Mobility Core

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Improve posture, protect your back, and strengthen your body’s support system with this complete core workout.

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Mobility Core Includes

24-Movement Mobility Routine
3 Workout Videos
40-min, 30-min, and 10-min Variations
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148 Reviews

Mobility Core

Do More for Your Core!

It’s not just about your abs! Your core makes up nearly half your body and is the foundation from which all movement originates! In this unique workout we spend time mobilizing and strengthening everything from our shoulders down to our hips. Expect so much more than just a few crunches and planks in this fun core routine!

Let’s break it down a bit…

What is your core? Your core is the entire trunk of your body: from your shoulders down to your hips.

And why does this matter? A strong core improves posture, creates power, protects your back and is your body’s overall support system.

So why mobility training for your core? Mobility and stability (strength) are important for all activities you do throughout your day—walking, bending, twisting—you name it! Because your core is comprised of the major joints in your body, it’s important to mobilize while we strengthen this area. The more range of motion you have within your joints, the greater your ability to find strength within your muscles.

Why Mobility Core?

This new program has all the amazing benefits of our other mobility routines but is customized specifically for your core. It will improve your posture, strengthen your overall support system, and help prevent future injury—you’ll even breathe a bit easier!

Here are some cool things you can expect from Mobility Core:

  • It’s an all-in-one workout—warm-up, cool down, core work, and more!
  • Help stabilize your body, improve posture, and protect your back.
  • Relieve stress
  • Injury prevention
  • It’s a fun and creative way to move!

Mobility Core is an all-in-one workout that gets your heart pumping and strengthens the most important muscle groups in your body, YOUR CORE!

One last question.

Are you ready to strengthen, sweat and restore to feel your absolute best?

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Instructional (40 mins)

In this workout we slow things down a bit so I can offer more guidance and you can take the time to feel your body in each movement. It’s great for establishing proper form and demonstrating how to get the most out of this restorative core workout!
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Flow (30 mins)

This routine is similar to a flow where the building of each movement will feel very natural for your body—and the more you do it, the more fluid it will feel! Experience the replenishment to your joints and muscles while you strengthen your core and feel good!
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Mini (10 mins)

Maximize your time with this modified workout! When your schedule’s packed, use this routine to relieve stress, strengthen, and restore the range of motion in your joints and core muscles. It’s a quick hit of self-compassion and sweat!

148 Reviews for Mobility Core

“Love any routine you create. This one was great”

— Alison B.


— Matthew J.

“Did this for the first time today and my whole body is hummin'. Really amazing workout! Hope to make it part of my routine.”

— Alejandro F.

“Love it, love it, love it”

— Adele W.

“I wasn't able to complete the workout my first time thru but no shame just goals. Kaisa after the workout: "I hope your body feels better" Me:....🤨 NO! It feels like jello now! But I am 1000% grateful and motivated. Thank you for the incredible workout!”

— Terek G.

“This program is a must, you'll feel better from second 1!”

— Silvia G.

“This series got me going through tough times during the pandemic. There is no need for much room or fancy equipment, and you still get full-body engagement. Kaisa provided modifications, so as I was improving my stamina and mobility I still could challenge myself. I am planning to carry on with this program and get more variety soon.”

— Dragana S.

“This approach is so refreshing; instead of tradition long holds or the fast paced crunching body pump, Kaisa teaches gentle constant movement, focus on form and flow, strengthening, elongation AND mobility for our joints... everything in one place. Loving Kaisa!!!! Many many thanks!”

— Allison F.

“I love it!”

— Monique P.

“Really enjoy this.”

— Jackie G.

“Amazing ! I’m becoming more flexible and finding following the movements easier now 4 weeks in the programme. With this mobility core video, I recognise and feel which part of my body is working (glutes and core are trying to keep up 🤗) Thank you Kaisa - you are a true Inspiration xo”

— Patricia R.

“Love it”

— Tearha H.

“I'm in my last year of graduate school, working part-time, and have my kid at home for online school. Not to mention that even if I had the ability to go to the gym right now, I wouldn't really feel safe! These workouts make everything accessible and I am so happy with how I'm feeling. I started with Mobility One, and after noticing a big improvement in my upper back pain and my hip soreness/tightness almost gone I bought the whole package. I'm starting to get used to the Core routine (I plan on slowly introducing routines 1 at a time) and I hope I continue to see improvements over time as I add in the other workouts. I'm not normally someone who leaves a review, so that is how much I appreciate Kaisa and her workouts, haha!”

— Emily F.

“You are the best 😃 I was a CrossFit girl after my shoulder injury you are my saver thank you 💯% the best🏋🏽‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️🤽🏾‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️”

— Marie G.

“As a 32 year old female, I've been moving my body through pilates, yoga, heavy lifting and the list goes on, for 10+ years. Over the last year, my hips and lower back pain have really kept me from moving the way I hope to. My pain is not gone, but it's a hell of a lot better since using Mobility Core and other Kaisa programs! I've awakened parts of my body in ways I haven't in the past. I appreciate that no matter what program you do, you are toning your whole body, little by little.”

— Tiffany C.

“Man! After only two sessions I knew that this is what my body needed! I feel so much more confident now when weight training because I know that I've worked areas to help prevent me from injury. You're on to something here!!! There aren't many mobility focused programs out here so I feel extremely blessed and excited about where I'm heading as well as where this program is heading! keep up the great work and keep inspiring us to MOVE!”

— Ashley H.

“I'm in my last term of a graduate program, working full time, and parenting a 4th grader doing distance learning due to covid. As you can imagine, I am stressed. I normally am quite active--lifting, running, etc. But none of that has appealed to me lately. The core program has been just what I need. It is challenging--the first few times I did it I was FEELING it for days. But it is challenging in a restorative way. It gets me out of my head and into my body. It gets me to focus on my breath. To get my shoulders away from my ears. Kaisa is so postive and encouraging. And I love the variety of time commitments. I really appreciate this! Go team!”

— Natalie P.

“it's been going well. I already feel my core is stronger. some of the moves are hard for me to do, I also get pretty sweaty and that's on the intro video. My goal is to strengthen my core to help with me sitting the trot on my horse. Im definitely feeling a difference already. Thanks, Lisa”

— Lisa C.

“Fantastic combination of strengthening your core and working on your flexibility and mobility.”

— Mark P.

“I absolutely adore Kaisa and this Mobility Core series! The focus on form over speed is perfect for me as so many of these moves can be difficult and if not done correctly lead to injuries (been there!) I can not recommend any of the Mobility series enough, they are all just fantastic. Thank you, Kaisa, you're such a gem x xo Danielle”

— Danielle D.

“It's my first time tonight trying the "core" and I love it. I love how you keep encouraging us as if we were with you! Thank you. I'm certain my core, my back will get better with those exercises. Claudine (Quebec, Canada)”

— Claudine L.

“Love it! Great warmup for harder workouts or a good workout for lazy days. Would love for you to add more of the short 10 minute workouts for all of the series.”

— Shawn O.

“The best 29.00 that I have ever spent! Thank you!!”

— Thurun G.

“Thank you Kaisa! I really liked this one! Greetings from Helsinki! 💕”

— Heidi L.

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