Finger Stretch

Take a couple minutes and stretch your fingers out, Team! If you’re at your computer or on your phone all day, they’ll need it.

Wrist Recovery 2

Your wrists need time to recover too! Take 5 minutes to bring some relief to your overworked joints and tendons with this flow from Coach Georgina.

Wrist Recovery

Give your wrists a break! Grab a lacrosse or tennis ball and join Coach Georgina for some moves to counteract wrist strain and help prevent tendonitis.

Wrist Reset

Coach Tricia shows you some moves to ease pain in your wrists, so they’re less tender when you put pressure on them during exercise or in daily life.

Wrist Wring Out

Show your wrists some love! These exercises tone and strengthen your wrists — perfect to counteract all the time on your phone or keyboard.