In the Gym: Strength

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Want me to be your personal trainer? Join my four-week strength training program and experience how consistency and proper programming can to take your results to the next level!



In the Gym: Strength Includes

Weekly Workout Print-outs
Warm-ups and Cool Downs
Total body, upper body, and lower body workouts
Lifetime Access
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In the Gym: Strength

4-Week Gym Program w/ Kaisa!

Are you looking to get back into the gym but not sure what to do? This month long strength program is the perfect thing for you! 3x a week training split up into upper body, lower body and total body, is GUARANTEED to increase your overall strength! (Or your money back!)

The workouts are 45 min or less and all include a mobility warm-up and cool down! Plus, it is simple, progressive programming so you won’t be spending any extra time on unnecessarily complicated moves.

So if you’re ready to step back into a routine, this program is for you!

Program Details:

✅ This is a four-week strength and conditioning program that starts Monday, October 2nd.

✅ You will be working out at your own gym, and will need access to basic equipment (barbell + weights, a rack with a bench, and dumbbells)

✅ This is a progressive program with targeted total body, upper body, and lower body workouts.

✅ Three workouts per week, each 45 min or less

✅ FREE access to 6 mobility warm-ups and cool downs.

✅ Access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with the Team on a daily basis.

Printable program guides:

1 Reviews for In the Gym: Strength

“It’s a great workout that is great for the whole body Terrell C”

— Terrell C.