5 Myths Keeping You From Starting

Have you gotten stuck on how to start working out? There are a LOT of reasons why people get turned off from starting their movement journey. Some of it is the fault of the fitness industry: there aren’t a lot of workout programs designed with absolute beginners in mind. But so much of it has to do with these 5 damaging myths that make it feel impossible to start.

#1: I need to be in shape.

Feeling out of shape can make us shy about movement. We concentrate on all of the things that we can’t do. At a gym or group class, we feel like we’re the only ones who are struggling.
Here’s the truth: What you can’t do yet does not define you. Everyone starts from somewhere. The best time to start is right now.

#2: I need all the equipment.

We think that if we just had the right equipment, getting in shape would be so much easier. But investing in gym equipment can be expensive, so it falls farther down the list of priorities, and becomes another excuse for us not to start.
Here’s the truth: JustMove has tons of bodyweight, equipment-free workouts that you can do at home. And if there’s a workout that does call for weights, you can always improvise!

#3: I don’t have the time.

We hear stories about people getting up at 5 a.m. to workout or spending hours at the gym. For people with families, full schedules, or other commitments, there never seems to be enough hours in the day.
Here’s the truth: Even five minutes is enough time to move your body, and you can do it any time. Take time after waking up or before going to bed. While you’re waiting for your coffee to brew. On break at work. Once you commit to moving just a little every day, you’ll find the time.

#4: I don’t have the money.

Between gym memberships, workout clothes, shoes, personal training, and equipment, working out can feel really expensive. There seems like an infinite number of things to spend money on.
Here’s the truth: Invest first in yourself. None of those other things are necessary: just a commitment to get your movement in.

#5: My goals are too big.

Lose ten pounds. Lose twenty pounds. Get flat abs, a bigger booty, slimmer arms. These are all common goals for people who want to “get in shape,” but these goals aren’t often in our control, and even if we achieve them, it can be almost impossible to maintain for some people.

Here’s the truth. Consider making movement goals things that are in your control. If you’re just starting out, your goal should be incorporating movement into your normal life, even just for five minutes a day. Once you’ve created a regular movement habit, pick performance goals: to deadlift 100 lbs, or do one pull-up, or a perfect push-up. Break it down into progressive mini-goals so you can see and measure your progress.

Starting your movement journey can be hard. The good news is that it’ll get easier from here if you remember the following:

  • Start where you are, wherever you are.
  • Start with what you have.
  • Start small and build movement into your life.