Kettlebell Complex

Get ready to work in this full-body kettlebell complex with Coach Tyler! He’ll lead you through a warm up, 3 rounds of 4 unilateral-focused moves, and a cool down. All you’ll need is a light-medium weight kettlebell. Let’s go, Team!

Kettlebell Combo

Challenge yourself with this total-body kettlebell combo! Coach Tyler will lead you through a complete warm up, 3 rounds of 4 different moves, and a cool down. Grab your kettlebell and get ready to work!

Full Body Bells

Grab your kettlebell! Coach Tyler guides you through a warmup and three rounds of 5 different full body exercises. This one will have your muscles burning in no time!

Kettlebell Strength

Ready to build your upper-body strength and work up a sweat? Coach Anthony will show you a fun and and balanced routine using a kettlebell (recommended weight: 20lbs or less). Get your heart rate up with these 15 reps across the board: seated shoulder press, half burpee to upright row, and single leg balance. Punch […]

Lucky 7’s

Grab your kettlebell and get ready to work in this bell burner! Coach Andrew will lead you through a warm up, full-body workout, and cool down in this advanced class. We recommend choosing a light to moderate kettlebell weight. Let’s get moving, Team!


Coach Andrew’s putting the kettlebell on and heating things up! Use a light to medium kettlebell (you’ll need a true kettlebell with handle for some of the movements), and let’s get swinging!

Full Body Kettlebell

For whom the kettlebell tolls! Get after it with this kettlebell workout that focuses on your ENTIRE body. All you need is 2 kettlebells — Tyler’s working with 12kg (26 lbs.) — just make sure they’re medium weight and don’t go too heavy.

Kettlebell Rounds

Make sure to warm-up before you jump into this fun, advanced kettlebell workout. It’s 20 minutes of workin’ out with workin’ it!

Beginner Bells

@GetUpWithHannah takes you through the basics of kettlebells by working on form and key movements that will help you feel comfortable with these workout staples.