“So happy I got these! My joints already feel better. I’m definitely having less back pain. Love the workouts and definitely motivating!”

— Chelsea D.

“TOTALLY WORTH IT I am somebody who does not like workout videos. I hate having somebody scream at me or videos with loud, obnoxious music playing. They're all the same, boring stuff. These are not those videos! I happened across one of Kaisa's workout videos on YouTube, and kinda spot checked several. It seemed like something worthwhile, so I did one at the gym the next day. I typically do a lot of lifting and strength work, and this was a nice balance for that. I ended up doing all the YouTube workouts and creeping the Kaisafit web page. I purchased the Just Move Bundle (approximately 19 videos of varying lengths) during a sale, and have not regretted it for a moment! I absolutely LOVE that in 90% of the videos, she is using a calm voice. She does the counting and is encouraging without being patronizing. Kaisa gives options for almost every movement, and she encourages participants to modify when needed (like the jumping, of which there is not much). She seems like a nice person. Like she'd be your favorite neighbor! The ordering was simple and accurate. A tremendous benefit is that videos can be downloaded so you can watch them without using data or having wifi, which is a Godsend in rural Oklahoma. AND, I could send a free copy of Mobility One to a friend! All in all, this series gets a 100% from me and has become a staple in my fitness wheelhouse. I finish these videos feeling strong and at peace with myself and THAT, my friends, is priceless.”

— Sara P.

“Brilliant as Always 👍🏻🙏🏻”

— Desiree N.

“Fantastic work! The mobility courses were very eye opening for me. Most exercises I’ve done in the past don’t actually involve much range of motion so this is definitely a nice switch up in activity that leaves me feeling better afterwards. And of course, the other workout routines are awesome as well! I am very happy with the bundle.”

— Shannon S.

“Hello Kaisa, As a 46-year-old yoga instructor, I realize the importance of maintaining mobility as we age. Your programs serve as an excellent compliment to my yoga practice and bodyweight training. I will recommend it to everyone I know. Stay safe, stay healthy, and cheers! Dutch Martin”

— Dutch M.

“I am really enjoying your 20/20 challenge, it's a perfect combination of cardio and core, not too long or short. I can't train daily but I'd like to think my fitness levels are good so I do the warm up and two 20 minutes sessions out in the garden. I am nearly 50 and my 19 year old daughter sometimes has difficulties in keeping up with me-a good sign!!”

— Jayne H.

“I just finished day 5 of the 20/20 workout with my boyfriend, and I love it! It’s definitely challenging, but Kaisa’s positivity helps dig deep and continue. I do not regret taking this challenge!”

— Alisha E.

“I’m 48 years old and I have to say I’ve tried every video possible. I absolutely love Kaisa Fit. I’ve been following you and watched your progression past couple years, bravo. Your 20/20 sessions are all completely different. Different timing on your sets, so it’s not the same old 40 on 20 off etc...for some reason I Just connect with you. I feel like I’m working out with my homegirl who is super fun, no judgements and kick ass. I’m an EMT/Firefighter so I don’t have much time so the 20/20 series is everything to me. Good work Kaisa! 🙏🏽Thank you, Melinda”

— Melinda J.

“It's been amazing!! Thank you!!”

— Naomi G.

“What an energy does this woman have!! Love the variation & the cool exercises, they definitely will garanty sweat hahaha! Thanks Kaisa, love it! 💕”

— Kassandra T.

“As a local trainer here in the greater Seattle area I really appreciate your workouts. Reminders to check in, clear instructions and the workouts are amazing. I don’t always want to think up my own routines and these really fit into easily into my day, especially during the shelter in place. Just keep moving 😊”

— Claire W.

“So far my kids and I have tried the mobility part of the bundle. My kids practice Taekwondo and it’s helped them to be more flexible. I’ve done it before and after workouts and my body feels more relaxed. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with everyone.”

— Jesus R.

“I've been practicing the Mobility One for a few weeks now and I love it! It's easy to modify to my mobility level, and the length options and the pdf version is great too. I liked Mobility One enough to go ahead and purchase the whole bundle! Looking forward to checking out the other programs.”

— Lara K.

“I am loving the Just Move Bundle. I am currently following the 20/20 Challenge and Mobility One. They are the perfect intensity and I enjoy the little amount of time required to complete a workout. I love to exercise, but don't often have the extended amount of time some workout plans require.”

— Brittany H.

“I enjoy your work out routines. Your videos well done And well instructed. I believe anybody that enjoys working out will love your videos and awesome routines. I always enjoyed following your workout videos Kaisa. Kaisa THANK YOU FOR MOVEMENT YOUR EXPIRING!!! Keep up with your hard work Kaisa.”

— James C.

“I'm so, so happy I discovered Kaisa and made the decision to purchase the Just Move bundle!! Each workout is so carefully planned, her coaching is extremely good, and the videos are really well shot and edited. I'm normally a gym bunny so the stay at home order meant I was struggling for the first week, but this has really rescued me and made me feel physically great again. I love Kaisa's style of coaching - it's scientific, motivating and I'm already feeling like I'm improving in areas I'd plateaued at the gym. I 100% recommend this - thank you Kaisa!!”

— Raffaella T.

“I have done CrossFit for 4 years and I have made incredible improvements with it physically. I am able to Back Squat 310lbs Deadlift 400lbs Clean and Jerk 225lbs etc.. and I can do 10+ bar muscle ups etc. I have started seeing overuse injuries and fell out of love for CrossFit and had stopped working out because I was feeling like I had to kill myself in the gym to make progress (I was thinking all or nothing.) Like why bother going to the gym if I am not going to give it my all. I have been following Kaisa for a lonnnnnngggg time since she was twobadbodies back in the day, and I came across one of her videos that sparked my fire again to move. I decided to get this bundle cause I travel a lot and hotel workouts are huge! I have to say.... with my crossfit background and sport back ground, through all my training sessions, I have never felt so good working out! I don't know if its because of the body weight movements or just the way the movements are combined, but man... Kaisa you are making me fall back in love with movement and I could not be more grateful for that! Thank you, thank you thank you! I get up and sweat and workout and its burns every morning! I really REALLY LOVE these programs!”

— Jenn L.

“I recently purchased the Just Move Bundle and have tried a couple of exercises. I love the Mobility One videos - having done a few sessions now, I can definitely point out the areas of my body that are most tense and focus on working on those. I like that Kaisa's videos are to the point and focused on getting some movement into the body. I've also did some of the Body Weight workouts and I like that Kaisa is not just demonstrating but actually doing the whole workout with me - at a good pace, reminding me to breathe and focus on my technique. All in all, I think the videos are really well made - not over-produced and artificial but rather focused on the action and authentic. I'm looking forward to becoming more active, flexible, and strong and learning new exercises and movements on the way :)”

— Nathalie S.

“I've only done it a few times so far but I enjoy it. Workouts are challenging but I need that. My complaints so far are: 1. We can't stream the videos (roku, fire stick,etc). 2. Would be great if we could rewind or fast fwd in 10 sec intervals. Since I'm limited to using my phone I cant always here her so have to rewind and it sucks to try fine tune it”

— Tracy G.

“So far — awesome. I also bought the Mobility One...which I love.”

— Heather M.

“So far — awesome. I also bought the Mobility One...which I love. I”

— Heather M.

“Started with the 10 minute mobility work out after a run, and CANNOT wait to do more! I’m so excited to add this to my running to increase my strength and mobility after losing so much from two pregnancies!”

— Arielle L.

“I love my mobility one, but when I went to try the aerobic l today it would play for 10 min, just stop and start. eventually it just quit, I rebooted it. That didn't help. So I went for a walk. Also, when I ordered the bundle a pop up stated I was getting $20 off for already buying mobility one. Cool! But, when my credit card statement showed up, the discount wasn't applied. =-(”

— Kathleen D.

“Super easy to follow and a great way to ease back into working out.”

— Justin D.

“Fantastic. We've be doing these with kids during the "lockdown". I love how Kaisa is not condescending, but encouraging. She's so great.”

— Breanna S.

“I have done 2 workouts so far-have only had th bundle for a coupe of days. I love it so far-the simplicity and easy direction! I love that Kaisa is a muscular, fit woman and not a skinny thing that I can’t relate to. Her direction is simple and I am able to follow hereasily.”

— Nancy C.

“I’m so glad I found this. The movements are unique and flowing. She’s a genius, Kaisa.”


“Just downloaded the 'Just Move Bundle' and I'm really hooked on the 'Mobility' moves. It makes my body feel so good and that's what it is all about, isn't it. Also my fitness level is noticeably increasing with the 2020 challenge! Thank you Kaisa!”

— Sousann E.

“Day 3. Wow, am I sore. I haven’t even gotten past the 8 minute mobility one! It is awesome alone! I want to get comfortable with the stretching before I move on. I’m so glad already that I purchased this. I’ve watched Kaisa for years, it was time to take the leap!”

— Shannon O.

“Fun, inspirational and effective. Kaisa's approach is kind, sincere and her energy is infectious.”

— Lisa P.

“Bought the bundle and am now in week3 of the 20/20 challenge & loving it. Mixing it up with the mobility workout. I'm 54 years of age and feel stronger, fitter and have more flexibility. Kaisa's encouragement throughout the workouts helps go keep you motivated and enthused. I cannot recommend enough. Thank you Kaisa, Go Team.”

— David L.

“Great workouts in bite sized chunks!! Love the videos!! I am pumped to do these workouts everyday. I Finally have a workout plan that rivals my (Marine Corps) husbands!!”

— Kyra T.

“Loving it so far. The workouts are easy to do (I mean, they're hard work but the movements aren't complicated!) and easy to fit into my day. There's a great variety too.”

— Daniel G.

“Kiitos Kaisa, pidät mut liikkeessä! Olen toipilas ja jouduin toistaiseksi luopumaan esimerkiksi crossfitistä. Tällä hetkellä liikun Kaisan kanssa kotona. Pääsääntöisesti käytössä on Mobility 1 mutta myös muut ohjelmat. Keho kiittää ja Kaisan ilo ja tsemppaus tekevät mielelle hyvää! - Kati/Suomi”

— Kati B.