Seated Sciatica Relief

Join Coach Natalie for this seated stretch to help relieve sciatic pain in the outer hips and lower back. You can do this 5-minute class staying seated in your chair.

Sciatica Standing Stretch

This gentle standing stretch will relieve sciatic pain in the hips and hamstrings. We use a chair for support throughout this entire pain relief video.

Gentle Sciatica Relief

Have a pillow and a towel (or strap) for this 5-minute Sciatic pain relief class for the hips and lower back, featuring gentle stretches that you can do laying down on the floor, or in bed.

Gentle Floor Stretch

This class will lead you through gentle stretches for the lower back, which we do sitting, then laying down on the floor.

Evening Sciatica Stretch

Grab a towel and join Coach Natalie for this gentle stretch that can be done laying down on the floor, or in bed, to soothe Sciatic pain in the glutes and lower back.

Sciatica Softener

Join Coach Natalie on the floor to do modified cobra and pigeon stretches, which help soften tension and pain caused by the Sciatic nerve in the lower back and hips.