing them. Your workouts actually make me look forward to coming home and getting my body moving! My only question/comment is, do you suggest doing more than one video per day? I know everyone should do what their body is telling them, but what is your guidance on which video combos work best for weight loss? I just would like to have recommendations on pairing videos or some kind of schedule for how to maximize the videos to get the best results. I love your videos and feel like I actually found a workout system I look forward to doing and will continue use! Thank you!”

— Trina W.

“This cardio workout is no joke! The movements are simple to do but you do sweat for sure.”

— Kristin H.

“Great workout”

— Kendy S.

“I love Mobility Strength but was a little intimidated by the previews for this package. I'm so glad I purchased it though. The moves are challenging but Kaisa builds a nice pace so that it's not daunting to work up to the most difficult ones. I actually feel my core getting stronger with each workout. The cardio has a great pace that makes it fly by. These are a great addition to switch up my routine.”

— Courtney R.

“I've been slowly getting back into regular physical activity and was admittedly intimidated by Kaisa's workouts on ig but she is legitimately the greatest. Even via video she is so encouraging of listening to your body, respecting and also challenging your limits and just embracing movement. I'd give this a billion stars if I could.”

— Timea Q.

“A great way to work your entire core - it's not just about the abs. Challenging yet scalable”

— Kathryn M.

“Great product, clear and easy to follow!”

— Jimmy O.

“I absolutely love this program. It's a home workout that's an ACTUAL WORKOUT and Kaisa is so encouraging. I'm a fitness junkie who has been maintaining strength at home, and getting back to the gym in the time of COVID. This has been fantastic for a quick 20 minute video on active rest days, or 40-60 min. on actual workout days. Absolutely love it, and I'll be purchasing more programs in the future.”

— Emma M.

“Love love love the Body Weight workouts!!”

— Laura C.

“I have gained 19 lbs by staying at home with kids during this lockdown. I need to get back into shape and this set is a great exercise after putting the kids to the bed.”

— Tuomas V.

“One of my favourite 👌 Love bodyweight and core . Love all your workouts ❤❤❤💪💪💪”

— Isidora S.

“Wow, again Kaisa created an amazing workout! I wake up excited every morning to do her workouts and I feel energized after each one. Her down to earth approach and her energy make all her workouts fun. I also love that you purchase her videos versus a subscription.”

— Shellah P.

“I started with mobility 1 in December of January, I really enjoyed it and it made me feel good. Then when the order to shelter at home came decided to start the 20/20 workouts. After 7 weeks of doing 20/20 decided to add the bodyweight workout series and just finished the first week. I had so much fun doing these workouts. The variety of movement is super engaging and challenging. I never feel depleted after a workout but often feel I could do more (and often times go to Kaisa's instagram to see what short flow or 5 movement workouts she's posted there to add variety and keep the sweat one). My body and mind is feeling really good, and a lot of the pain I was experiencing prior to her series has improved immensely. YAY for movement and gratitude for Kaisa!”

— Michelle K.

“Flipping love it, great length and lots of options to make it as difficult as you can manage, very happy with my purchase.”

— Kate H.

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